Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve

The last day of 2010 and I'm not sad but excited! If 2010 was so amazing then 2011 is going to be LEGENDARY! (Yes I love How I Met Your Mother).

So many things happened in 2010 with the number one spot being taken out by finally becoming a Mrs. I only say finally because it seemed like ages in the making and it probably was I'd say from maybe a month in (but most likely 2 weeks at a bbq in Kings Park) we both knew we were goners.

2. Moving in together - definitely up there on the top of the list! I can't believe we didn't do it sooner (only a month before we got married!) but it really helped to make us feel like our own little family.
3. Our niece being born. December 28th 2011 I'm so very glad for her that it was after Christmas and before January when everyone else's birthday is!
3. Moving into Mum's old place - finally no more dealing with evil real estate agents (although we still are waiting to get our bond back!) 

 4. My sister finding a nice boy to date. He is a salt of the earth dinky di Australian and is definitely causing her to grow up more. Combined with my Mum finally finally finally finding a great man to share her life with!
5. My Hen's weekend - whilst it was very hit and miss (thanks in large part to clashing personalities - you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family) it was still an awesome get away in an amazing house with a bunch of great girlfriends.

6. Getting my job! Lately I've really loved going to work and it's in large part due to the great people and the acknowledgement they all give for a job well done.
7. The brother-in-law getting married - and my first time being a bridesmaid.
8. Doing all the Christmas stuff as a family without birthday restrictions or anything else


9. Deciding to start trying for a baby our philsophy is whatever will be will be but don't risk having a bundle of joy whilst hubby is a bundle of nerves during his exams!
10. Having my friends and family around me all year something I am always grateful for.

I guess tomorrow will be the day for a resolutions post! I'm looking forward to going out tonight and not drinking which is a rare occurence for me (which reads as though I'm an alcoholic which I promise I'm not, I just go a bit crazy on special occasions!). So bring on 2011!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Hubby definitely spoilt me today. I got white gold & diamond earrings (yay for discounted sales) to accompany my engagement ring & wedding band. And he half cleaned the house as well! It's my happy end of 2010 present apparently.

We're off to family dinner tonight sans family with all his sibilings otherwise occupied. We were going to visit our niece beforehand but even though she has been breastfeeding well she was vomitting this afternoon and they asked for no visitors. I just hope that they can both relax (as much as is possible) I guess it helps that she is their second child so everything isn't coming at them from left field. 

I was so excited to announce it at work but didn't realise that it would then lead to the question of 'so when are you going to start popping them out?'. Don't people realise that employers hate hearing the p-word! Especially as almost one half of our HR department I know my manager will hate it. She'll be really happy for me but upset as well. I will be too, I'm not looking forward to leaving that place. At the moment my plan is to ask to come back part-time/casual when I'm ready! But that is in the distant future so who knows what will happen. I must stop being such a planner!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aunty x2

Well as of half an hour ago my SiL's c-section was scheduled and if all's going to plan I'm either an Aunty now or will be soon (I don't know how long the procedure takes). We're all so excited and are heading up to the in-laws later on to go in and do the big ooooh aaaah thing :) It's nice because this time the in-laws are here for the birth whereas last time they were off up North somewhere.

She was due on January 23rd so she's going to be just as tiny as her big brother was and no doubt just as adorable.

Will post photos as soon as I get them. I can't wait to find out what name they've picked. Such a perfect end to a perfect Christmas break.

Update: Claire Charlotte has arrived  (December 28th 2010 time: unknown) and apparently with a full head of red hair (but they aren't definite on the colour!). She was very small 2.475kg and is in the neo-natal unit but if all goes well she should be out and with her Mama by tomorrow. We got to peek at her through the window and she's absolutely adorable (but tiny).

Monday, December 27, 2010

Keep it up

So I've been a bit more of a consistent with this whole blogging thing as of late. It probably helps that I've had more time on my hands with it being the Christmas period. I know January is going to be an insane month work wise but I'll try not to let this blog fall to the wayside. I really enjoying posting, especially when I've got photos to add and I hope people enjoy reading it.

