Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 13

Size: the size of half a banana.

Symptoms: The damn pimples have come back along with a horrible new TMI sensation...burning nipples apparently not uncommon (Hubby even googled as I was whinging in agony (how sweet). Also the feeling faint/dizzy thing has kicked in which sucks. Funny how I seem to be doing the opposite of most people and feeling worse as I head into second trimester.

Cravings: Still fruit, soup and now salty things.

Keep that away from me: Meat, especially chicken and anything too sweet.

Weight: 75kg give or take a kilo depending on how much I've eaten!
Feelings: Still tired but excited and doing a bit too much baby clothes shopping.

Random: I keep freaking out when people keep mentioning things happening in X months from now because I'll either be the size of a small whale or holding a baby in my arms.
We did our first Ikea trip and bought a cute blanket/doona which fits in with the theme I think I'm going for (either elephants or circus!). Also decided we're forgoing a change table and going with a chest of draws that can keep on keeping on after the baby is out of nappies.

I also am having no luck with names at the moment. I really want the perfect two to jump out at us but nadda. I think we're going to wind up being the name the baby when we see him/her parents but I want a name now *hmpf*. I am way too impatient!


  1. Just keep calling he/she Pecan! Like we call our daughter Buggy or Bug!
    It will come to you. I promise.
    We have finally decided... We think!
    But it's a name we have told no one! It came to us out of the blue one day and that was that!

  2. sorry to hear you not feeling too great.. I felt like crap until 16 weeks, so hopefully you will start to pick up then, if not before!

    it's a bit of fluff but check out this baby name website You never know, it might provide some inspiration!