Friday, April 29, 2011


So watching the royal wedding made me all nostalgic for my own (on a SLIGHTLY smaller scale of course). But the one thing I realised that's missing from most weddings...HATS!

Seriously some of the women looked amazing and I think they should be bought back as a requirement at most weddings it just added that extra touch of va-va voom.

courtesy of
The Princesses (courtesy of

PS: Whilst there is no doubt Kate looked beautiful how stunning did her sister Pippa look, I'm a sucker for those buttons running down the back of her dress!

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So happy she chose Alexander McQueen and that it looks like my favourite Royal Wedding dress (Grace Kelly).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Update

So I didn't really get my relaxing recharge, my best friend did my head in a lot (I blame that being pregnant plus he doesn't seem to have an 'off' switch) but other than that we had a great time.

Hubs + Me + Pecan at the Bootleg Brewery

We didn't tour a lot of wineries, I tried to get them to but we only went to one and a couple of breweries (which the best friend didn't enjoy, apparently all beer is shit unless it's pre-packaged and from big companies...GRRR). I did find it a little hard at the first winery and kept begging to sniff the wine but I must admit it is nice to be enjoying everything sans the grog and being able to feel good waking up in the morning! (Ok I am not an alcoholic but you guys get what I mean).

Lots of driving was done, we were based in Dunsborough so as soon as lunchtime rocked up we headed to the Bakery and then headed off to do our day of exploring. We arrived Friday afternoon and I was exhausted so we didn't really get up to much but Saturday involved driving around Margaret River, visiting the 1 winery and the Bootleg Brewery (I scored a photo of Hubby drinking a beer - very unusual he is much more into his soft drink than alcohol) and a smattering of other places including the Berry Farm (YUMMY!) and the Yahava coffee place. I was a naughty pregnant lady and had an iced coffee which was delish and had me buzzing like there was no tomorrow!

The Boys played Mega Jenga and Hubby lost amidst lots of cheering, the Brewery was packed and we got asked if we'd booked for lunch as we drove in. Thankfully we'd eaten and were only interested in grabbing a drink so we just sprawled on the limestone near the grass. Hubby and I laughed over how we're now looking into prams etc... whenever we get a chance and it was pram central down there.
Sunday involved a trek to the caves and we decided to check out Mammoth Cave because we missed the tour times for the others. It was a lot bigger than I expected and I couldn't help make silly cracks whilst listening to the audio 'self guided tour' I wish they'd had a cheaper option to get in without it, it really needs a revamp. I made a joke when we got there that a sign warned stairs were involved but DAMN I am not fit at all and my leg is still aching from all the stairs it took to get out of the cave. But it was great inside and we all loved the cool temperature (even if it wasn't hot outside).

Monday was visiting Candy Cow and consuming too much sugar and then just meandering back to Dunsborough and stopping at places along the way (including another brewery and the Chocolate Factory). It was like revisiting my Hen's Weekend which was lots of fun and funny because now I'm pregnant.

We'll be back soon!

And then back home. I feel like we should be doing something but all we want to do is relax. Today was a big family lunch where I think Mum was telling the rest of the rellies. I would have gone if she'd advised us of the time but noone wanted to pick up their phones when we tried calling hmpf. Oh well I'm sure I'll hear all about it if she has broken the news!

So it was a good weekend but as with most holidays I could do with one more day just to relax at home. Sharing the holiday with my best friend made me realise that Hubs and I are at a completely different stage in our lives and I feel a lot older. Plus I think a couple + 1 holiday never really works out because someone will always grate on someone else's nerves plus I felt like if I even gave a little hug or kiss to the Hubby it was being watched and commented on :( Oh well, our BabyMoon will be the next trip away and other than maybe a visit with my friend in Tasmania it will just be the two of us + bump :)

Bonding with Bubs - Week 10

Size: now a prune...less appealing but I love the fact that our little Pecan is growing bigger and stronger every week.

Symptoms: My belly seems to be getting a little bigger but I don't really think that's anything to do with the baby ha-ha. Still spotty all over and now on my shoulders YUCK!

Cravings: Fruit. I ate grapefruits for breakfast the whole time we were away and LOVED it.

Keep that away from me: Popsticks - I know very very weird but they freak me out!

Weight: I haven't had a chance to weigh in but I'd be guessing 74kg.
Feelings: Moody. Bitchy Jess definitely reared her ugly head whilst away. But still excited and happy.

