Monday, May 2, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 11

Size: a lime, one of my favourite things in the world

Symptoms: A tiny, miniscule bump only noticeable to me and Hubby when I get up in the morning. Still tired and going to sleep by 830 :)

Cravings: Still lots of fruit and I'm so frustrated there's not lots available because I really want oranges. Soup

Keep that away from me: Indian food. It's strange anything that gets suggested for dinner I get a bit icky about so I either need to be forced to eat it or pick something that appeals (not a lot at the moment)

Weight: About 75-76kg.
Feelings: Really happy

Random: Work now knows, I let it slip because I got hot moving some boxes and had to sit on the ground because I was feeling faint. My boss' reaction was priceless, she immediately said 'F****' and then the others kept on teasing her. I've also told more of my friends and will be telling the rest of Mum's family on Mother's Day. Plus I turn 25 on Friday YAY!


  1. That what to have for dinner thing doesnt go away.
    You either want it.... Or totally DON'T

  2. healthy cravings..go you!
    I can imagine my cravings would be something along the lines of an entire dessert menu all at once :)

  3. I always crave fruits and soup! Same issue here, there's never enough fruit. We always have apples and bananas but I have to share them with Nolan lol. I want oranges, water melon, cantalope, honey dew...jesus I want a damn fruit salad! lol