Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Scare

I shouldn't say first it implies there will be more but I'm assuming pregnancy and motherhood will bring lots more scares even if they are completely normal.

I never knew what this blog would be, I knew it would be what life would bring after being married and it certainly has been that! I looked at all of Mum's photos over the past year and we have done so much, created so many memories and I can't wait for what the future holds.

So back to the scare (apologies for the TMI) there was a little bit of blood this morning...nothing too scary but anything like that is enough to get you very emotional! Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor so I'll talk about it then but I just can't believe how matter of fact I am. I went over to Mum's for a bit of TLC and she said we could call etc... but I said there's been nothing since, no cramping or any other bad symptoms and it will either be everything is fine or the horrible alternative. So far everything feels good (I just wish that I could feel Pecan but that's a few weeks away) and I'll get completely checked out tomorrow. I think it was good for me to just have the day off to rest (my poor Boss I bawled my eyes out on the phone when I called in sick!).

But oh how it makes me want November to come now just so all the scary stuff is gone and I've got my little baby in my arms. But at the same time I don't want to wish away this time when it is just the two of us and I can't wish away the BabyMoon that we're both looking forward to.

Now all I need is a big thing of chocolate to gobble up, I've already got my tv shows and it's that perfect 'feel sorry for yourself' weather outside.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 15

Size: 11cm

What's Pecan Up To: hiccuping (I can't wait to feel that)

Symptoms: 2 dizzy/almost fainting spells (not fun)! Still a bit tired but not too bad. I can't cook as well which sucks makes me feel out of breath and gross.

Cravings: V8 Veggie Juice, citrus fruits, prawns

Keep that away from me: Chicken, anything that anyone suggests to me.

Weight: Still sitting at 75kg. Finally getting a bit of a bump YAY! Half of it is still my normal tubby belly but the rest is all bun in the oven!
Feelings: Slightly overwhelmed thanks to the pile of baby magazines my little sister got for me. Desperate for a hair cut! Wondering what our little bub will be and really itching to find out but I MUST wait.

Random: Searching away for the perfect baby names, slowly building up the boy list the girls is taking a bit more work. I keep second guessing gas feelings now haha and wondering if it's the baby. My MiL insists that's not possible until at least week 18 but more like week 20 - we shall see!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Dance!

This is me although I think the 'Happy Dance, Happy Dance, I love to do the Happy Dance' actually comes from Dewey off Malcolm in the Middle. I remember in highschool myself and one of my girlfriends would constantly do it at lunch time. We were complete idiots back then and the misfit group, we'd take in anyone who didn't fit in/was rejected from their original group. It was awesome, sure there was teasing from doofus boys but ultimately it was loads of fun being in a group that wasn't afraid to be goofy!

But getting back to the original topic...or moving on to the topic depending on how you look at it! Hubby has been offered a casual job in engineering. It's fantastic news and he's hopefully going to an assessment centre for a graduate program next week. Very very exciting and such a turn around from my last post. So things are looking up for our little family. I didn't 'know' it would happen but I hoped it would, I should've remembered that this happened for me when I was doing my graduate program applications. It's been an amazing end to the week and I just feel really really lucky. I love that the universe throws good things at you when you least expect it (but really need it!).

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Shouldn't be this HAPPY

Via: Healthy Chicks
So I'm jumping for joy (figuratively of course jumping would kill my boobs at the moment!). Whilst the way of receiving the news was crappy (I miss real conversations not a quick SMS) the news itself was great.

I am finally going to be able to relax because my evil SiL is moving to Sydney YIPPEE!!! Of course the down side (and it is a massive one) is that I won't get to see my little niece and nephew grow up (not that we see them a lot now anyway!). But I just feel complete an utter relief. I imagine she'll still be the golden child etc... etc... but at least I won't physically have to deal with her and she's much easier to handle in smaller doses.

My Mum made the best point that now my MiL might actually realise that a 20min drive to our house is not very far after all with them living in Sydney!

So yes I am evil for being happy for the wrong reasons about their news but it is good for them too. She'll love it because she can live the life of a rich housewife and he loves the field of work he's in and this opportunity sounds amazing.

