Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 12

Size: 5.7cm :) right on track

Symptoms: Finally a little bit of a bump (I can tell because it's still there when I suck my tummy in) but people keep commenting and sadly most of it is just fat! Very tired and a bit spotty.

Cravings: Still fruit and soup.

Keep that away from me: Chicken, I had some katsu chicken from our yummy sushi shop (seeing as sushi is off the menu) and it made me sick :(

Weight: About 74/75kg
Feelings: Happy but over being tired.

Random: It was our first scan yesterday and we were over the moon. Had a great lady doing the scan I even got to pee apparently Pecan does not like a full bladder (way too squished!). Then the doctor explaining the results was so happy because apparently the day had been full of bad news - the poor other couples that was my fear up until she did the measurement on the back of the neck for down syndrome. Obviously still no guarantees but things are looking good so far. So without further ado:

Isn't he/she beautiful :p


  1. Aren't scans amazing, it's great getting that window to peek in on them.

  2. I am so very happy for you!
    I came and took a look at your blog earlier today and was getting worried that there was no post.
    I have to remember your a bit behind me and Sydney time!
    Love the scans!
    We don't get to see our Bug again now till she is on the outside.
    Bug didn't (still doesn't) like a full bladder either! Wait till he/she decides to kick you in the bladder all the time too!

  3. Thanks girls, yeah blogger was being a pain and wouldn't let me upload anything :(

    I keep reminding myself not to feel bad when Pecan is all squished because he/she will be getting pay back on me soon enough!

    How exciting Sammie the next photos will be of your gorgeous little daughter!

  4. SO so cute!!! I love having ultrasounds! Oh and the 3D are something special. My little one was looking like a goldfish the last time we looked, opening and closing their mouth lol. I can't wait to see my baby, i'm too excited. I'm now 32 weeks and so buggered, much more so than the first tri.... Congratulations!

  5. Wonderful! looking like a littler person already.
    Well done on making it through the first trimester.. all starts to get easier from here on in!

  6. I love that 4D pic of Pecan with his/her arms up! So so cute!