Monday, May 16, 2011

Something up my Sleeve

So in all the birthday fun I had, I realised that I forgot to start my project inspired by the amazing Violet.

I like this idea better than New Year's resolutions but I've still got to keep up with those too (whoops!). 

25 4 25

1. Create a craft/sewing corner
2. Make a photo wall up our stairs (or on a wall in the lounge)
3. Get another tattoo
4. Start a tradition for our first year wedding anniversary
5. Learn and perfect one hairstyle
6. Read 2 books a month
7. Learn to cook 1 yummy vegetarian dish
8. Complete 6 craft projects
9. Create a Danish/Australian nursery rhyme book
10. Take one photo a month I'm really proud of
11. Plan (or book) a holiday overseas
12. Create a family Christmas tradition
13. Dye my hair a crazy colour (yes I'm going to be that kind of Mum)
14. Visit Taronga Zoo
15. Make Hubby an amazing cake to celebrate him finally finishing university
16. Sort through all my recipes and organise my recipe books/holder
17. Create my own little garden haven in our courtyard
18. Explore somewhere in WA I've never been before
19. Watch a horse race (and not via the tv)
20. Have my first ever family holiday
21. Go to the outdoor cinema at least 3 times (either with or without bubs)
22. Get my passport changed to my married name
23. Cook a new meal every month
24. Spoil myself once a month
25. Become a Mum

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