On another note, we broke the news on facebook yesterday and people actually believed our child would be called Pecan haha There were no negative reactions which is what really made me laugh!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 14

Size: 9cm...how did that happen?!

What's Pecan Up To: peeing, but thankfully cute stuff too like squinting and frowning and maybe even sucking his (or her) thumb.

Symptoms: Bit dizzy and out of breathe (apparently that's because of the increase in blood volume).

Cravings: Sour and savoury. I love love love my V8 veggie juice. Soup

Keep that away from me: Still certain meats and definitely still not a fan of chicken.

Weight: Still around 75kg which I'm happy with. I'm not ODing on the bad foods or snacks and making sure I get in my 30mins of dog walking every day.
Feelings: Getting less tired (yay!!!). Happy that I'm in 2nd trimester. Sad because I couldn't get the gorgeous pair of lace up ankle boots I wanted because they were a little too tight and Mum said my feet would probably swell BOO! Oh and I really really really feel like I'm having a boy. My SiL's boyfriend joked that I could 'feel it in my waters' and I just said I will feel so bad for this baby if it is a girl!

Random: I am actively stopping myself buying baby stuff. I keep reminding myself I can after our (& during!) trip over East. But window shopping is still fun and I plan on buying some material and yarn tomorrow to cross off 2 craft projects from my 25 4 25 list!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cosy Up

Brr it is freezing but stepping into the sun when it's so cold is one of my favourite things. Bright sun, no rain, thick stockings (or tights!), jackets, cute sunglasses...what a perfect Saturday.

Today I had breakfast with my all-time favourite girlfriends. My little bump was squealed over, coffees were drunk, hotcakes consumed, poached eggs stared at longingly (my gorgeous GF even asked if it was ok if she ate it when she knows I can't, this is the same girl who said she thought of me when making chocolate mousse and felt bad!). These girls always lift up my spirits and we're all so similar. In fact the 3 of us with partners joked to the other one that there was no way she could date a rugged manly man when our partners where the complete opposite! They even let me bitch about my SiL being so C-section is the only way to go I would NEVER have a natural birth...GRRR

After that I went shopping with my Mum. We think we've found the pram/stroller (whatever you call it!) the Baby Jogger City Mini. Wham bam thank you mam re folding it up and it will fit in the back of our tiny car. But have to get Hubby to test drive it. We've already bought a baby seat because it was massively on sale ($159 - gift from Mum) and I really have to stop myself buying anything else! I don't even look pregnant yet (unless you know and I'm wearing something tight) going into those shops with all the giant bumps gives me the impression I should just WAIT. Pity my personality has never been a patient one ha-ha.

via bananababy.com.au

Now after a yummy risotto dinner cooked with me sitting on a cushion on a chair in our kitchen - stirring, stirring, stirring away! I'm snuggled up next to our wonderful fire and watching all my taped tv shows. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm pregnant, the sole breadwinner and so far Hubby isn't getting good responses from his grad program applications.

ARGH! I keep trying to remind myself there is still ages until he needs a job but because grad offers are being made now and he's not getting anything it's hard to put it in perspective. Plus being in recruitment makes me that much more aware of everything and it sucks!

I'm positive he will find something it's just the waiting and I know it's hard on him and he doesn't say anything about it where as I am prone to voice my concerns which doesn't help him. But unfortunately Hubby needs to be pushed or nothing gets done and this is one thing were he can't sit back and watch the race he needs to jump in and act now.

I keep trying to remind myself of when I was applying to graduate programs. I got rejected so many times but still I was successful in getting a job only to quit it after a week. So I'm holding onto the hope that somewhere out there is his perfect job and he will be lucky to stumble upon it and we can not live off 2 minute noodles after the baby is born!

But we'll survive somehow, even if it means me returning to work (YUCK!) because, we decided to have a baby knowing full well this was a possibility. Still, I'm crossing my fingers and toes something amazing comes his way because he deserves it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Something up my Sleeve

So in all the birthday fun I had, I realised that I forgot to start my project inspired by the amazing Violet.

