Monday, May 28, 2012

Month 6 Letter


Dear Logan,

You are really becoming your own little person. You're understanding when to laugh at us and playing a lot more. You are still a cranky little man but we're used to it by now.

You've also started moving an insane amount, your favourite thing to do is creep! But this has led to horrible nights with you waking up at least twice (and not going down until 8) because you roll over or get yourself wedged in a corner. Towards the end of the month you started doing baby yoga sticking your bum high up in the air and your head down on the ground. You also go up on all fours so crawling is imminent I'm afraid!

Sleep has gone out the window and you've been waking up lots throughout the night, a good night is only 2 times but a bad one can be as many as 6...this hasn't been helped by your poor blocked nose courtesy of Bali.

Speaking of which you went overseas for the first time ever and weren't too bad on the plane. You hated the hot weather and didn't sleep well but you started chowing down on your food. You now have at least 3 meals a day along with lots of boob!

Blowing raspberries is another favourite of yours and you do this with a mouthful of food just to annoy me. You're starting to enjoy getting reactions out of us. Another one of your favourite things is to stick your hands in our mouth and all over our faces (especially when it involves far's glasses).

You are such a chatty and happier little baby now and we can't wait to see what is next.


All my love,


PS: What has happened to those daytime naps!?



  1. I'll agree with you that with the moves he is pulling that crawling is imminent! Exciting and scary!!! Abi crawled the day she turned 8 mths.
    I reckon Logsn is going to grow up to be a really easy going gentle natured man. I believe my husband was a similar baby to Loagan as he is now super gentle and ready going. He never yells and is harly ever angry.

    1. Yeah he takes after his Dad in the personality department so I'm thinking the same thing! Or rather hoping it!