Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nice Surprise

So I thought today's Mums group was going to be a let down. Screaming Logan - check! no car park for miles - check! long car ride - check! And lots and lots of people - check!

But it turned out to be great and I'm glad I dragged my butt along. The first was that whilst Logan was screaming his lungs out and I was trying to hunt for our group one of the other Mum's yelled out at me and I got to search for the others with her. It was so nice to have someone to walk side by side with who didn't mind Logan screeching.

The second was meeting one of my readers :) I am so sorry but your name escapes me but Phoebe (if I have spelt that right) is a real cutie! It's so nice to know that people out there do read my little old blog and that it does resonate with others! We really should do a Perth get together - if there's anyone interested in doing a catch up send us an email and I'll see what I can organise. It's a bit difficult not having a home at the moment though haha

The other thing was that I feel like I'm finally bonding with the other Mums which is great. I'm going to help out babysitting one of the Bubs tomorrow and Friday because one of our Mums desperately needs some sleep. Whilst Logan is an extremely difficult baby I am so thankful that he's a good sleeper because it enables me to be able to handle him during the day. I'm still holding out for the time when it all clicks and he's finally happy!

So all in all a good Wednesday morning and it just goes to show sometimes you do just need to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Month Four Letter (23

Dear Logan,

You started to reach for things on the 9th, you definitely hadn't mastered the art of it but we could tell you had an inkling of what you were doing! Now you don't stop, you still haven't gotten the concept of grasping but you love your wooden trumpet (that looks more like a mini recorder without the holes) that Grandma bought for you before you were born. It's definitely a potential choking hazard so you only get it when someone is watching you like a hawk.

Eating his rattle toy
Now that you can reach for things you're starting to enjoy your activity mat even more and you also love the musical toy at farmor's...these toys are a life saver because you can happily lay under them now instead of screaming at me when I put you there. Speaking of screaming you are still a very vocal and slightly difficult bubba but we're slowly learning your cues. When it gets to screaming down the house point it means we need to get you into bed pronto. Sometimes it means tummy problems as well and we all think you have gas/digestion issues my poor little man. You will slowly grow out of that though no I can't wait for the day when you get happier because you're more comfortable!

We have been dragging you from this home to that home at the moment and you seem to be ok with it. It definitely makes our lives easier having extra sets of hands to help out but you hate the car and it unfortunately means lots of long car trips back to 'our neck of the woods' where all your activities are set.

You've been chatting so much lately and on the 20th of March I swear I heard your first proper laugh but you haven't done it since. Instead you just do your weird little version which is so charming and makes everyone grin at or laugh you in response.

Rolling happens occasionally and you wound up rolling onto my foot the other day. Thankfully you were on the floor but at least my foot saved you from the wooden floor boards. You came close to rolling from your back to your front but it still hasn't happened yet, probably because it's more fun playing on your back so why would you want to flip over!

You had your 3/4 month check on March 1st and you loved naked tummy time and the squeaky elephant book the nurse had. You're still incredibly long but only in the 50th percentile for weight. No cause for concern though even though you eat insane amounts, you move so much that you burn most of it off. Leaving us with a gorgeously proportionate little man (I must admit though, I wouldn't be opposed to some cute chunky thighs). You also had your 4 month immunisations on the 15th and there were some tears but you were so happy the rest of the day. Unfortunately the following two days weren't so good and baby panadol was a life saver.

Sleeping habits are constantly changing, you're still doing amazing (especially considering all the different places I ask you to sleep - basinette, pram, picnic rug, portacot, bed). Sometimes we get to sleep through but most of the night you wake up around 2am and then if we're lucky not again until 6. If I don't wake you up to feed you before we go to bed then usually we're in for a bad night so it's only on the odd occasion that we risk it! Far as always is a lifesaver and gets you for me to feed and then changes you as well, we're very lucky. He also soothes you back to sleep when you have the odd grumble in the middle of the night.

Gymbaroo is still a bit hit and miss but we're persevering because as you get older I have an inkling you'll really enjoy it. Plus it's a nice place to escape to!

You seem to hate your bath now but you love getting in the shower with far or me and you enjoyed the big bath at Pop's. Speaking of which you survived a 6 hour + car ride down to Pop's. It was rough but worked well when I was sitting in the back with you. We wish you enjoyed the car more but hopefully I'll be writing how much you love it next month.

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful and funny little man (even if you are super fussy). I look forward to all the amazing moments we have to share.

All my love,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Planner

Have I ever mentioned how much I love planning? Especially when it comes to events, I'm having to stop myself from planning Logan's first birthday already!

So to keep my mind off that I'm throwing Hubby a 28th birthday dinner with all our friends and organising my Mum's Hen's (Emmie, I might be taking a page out of your friend's book and doing croquet, sadly the Como club isn't available on the weekend we want boo!).