I like this idea better than New Year's resolutions but I've still got to keep up with those too (whoops!). 

25 4 25

1. Create a craft/sewing corner
2. Make a photo wall up our stairs (or on a wall in the lounge)
3. Get another tattoo
4. Start a tradition for our first year wedding anniversary
5. Learn and perfect one hairstyle
6. Read 2 books a month
7. Learn to cook 1 yummy vegetarian dish
8. Complete 6 craft projects
9. Create a Danish/Australian nursery rhyme book
10. Take one photo a month I'm really proud of
11. Plan (or book) a holiday overseas
12. Create a family Christmas tradition
13. Dye my hair a crazy colour (yes I'm going to be that kind of Mum)
14. Visit Taronga Zoo
15. Make Hubby an amazing cake to celebrate him finally finishing university
16. Sort through all my recipes and organise my recipe books/holder
17. Create my own little garden haven in our courtyard
18. Explore somewhere in WA I've never been before
19. Watch a horse race (and not via the tv)
20. Have my first ever family holiday
21. Go to the outdoor cinema at least 3 times (either with or without bubs)
22. Get my passport changed to my married name
23. Cook a new meal every month
24. Spoil myself once a month
25. Become a Mum

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 13

Size: the size of half a banana.

Symptoms: The damn pimples have come back along with a horrible new TMI sensation...burning nipples apparently not uncommon (Hubby even googled as I was whinging in agony (how sweet). Also the feeling faint/dizzy thing has kicked in which sucks. Funny how I seem to be doing the opposite of most people and feeling worse as I head into second trimester.

Cravings: Still fruit, soup and now salty things.

Keep that away from me: Meat, especially chicken and anything too sweet.

Weight: 75kg give or take a kilo depending on how much I've eaten!
Feelings: Still tired but excited and doing a bit too much baby clothes shopping.

Random: I keep freaking out when people keep mentioning things happening in X months from now because I'll either be the size of a small whale or holding a baby in my arms.
We did our first Ikea trip and bought a cute blanket/doona which fits in with the theme I think I'm going for (either elephants or circus!). Also decided we're forgoing a change table and going with a chest of draws that can keep on keeping on after the baby is out of nappies.

I also am having no luck with names at the moment. I really want the perfect two to jump out at us but nadda. I think we're going to wind up being the name the baby when we see him/her parents but I want a name now *hmpf*. I am way too impatient!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pregnant...Oh Yeah!

Today was meant to be cleaning day. I'm bringing my girlfriends over next weekend to see our house and I want it to look perfect. To look like our cute little home but sadly it only ever looks like that a couple of times a year (usually after a big clean). I'd also love to do one of those little virtual home tours but I still don't feel like everything is where it should/could be and I guess that will always be the case with me! I'm a procrastinator not a get it done person sadly and nothing is ever perfect :( My main annoyance (which would be easily solved by inviting my FiL over with a power drill) is that we don't have lots of picture hooks. We've got lots of screws but half the frames etc... don't fit over them so most of our pictures/photos are waiting for that.

But back to the title of this post - I haven't really felt pregnant until today. I decided that today once we woke up we'd get everything done and then hopefully have the rest of the late afternoon to relax and enjoy ourselves. Bubs had other ideas! We ran out of milk after I finished my breakfast (Hubby kindly let me have the last of the milk) and armed ourselves with our bags for the weekend food shop.

As soon as we walked in we headed straight to the meat section and that's when it started. I've already been turned off chicken but thought that I could handle beef or something similar. Nope, I think this baby wants me to be vegetarian. Even the thought of my beloved seafood made me feel gross. So we quickly hurried out of there (still grabbing some meat for Hubby, can't have him not getting his meat) and continued on. I still wasn't feeling quite right and by the time we were half way through that was it. I was having to stop and lean over the trolley and even half sit in the aisle. Thankfully I made it out of the store to sit on a bench but it was pretty scary! I wasn't worried about Pecan just that I wouldn't be able to make it to the chair and that once again I'd make an idiot of myself fainting in a supermarket (last time I did it I was a little kid and all these grannies came bustling around me). So the shop was cut a bit short and Hubby tucked me in on the couch with Bert (my kindle) then (and this is how awesome he is) he went down the road and got me salt and vinegar chips the one thing I felt I could stomach!

