Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off Down South

So Easter is going to be awesome! Sadly not as big a group as we first anticipated but as someone at work said 3 is still a group so YAY!

I love WA so much, the South West is just fantastic and up North is a whole other world.

South West

Exmouth Emu

So there won't be a lot of posts from me and the regular Bonding with Bubs won't be regular. I am off to recharge my batteries and play taxi for my favourite boys as we tour the wineries.


  1. I love WA too. The wineries are superb down south. It's so much fun going with friends too...have fun!

  2. I've been falling in love with WA all over again since having my little bebe! Our parks, beaches and weather (most the times!) are pretty darn super!