Today was our 'Ikea' day and we got lots of stuff - some needed and, as is always the case with Ikea, some impulse purchases. Hubby was kind enough to build everything (he's very experienced when it comes to Ikea and he can pronounce all the names correctly) and it looks great. Here's what we've got:
Leksvik AKA Children's table - it's serving as our dining room table and works a treat!
The shelving unit for our upstairs bathroom: Ronnskar

The 'must-have' impulse buys:
Toilet roll holder sounds so much nicer as: Grundtal
For our shoes that are gathering at the bottom of the stairs: Portis
Cute little funnels
We also got some boring door mats and a crappy lemon juicer...slowly but surely we are getting there with all our kitchen utensils!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

So this was a holiday of firsts:

FIRST...time not living with Mum
FIRST...Christmas without my little sister
FIRST...husband and wife Christmas around the Christmas tree with our nephew (he clapped after every song and had the biggest grin on his face the whole time)
FIRST...dinner without other family members (just me, Hubby and the pets)
Here are some photos from our Christmas Eve celebrations (unfortunately we didn't get any photos from actual Christmas day):
Loki's antlers kept spinning around no matter what we did!
Hubby showing off the ginger bread man he got from our nephew (in background my MiL & SiL).
My gorgeous little nephew. When he realised I was taking a photo he posed perfectly!

I got very spoilt by the Hubby and my Mum (plus scored framing on our fingerprint tree from the wedding & a bali painting from the in-laws). Surprisingly got a very thoughtful present from my youngest SiL and her boyfriend. It's a cool lazy susan thing that has separate little bowls for dips etc... The only downside was they didn't think to put the snacks they gave us in the fridge; definitely don't want to risk eating those! But still very sweet as neither of them have a lot of money it was nice to get something so thoughtful.
Disappointed but not surprised over what we got from the evil SiL and brother-in-law...after her telling me they wanted to give us a joint present and individual (so that's what we bought them) there was no joint present and Hubby got a kick ass cologne and I got very cheap wine glasses - oh well. I swear she doesn't like me and pulls shit like that so that she doesn't look like she's being mean but she's knows that I know. Family is sometimes a pain-in-the-ass! Gift giving is so damn difficult with everyone having different incomes and different tastes next year we're definitely toning it down though especially if we're just living off the maternity leave the government has on offer!

(But on to less Grinchy things!) Hubby got me a gorgeous necklace from Michael Hill jewellers and many more Georg Jensen christmas decorations (he went a bit OTT with this but when he told me shipping was $70 I understood why). The sweetest thing I got from him though was a Christmas letter. I decided that as Mr and Mrs we should start the Christmas tradition of both writing letters. His almost made me cry on lots of occasions and it was only 2 paragraphs! One of the decorations he got he addressed to both of us and said it was for the baby (how sweet):

Mum gave me (as always) perfect presents including a recipe book holder, cute tops, a wrought iron heart shaped key holder and these awesome earrings (which I may or may not have picked out):

So I was a very spoilt girl this Christmas! What was everyone elses favourite presents?

In terms of Boxing Day it was my first time that we went out and braved the sales. I now realise why Mum never let me go before. It was insane, silly us bought pillows and a huge frame as our first purchase and then had to battle the crowds with huge bags - WHOOPS! 

I don't know if we got fantastic bargains but we did get some things we need: a TomTom, frames (for both wedding photos and some prints we bought off etsy), latex pillows and shorts for Hubby.