So cleaning has been cancelled and I'm really frustrated. We managed to sort out our horrendous pile of ironing in the washing/ironing room and get some things dusted. But still I/We need to vaccuum (possibly mop) and dust more. Hubby is going to clean up our backyard (courtyard) but we'll probably leave that until tomorrow.

So moral of this story I now feel pregnant and even though it was a horrible way to feel like that I'm glad I finally felt something! Oh & I should stop procrastinating sometimes you don't get that 'other' day to get everything done.

Now back to watching Game of Thrones (yes I am a fantasy geek).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What the future holds

Well for us the near future involves another good house clean literally from top to bottom. We are both hopeless at keeping on top of it and I seem to create clutter whereever I go. So a cleaning weekend it will be, other than the yummy belated birthday breakfast I have planned for Sunday. Hubby is finally free of assignments for a little while so I'll have a little help around the house.

I've been getting a bit bored with work lately, the same old thing over and over again, and I don't think it helps knowing there's an 'end' date (aka parental leave date) in sight. I can't wait for them to hire another person on because at least then I'll have a helping hand and get to do a bit of training.

Apologies for the disjointed-ness of this post every paragraph is kind of dedicated to 'the future'.

Hubby has changed his mind and now agrees with me that Pecan will be a boy. I can't deny that I did try and tell by the scans but I'm really trying to keep it a secret from me & everyone else! I really don't care either way as long as he/she is healthy and has my hair line (receding hairlines are predominant in his family) ha-ha. I can picture either a rough and tumble little boy playing with our dog or a little girl pushing him around in a pram and both tug at my heart-strings.

The other future is finally going on holidays over East and just eating ourselves merry. I really hope I have a cute bump by then so I can do silly tourist photos (if the weather permits). 

But now the present beckons and we have to walk the dog before family dinner (with SHOCK HORROR the whole family). My MiL finally realises they're not going to work - she pissed me off when she said this because she said she was tired of people constantly cancelling and I said we've only done it once but she acted like we were as bad as the others who constantly don't show up. Oh well I'll never agree with her over that kind of stuff! And at least she's a nice MiL and not someone I could make a sitcom about.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 12

Size: 5.7cm :) right on track

Symptoms: Finally a little bit of a bump (I can tell because it's still there when I suck my tummy in) but people keep commenting and sadly most of it is just fat! Very tired and a bit spotty.

Cravings: Still fruit and soup.

Keep that away from me: Chicken, I had some katsu chicken from our yummy sushi shop (seeing as sushi is off the menu) and it made me sick :(

Weight: About 74/75kg
Feelings: Happy but over being tired.

Random: It was our first scan yesterday and we were over the moon. Had a great lady doing the scan I even got to pee apparently Pecan does not like a full bladder (way too squished!). Then the doctor explaining the results was so happy because apparently the day had been full of bad news - the poor other couples that was my fear up until she did the measurement on the back of the neck for down syndrome. Obviously still no guarantees but things are looking good so far. So without further ado:

Isn't he/she beautiful :p

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Well it was certainly one for the record books in my family! We'd organised a big Mother's Day lunch at my Mum's to announce to the family that we were expecting. It was supposed to be just a big lunch with the family winding up around 2pm with lots of relaxing and food. However, the universe had other plans! Mum was already in a bad mood because she hates hosting things and she was rushing around like a headless chook. Guess what doesn't go hand in hand with rushing...freshly mopped floors. I was mixing cake batter and heard this crash and then crying and there on the floor was my Mum sprawled with the vacuum cleaner clutching her wrist. (This is her third accident in about 3 weeks I think the first involved cutting her face and a concussion and the second involved slicing her finger on my birthday). She kept saying it was only sprained and my sister and I teased her whilst she whimpered, ordered us around and kept apologising. I told her that if it was broken we'd wait for days because when I was younger and broke my leg that's how long it took her (I think we're now even!). But joking aside we forced her to stay put on the couch with an ice pack and my Aunty came around to take over. She wanted to take Mum to the hospital but Mum didn't want to miss out on the lunch or our big announcement. We all thought it was just a sprain but after the lunch and forcing her off to hospital we got an sms from my Aunty telling us that it had in fact broken and she was going to have to get a cast. So today she's off to get the proper cast whilst I'm off to get my first scan of Pecan - life works in funny ways!