Random: Looking forward to my first appointment with the birth place but it's for 730am so going to need to call and change that especially because they're not close by! But I have to wait until the beginning of June :(

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off Down South

So Easter is going to be awesome! Sadly not as big a group as we first anticipated but as someone at work said 3 is still a group so YAY!

I love WA so much, the South West is just fantastic and up North is a whole other world.

South West

Exmouth Emu

So there won't be a lot of posts from me and the regular Bonding with Bubs won't be regular. I am off to recharge my batteries and play taxi for my favourite boys as we tour the wineries.

Monday, April 18, 2011


So today was another Monday I can cross off the list, although I guess I should start enjoying them seeing as they signify a new week being pregnant! Still it's hard after 2 nice days off.

On Saturday we didn't really get up to much but went out to dinner at Zapata's in Fremantle for dinner (mexican food). The food was alright but I can cross it off my list of Mexican restaurants and I don't think I'll be going back. That was were we told one of my best friend's from high school, poor guy I started by saying he was going to be an Uncle and he just got so confused (he has a younger brother & sister so that might explain it) but he teared up when I told him I was going to have a baby. It was really sweet and one of the most awesome reactions we've gotten so far.

Sunday was a visit to the place we'll (hopefully) give birth at and I found out I can have a water birth so I'm stoked. Then after that it was afternoon tea with the in-laws and seeing our niece and nephew and it was A LOT better than the last time that happened. Our little niece has finally turned into a little baby and she was so reactive it was really cute. Especially as my MiL through her up in the air and she immediately threw up it looked hilarious and lucky for her it didn't manage to get her. I got to have a cuddle and she just smelt soooo good. I can't wait for our own little one. So far Hubby and my SiL think it's a girl and I think boy. Everyone reckons we'll find out but I said that just means we won't so we can prove everyone wrong...I have a very very stubborn streak :p So even if we did want to find out I probably wouldn't share with anyone else haha.

I hope everyone else had great weekends too. I've got Hubby cooking Beef and Bean chilli - great idea for a pregnant woman haha.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 9

Size: about the size of a green olive (seriously they have to stop making my baby sound so tasty! I'm so excited because Pecan is finally resembling a baby more.

Symptoms: I have had a few queasies but nothing serious. My stomach blew up yesterday went rock hard and looked massive but after sleeping it went back to normal - Mexican food maybe not such a good idea! Still got the breakouts too. I'm starving at the end of work to the point of feeling sick so far chips or cheese and crackers have cured that (but also destroyed my bump photo for last week! I looked MASSIVE)

Cravings: still fruit and now salt & vinegar chips (but that's normal). Dairy.

Keep that away from me: Tuna (hubby decided to buy lots of it) but I've never liked it anyway.

Weight: Between 74-75kg eeek but forcing myself to go for a walk every day (just wish I could get my arse into gear and power walk for 30mins!)
Feelings: Positive; happy (as I mentioned above our little Pecan is looking more like an actual baby); wanting to buy every baby thing possible - Hubby stopped me from buying a bouncer yesterday.

Random: Off to our tour of the place Pecan will be born today!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So we had my little sister as a house guest. Apparently they think she has gastro but could still be appendicitis if she gets a sharp pain in that area it's straight to hospital. Then her boyfriend had to leave to deal with family troubles over East and we wound up with her and her huge shedding slobbery dog!

It was nice to know that she'd like to hang out with us though when she's not feeling her best. I even Skyped with Mum (something I refuse to do because it weirds me out!). She kept wanting to see my belly but at the same time kept saying she was in a pub full of people. All I have to show at the moment is a food baby, no cute bump for awhile.

Work has been slow this week which always sucks but at least I've been managing to get the mundane bits of pieces done for this new contract area we're taking over. I know I'll be wishing I had this week back when it starts to get insane. Especially if I wind up getting 'morning' sickness later on.

Yay for only 2 more days until the weekend!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 8

Technically tomorrow is Week 8 but I'll just throw caution to the wind ha-ha.

Size: Pecan is apparently as big as a blueberry/raspberry

Symptoms: Tiredness (not exhaustion...yet!), breakouts like a high schooler and a ballooning belly

Cravings: A Rocky Road Heaven ice-cream - billboard advertising worked on me - although that's pretty normal. Still wanting lots of fruit and trying to avoid carbs. Oooh and a frozen yoghurt smoothie I gulped down today at the markets!