Now we're ending the day by watching Parks & Recreation (awesome) which I bought for Hubby as a Christmas present. Following that BEACH TIME yippee! Hope you're all having an amazing Christmas holidays.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deck the Halls

More festiveness (especially now that I've located my camera charger!). I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Unfortunately our tree couldn't handle the weight
Luckily it can also hang! It's Georg Jensen (Danish designer) so Hubby gave it to me and we plan on making it a family heirloom...his idea - SO DAMN SWEET!
Something for the fluffy member of the family.
From a Christmas market in New York
My ornament to Hubby - our 'odd' tree topper

On Friday we'll be celebrating Hubby's Christmas and hopefully dancing around the Christmas tree (provided that doesn't bring on SiL's labour!). As much as I've had issues with his family this year I'm still really looking forward to it. We had a pre-Christmas dinner at my Mum's tonight because for the first time ever my little sister won't be here for Christmas (she's visiting with her Boy's family over East). I thought I'd be ok with that but this dinner made me realise I'm going to miss her. We get on so much better now that we don't live together. I can finally believe what people used to say when I was younger that when she finally grew up we'd get on a lot better, hurrah for that prediction coming true.
In non-related to Christmas news I got a pay rise and a bonus HURRAH! It still isn't much but it's more about knowing how much they not only appreciate my hard work but acknowledge it. I want to (or rather should) put the bonus into savings (aka Goal Bubba) but I have promised Hubby a trip over east next year and I think a visit to Quay might be on the cards. I still can't get that guava egg from Master Chef out of my mind!

We have also gained my other family dog as he's become to neurotic and THE DESTROYER at Mum's boyfriend's brand new house. He's our little Christmas project and luckily Loki loves having him around because by the sounds of things he may be becoming a permanent fixture. They're so funny together so Hubby and I don't mind in the slightest but I'm scared of what he'll do when he's left all alone! Mum's got him on prozac though so fingers crossed! The downstairs door already has gouge marks from when he first lived here with Mum.
Mid play-fight our puppy is looking at the camera (Loki), Riley is the more blurry one.

Only 2 more days of work and then a mini-break YAY!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Lost Weekend

So yesterday yet another day long headache ruined my Saturday. But at least I'm feeling good on the last day of the weekend. The air feels like it's going to be a hot day and my mind is filled with images of diving into the ocean and watching our little dog dig giant holes in the sand. Although most likely what would be happening is he'd be taking on a great dane. He really has issues, I think part of it stems from him thinking he's a big dog (on the inside) and the other is that he always wants to protect us. No other animal or dog (or even ourselves!) are allowed cuddles if he's around, he's such a jealous little thing.

The beach will have to wait until the afternoon though, Hubby is disappearing somewhere to buy me a Christmas present and I'm doing the fun ol' Sunday clean. Yesterday even with my head pounding we managed to finish our Christmas shopping, last minute gifts had to be bought for people we thought we wouldn't be catching up with. So now Christmas shopping is done and dusted and I'm just crossing my fingers that all of the boys presents arrive on time but I'm not getting my hopes up :( It'll suck just having to give him an envelope with a photo of the present because one of the presents I got him is AWESOME and I know he'll love it.

We've even started receiving Christmas cards, all addressed to Mr & Mrs which is cool. I think we'll start doing cards next year. This year has just been too hectic and I want to make the cards into photo cards as well. And who knows maybe next year we can have a new addition on there (although if that's the case I doubt the cards will get done!). I just love anything like that be it invitations to thank you notes and I miss having something to design them for. All the big birthdays are over and done with as is the engagement and wedding. Next up of course will be the baby but as I mentioned I doubt I'll be in the right frame of mind for that. Oh well we've got a few fixer-upper things to do at home so hopefully that'll fill the void for awhile.

I can't wait for Christmas! I feel like a little kid about it this year and I'm really looking forward to giving everyone their presents, eating lots and laying off the booze! I've already told my friend I'm not drinking at New Year's and the obligatory pregnant question arose...not sure how I'll dodge that at the Hubby's Christmas because I always drink (a lot) but we'll just deal with it if it comes up.

I hope everyone else is getting ready for copious amounts of festive cheer! If I don't post before the holidays 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthdays & Babies

So Sunday night was my little sister's pre-birthday at Bonsai. It was so yummy (like always) and the cake tasted divine only Mum and I finished our huge slices it was gorgeous chocolate mousse (my favourite).