But to top it all off my little sister wound up throwing up the entire time with some mystery virus. Needless to say it was a very eventful Mother's Day and one that will be bought up I imagine for many Mother's Days to come!

PS: Bonding with Bubs will hopefully be posted later today and fingers crossed include photos! I'm at that nervous stage now where I just want to know Pecan is healthy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

So yesterday I turned a quarter of a century! It was definitely one of my best birthdays too date (I had a crappy run of them over the past few years). Very relaxed, even though I had to be at work, lots of being spoiled and very yummy dinners!

It started with a bit of a sleep in and then getting presents from Hubby. This include 2 She & Him CDs and a cute card with 4 little girls all dressed up. Hubby said it would be cute if this was our future and I reminded him he didn't want FOUR I'm struggling to get him to want THREE ha-ha

Grapefruit and coffee for breakfast (I was a bit naughty but it was my birthday) and then off to work. My boss gave me this gorgeous (spot on) necklace and it's a long one which is perfect for me and the boobies!

We had yummy Strawberry Ripple Cheesecake at work and everyone was wishing me Happy Birthday throughout the day. We have such a tight knit group at work it was really great to have a few laughs, scoff some cake and finish telling everyone that I'm expecting as well.

Then it was home time and some relaxing on the couch with my puppy while I waited for Hubby to come home. When he did we headed over to my Mum's to get one of her dogs and go for a big dog walk while she continued with preparing for my birthday feast. This lead to the only downside of my birthday in that I stepped in dog poop (walking in the dark in a dog exercise area is not recommended!).

When we came back Mum had the avocado dip set out which has been my favourite ever since I could eat solids. I can't wait to get photos of Pecan eating it just like Mum has of me! More presents were handed over, a gorgeous scarf and *drum roll* a Kindle! I was very very spoilt! Now I'm stalking etsy trying to find the perfect cover for it but not a lot are made for the KindleDX :(

Once my sister and her boyfriend arrived (who just bought a house) Mum started on the chilli mussels which were SO YUMMY! And the Icky Sticky Toffee Pudding which is my favourite dessert! So we were stuffed once dinner was over (literally) and I learnt Pecan doesn't like lots of food. I stayed up til midnight to say goodbye to my last birthday as a non-Mummy and then had an AWESOME sleep!

So it was a fantastic day and more celebrating to come this weekend including a burlesque circus tonight.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christmas Outfits

Ok so Christmas was only yesterday but knowing we're going to have a Christmas baby (well a 1 month before Christmas baby actually!) I had to do a bit of online shopping. I just hope our little Pecan is a big baby so that they fit:

In honour of our wedding and for my family's Christmas
For the Danish Christmas (these are the ornaments Hubby's family made for our tree)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 11

Size: a lime, one of my favourite things in the world

Symptoms: A tiny, miniscule bump only noticeable to me and Hubby when I get up in the morning. Still tired and going to sleep by 830 :)

Cravings: Still lots of fruit and I'm so frustrated there's not lots available because I really want oranges. Soup

Keep that away from me: Indian food. It's strange anything that gets suggested for dinner I get a bit icky about so I either need to be forced to eat it or pick something that appeals (not a lot at the moment)

Weight: About 75-76kg.
Feelings: Really happy

Random: Work now knows, I let it slip because I got hot moving some boxes and had to sit on the ground because I was feeling faint. My boss' reaction was priceless, she immediately said 'F****' and then the others kept on teasing her. I've also told more of my friends and will be telling the rest of Mum's family on Mother's Day. Plus I turn 25 on Friday YAY!