I get so stressed out though so it's a double edged sword which sucks and, with the added pressure of looking after Logan it's getting worse. Thankfully Hubby puts up with me during these little stress fests but I feel sorry for the guy. Last night for example Woolies online shopping was doing my head in, it was getting late, we hadn't eaten, my father-in-law wasn't happy that our dog was staying for the weekend (they're leaving for the weekend though) etc... etc... I should have just relaxed though because Logan had a HUGE sleep thanks to those pesky 4 month immunisations.

So I told Hubby to pick out a cake and it will be my second attempt to make a layer cake (after the disaster that was my brother & sister in-laws engagement cake). He chose the Donna Hay caramel layer cake from her Modern Classics Book 2 and thankfully it looks pretty easy, I'm just nervous about cutting a cake in two. Especially as my two baking guru girlfriends will be there. Originally I asked them to make him a Lego cake but I think I will save that for his 30th (see I told you I'm a crazy planner). I'll also be making pulled pork burgers (a slow cooker is a new mama's best friend) because he has an obsession with burgers along with a corn salad. I wanted to make coleslaw (& still might) but Hubby isn't a fan so I may just tick with lettuce. It should be a good night provided Logan goes down easily hahaha

Then next up we have my Mum's Hen's party. It was so hard to twist her arm into having something but her fiancé is so I told her just something small and we won't drag her out clubbing or anything crazy like that. But it will involve me baking and making 'healthy' goodies as per her request.

If anyone has any suggestions for a 'unique' Hen's party I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puppy dogs tails

"What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of."

This post was inspired by Sass and Spice (see a link to her wonderful blog on the left)...

I always wondered how my dog (Loki, pictured above) and our family dogs would interact with Logan. It was one of our favourite things to muse about while I was pregnant.

Sadly Bella our family dog died before he was born and I'll never get to see our fatty boombah snuffling scraps from under his highchair :( But seeing how all the other dogs interact with him has been lots of fun. And by other dogs I mean OTHER dogs, if you include our immediate family we have 8 dogs in total! This is hilarious considering Hubby and his family were never dog people until my sister-in-law and I came along, now my in-laws have 2 who are fed smoked salmon on a regular basis...

First up there is our little torpedo Loki. I was so excited to see Loki's reaction when we bought Logan home but he really wasn't interested he just wanted to jump all over us. I was disappointed because when I'd been bought home by Mum and Dad our golden retriever stuck his head straight in my capsule! But now Loki has changed and it's so much fun to see.

Because he is currently at my Mum's place whenever I come over he jumps straight in the car and puts his head into Logan's car seat to give him a big lick. I've given up trying to stop this unless he goes for Logan's mouth or hands. He's constantly trying to give him kisses and laying down near him and he even puts up with Logan accidentally but repeatedly kicking him which fingers crossed means he'll be ok when that leads to purposeful pinches and tugs!

The strangest (and I'm sure I've mentioned this before) is Riley the wonderdog. He is Logan's main protector. The other day there were two guys cleaning the windows at my mums place and the dogs were not happy about it. I put Logan to bed in his portacot up the back of the house and moments later heard a dog bark come through the monitor. When I went to go and yell at the offender for trying to wake Logan there was Riley sitting right next to the portacot guarding "his" baby. I couldn't tell him off after that and besides Logan hadn't woken up, thankfully he's used to dogs barking.

All the other dogs aren't that interested in him except for my sister's sharpei who just sits and stares at him and tries to lick his feet. Her dog is sometimes aggressive so we were really worried about him but that's been completely unfounded, he's a teddy bear around Logan. Needless to say though I never leave Logan unattended with the dogs!

I couldn't imagine having a life without a pet pooch and I'm so glad that Logan will grow up being a dog lover (and surrounded by them too). We are already looking forward to buying another one when our kids are a bit older and can really appreciate it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Whoops! How do Mums keep on top of this whole blogging thing?

Life is going well for our little family. We're now living with the in-laws (not as bad as it sounds thankfully but still I feel awkward) and then soon to be living with my Mum (but only whilst her fiance is away on business) and then back to the in-laws and then WHO KNOWS. But I'm trying to make the most of it, I would say we're saving except I was hit up with two huge bills (including passports - don't be lazy and get a new passport within your first year of marriage if you're changing your name!) but soon we'll be putting a lot into savings.

The only thing I'm really struggling with at the moment is Logan taking tiny next to nothing naps all of a sudden during the day which means I can barely get anything done - I guess that's part of the reason behind why I'm not blogging so much. Especially living at someone else's house it means I really have to focus more on chores than anything else. As I type this he's chatting away from himself but it's now turning into upset 'you better be quick and hurry up and get in here Mum'. So off I go again!