Monday was the real deal and our Dad who was up from down south came over and we had pavlova (Hubby's specialty) pizzas and garlic bread. Very, very yummy. We gave her another present (I should say re-gifted) gorgeous crystal martini glasses (I thought she'd realise they were a re-gift but she didn't HURRAH) along with some cash to put towards her laptop.
We also had a mini Christmas with Dad and he gave the boys shirts and we got 2 black elephants (the typical Thailand thing) and an awesome Temari ball.
Click on the picture to learn more about them
It's great the people are still remembering our wedding request and giving us Christmas decorations. It'll just make every Christmas that little bit more special!

Sunday night was also the night we sat down and discussed babies seriously. All that went out the window last night when I did some serious calculations and realised that we could only really try in March (and even then had to be careful) so that we avoid Hubby's exams and Mum's Antarctica trip. She keeps threatening us with death if we have a baby while she's away. I know she's probably as eager as me for us to have a child, if there is a baby or toddler at any event we're at I immediately know where to find her!

Poor Hubby got me being all grr and moody yesterday upon finding that out but today has been fantastic. He got his exams results and even scored a high distinction in one unit (GENIUS!) and he got an interview with a performance management company which is what he's really passionate about. I'm hoping that it all goes well because it would be perfect for him!

In other news our sister-in-law was in the hospital early this week and we all expected our niece to arrive 5 weeks early. She's gone back home now but I still think there will be another place at the Christmas table this year. Her first baby was 3 weeks early and tiny so hopefully the little girl decides to stay in there for a bit longer so she can grow up a bit and put on some more weight!

Tonight I'm off to book club, tomorrow night is the only night I get to relax with Hubby. Friday night we have a birthday party and Saturday I'm taking my best boyfriend and Hubby off to U2. Best boys night ever I think!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I swear I am so over my head wanting to kill me! I'm going to take matters into my own hands now though and get rid of the pill. The thought of doing that is kind of terrifying but one doctor suggested it's the fake hormones causing my head dramas so lets see if he's right!

It's finally starting to ease off but last night I was terrible. I always burst into tears when I'm in heaps of pain and poor Hubby has been waiting on me hand and foot since last night. I hate doing that to him and I really hate being confined to the couch or bed on the weekend. It's not fair losing half my weekend to a bloody migrane GRRR

As long as I feel better by tomorrow night I'll be ok, we're going out to Japanese (Perth readers I highly recommend you check out The Bonsai in Northbridge) and we've order my sister their cool puffer fish cake (not that I recommend their desserts! But the food is beyond yummy.) I couldn't get the picture on here but it can be seen on their website.

It'll be nice to have a semi-family dinner again but it'll probably be the start of no free nights until after Christmas for me and I'm not really looking forward to that :( I'm a big home-body but it's good for me to get out and about.

Today is also the day by best friend left for Burma and then jealous of her but so happy for her as well. I sent her a text farewell (because we'd done the dinner, speech, hug thing nights before) and teased that there might be a new person waiting to meet her when she gets back. It was also the first time in awhile that we both said I love you to each other and not in the off-the-cuff comment way but the I really mean it way. It's nice to have friends to be able to say that to. I would do anything for that girl and I know she'd do the same for me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the blow the electricity bill!

So I've officially gone insane over Christmas. Today we bought multi-coloured lights for our balcony (they look so pretty!), hanging clear lights for our back patio and a waddling/singing reindeer to annoy the dog!

The only thing we need now is a wreath but I'm not too sure about that because we have a metal gate right in front of our door and I don't think it would work. Plus I'm running out of money and still have more presents to buy.

I'm not doing well with keeping Hubby's presents a secret either. So far he's seen his decoration and today he picked out the two photos of Perth that he wanted (one of the sky-line at night and the other of the City Beach groyne or whatever it's called). So whatever I buy him next has to be kept hush-hush. I'm thinking of getting him an Exercise ball and painting it with silly things - he's suggested an exercise ball to me but that's just too boring for my liking! And he needs to have some sort of surprise. I'm stumped for anything else though, Wii games are just too $$$ and I'm still not sure I want to buy him a bird! Why is it so hard to buy for your favourite person in the world!?

