Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cosy Up

Brr it is freezing but stepping into the sun when it's so cold is one of my favourite things. Bright sun, no rain, thick stockings (or tights!), jackets, cute sunglasses...what a perfect Saturday.

Today I had breakfast with my all-time favourite girlfriends. My little bump was squealed over, coffees were drunk, hotcakes consumed, poached eggs stared at longingly (my gorgeous GF even asked if it was ok if she ate it when she knows I can't, this is the same girl who said she thought of me when making chocolate mousse and felt bad!). These girls always lift up my spirits and we're all so similar. In fact the 3 of us with partners joked to the other one that there was no way she could date a rugged manly man when our partners where the complete opposite! They even let me bitch about my SiL being so C-section is the only way to go I would NEVER have a natural birth...GRRR

After that I went shopping with my Mum. We think we've found the pram/stroller (whatever you call it!) the Baby Jogger City Mini. Wham bam thank you mam re folding it up and it will fit in the back of our tiny car. But have to get Hubby to test drive it. We've already bought a baby seat because it was massively on sale ($159 - gift from Mum) and I really have to stop myself buying anything else! I don't even look pregnant yet (unless you know and I'm wearing something tight) going into those shops with all the giant bumps gives me the impression I should just WAIT. Pity my personality has never been a patient one ha-ha.


Now after a yummy risotto dinner cooked with me sitting on a cushion on a chair in our kitchen - stirring, stirring, stirring away! I'm snuggled up next to our wonderful fire and watching all my taped tv shows. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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