Keep that away from me: I felt a bit queasy eating my mushrooms on toast yesterday but nothing is really making me feel gross.

Weight: 73.5 kg (yay I lost a bit, although if I posted my photo for Belly Shot Week 7 you wouldn't believe me!)
Feelings: I've been a bit mood swing-ey AKA Bitchy but nothing too over the top thankfully. I feel sorry for Hubby when the hormones really kick in all I can do is keep apologising. I'm excited that things are moving forward as well, it all feels a bit more real with everything that's happening.

Random: First lot of blood tests done, next lot due Week 10 and then on May 9th (belated birthday present yay!) we get to see Pecan for the first time!!! So very very excited. I think we'll aim to break the news to our family then either email or post with one of the ultrasound photos. I just don't see myself getting together with the entire family to be able to share the news. Mum will not be happy because she wants to blab it to my Aunty but she'll just have to wait.

I told my uni girlfriends yesterday and that's the first time it's felt real/weird because we're all the same age yet not one of them is close to baby stage. But they were all so excited and positive for me, it was really lovely to share it with them. One of my really close friends in that group told me not to worry about anyone else's opinions because it was my body and I'd be able to do whatever I set my mind to and if I couldn't well that was ok too. How awesome are great friends :)

I also took Pecan along to his/her first 80s party. I will post photos of myself in all my teased out glory when I find the camera connector!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Finally we got some rain here in Sunny ol' Perth (it must have been over 2months+ without it) and what should I see as I was walking to get into my car and drive off to work:

It definitely perked me up, because I've been so tired and sleeping so much dragging myself to work is the last thing I want to do.

I'm hanging out for the weekend but it's going to be jammed packed. I've decided to cook roast for Friday night dinner and hopefully we can either watch some recorded tv shows or grab a dvd (I'm hanging out for a chick flick but Hubby will say no). Saturday I'm meeting up with my uni girlfriends and will finally break the news that they're all going to be Aunties :) Then I've got an 80's birthday party that night with bookclub (I haven't even sorted out my costume but I've done 80's so often that it shouldn't be too hard!). 

On Sunday I get to visit some old work friends and get some gorgeous baby time in and after that it's off to visit my little sister who was in the hospital this week and we still don't know what's wrong (it was thought to be appendicitis but apparently not). 

So yes very jam packed and I know I'll be hanging out for just some relax at home time so hopefully Friday night can fufill that craving!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So my GP was so excited/happy for me. We just had a chat about it and now I have to get blood tests this week, more in 3 weeks time and then a scan 11-13weeks WOO HOO I got my referal as well so double yay.

Estimated due date is 21 November 2011.

So now it begins!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 7

So until I find out the exact due date according to my dating every Sunday is a new week. So that's why the two are so close together this week!

Symptoms:still crazy amounts of peeing; drinking loads of water; eating flavoured crackers; pimples all over my forehead and neck (ICK!); slightly queasy on Friday (like being hungover) but feeling fantastic this weekend.

Cravings:fruit and just food in general

Keep that away from me: nothing really, very dependant on what's on offer

Weight: 74kg, I feel fat even though I've gone down a kilo - I don't trust our scales though because they've always been out of whack. I'll find out at my appointment on Tuesday though, my awesome GP loves getting me on them.

Feelings: Very happy and family orientated. Excited for my first appointment with my GP but I expect it still won't be anything definite because they'll send me off for blood tests. I'm crossing my fingers though that I can get a referral to my chosen hospital.
On the negative very grr with the in-laws but feeling strong in OUR decisions.

Random:Boys names are a lot easier to come up with!
I also can't wait until we have our little Pecan in these shots:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Left the Nest

Our little dove baby has abandoned his/her nest and can fly! I've been using the dove baby as a sign (silly I know) that everything will be ok with our little Pecan.

Today has been a nice day, a bit boring and lonely but still nice. Hubby headed out (looking very spiffy!) to an Engineering Graduate fair and I stayed home pottering around the garden and doing the washing. Plus watching crappy tv. 

Later in the afternoon we headed down to the beach and even though I felt like a whale (damn me being so hungry all the time) it was beautiful. The water was so calm and our little puppy had a blast. I even went in which is highly unusual and it was freezing. But I couldn't resist and I had my bathers on, just next time I'll remember that shaving your legs and then going to the beach = OUCH.

Now I've got Hubby making dinner, yummy Balinese Lamb Chops, my mouth is already watering and poor man is crying because he's chopping onions. Life is good :)