In AWESOME news our house is now rented which means soon we can quit paying rent to a complete stranger and start paying it to my Mum. That's a very nice Christmas present to receive - even if I had to ask for it, the agent wouldn't have bothered to tell me no doubt! Except I asked if we could advertise it in the paper! And in even more awesome news Hubby has an interview for a summer intership WOO HOO After getting stuffed around by a big mining company with a crappy recruitment system (being in recruitment myself I want to throttle them for treating him and others that way!) he's got a face to face interview with another company. I hope it goes well, less for the money and more for his self esteem!

Tomorrow is my work Christmas party and I'm really dress, great company, free food and drinks and only half a day of work YIPPEE! I couldn't ask for a more awesome place to work I really feel like this year and the next will be MY year and the following year will be Hubby's because he'll finally be finished with his studies.

In other news Europe has been taken off the table, we realised that I wouldn't have enough annual leave by that point nor would we have enough money :( So now I'm leaving it up to the Mr to decide where he wants to go in Australia to celebrate his last year of university. We'll both definitely deserve a break by July.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forgotten decorations

I am ensuring that our first 'family' Christmas will be everything that I always wanted...even if Hubby is making me tone it down a bit. But that's what marriage is all about right - compromise! I've put some more photos of our tree (crap quality because it's my i-phone and I don't have the latest you beaut version), along with close ups of the hearts we got from the Danish rellies as a wedding gift.

Our tree with the hearts - still missing the decorations to each other.

One of the hearts - we need to fill them with candy.
The stocking Mum made me when I was little (I still swear my sister stole the red one but no one believes me!).
The tree and our gorgeous little balcony!
We finally managed to tidy the house today (goodbye to doing anything fun on Sunday!) and it just feels so much better. We've still got more boxes to unpack and Hubby's office is still a giant mess but we're getting there.

I really want to make a stocking for the Mr but I don't think it's going to be possible unless I get access to my MiL's sewing machine and I don't really want to spend that much time there! Oh well there's always next year.

It's funny thinking about the year ahead I'm of two minds about what to do. On one hand my best friend (and Maid of Honour) will be living in France next year and I'd be insane not to use that opportunity to go and visit her and finally go to Denmark. But on the other hand I'm still thinking I'd like to have a baby although that thought is getting put to the side more and more. My work just won a big contract which means I'll be SUPER busy until we take over in May and definitely don't want to be driving heaps and pulling over to throw up every five minutes (which if I take after Mum I definitely will be). But Hubby was very sweet and said which ever happens it will be AWESOME. I just kept getting reminded of the reasons why I married him this weekend which is always nice (in a non mushy way!).

So who knows where we will be this time next year but that's definitely half the fun so I'm just going to enjoy our awesome new place and look forward to Christmas. I guess that will be my New Year's resolution to stop focusing on the future and just have a damn good time enjoying the present!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr & Mrs Merry Christmas

I think I've been so repressed with my sister banning Christmas until after her birthday (mid December) that I've gone a little over board with our first Christmas.

First came the tradition of buying each other a Christmas decoration...unfortunately I found Hubby's whilst he was there but at the same time we bought an awesome acorn to represent getting engaged in New York ;) He also accidentally let slip that his present to me was a tree topper because I wanted to buy a star.

I got let loose in a hideous Christmas decoration shop and went nuts. I've still got to hang stuff up around the house and I'd love to put lights along our balcony and I might just do that if I get a chance ;)

We also managed to get the majority of our shopping down in the space of 1.5 hours and along with some other random bits and pieces we've now only got about 4 presents to buy. That includes Mum, her boyfriend, his daughter, my Great Aunt and whoops...the Hubby!

I have no idea what to get him though, I'm tempted to buy him a Cockatiel but I'd want us to hand-rear one so that might have to be a purchase after Christmas thing. I've always had birds when I was little and now that we have 2 doves nesting on our balcony I really want want a bird. He's always wanted one too so yay!

And I will leave you all with a photo of our tree:

PS: We've moved into our new place as well and love it. Tomorrow I just have to make sure Hubby has cleaned our old place well enough and then we'll just cross our fingers someone rents it soon!