Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Scare

I shouldn't say first it implies there will be more but I'm assuming pregnancy and motherhood will bring lots more scares even if they are completely normal.

I never knew what this blog would be, I knew it would be what life would bring after being married and it certainly has been that! I looked at all of Mum's photos over the past year and we have done so much, created so many memories and I can't wait for what the future holds.

So back to the scare (apologies for the TMI) there was a little bit of blood this morning...nothing too scary but anything like that is enough to get you very emotional! Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor so I'll talk about it then but I just can't believe how matter of fact I am. I went over to Mum's for a bit of TLC and she said we could call etc... but I said there's been nothing since, no cramping or any other bad symptoms and it will either be everything is fine or the horrible alternative. So far everything feels good (I just wish that I could feel Pecan but that's a few weeks away) and I'll get completely checked out tomorrow. I think it was good for me to just have the day off to rest (my poor Boss I bawled my eyes out on the phone when I called in sick!).

But oh how it makes me want November to come now just so all the scary stuff is gone and I've got my little baby in my arms. But at the same time I don't want to wish away this time when it is just the two of us and I can't wish away the BabyMoon that we're both looking forward to.

Now all I need is a big thing of chocolate to gobble up, I've already got my tv shows and it's that perfect 'feel sorry for yourself' weather outside.


  1. I have been told a little blood is quite normal at around your stage.
    Try not to worry (hard I know) and at least you have a doctors appointment tomorrow so you can ask lots of questions and check that everything is ok.
    By now I'm sure they will listen to the heart beat on the doppler too!
    That's always re-assuring.

  2. hey Love sorry to hear about your scare.
    I think there is lots to feel anxious about when you are pregnant.. and the worrying certainly doesn't stop once the baby arrives..
    'Welcome to Motherhood' as my Mum said to me.

    For what its worth, I had a bit of spotting on and off throughout 2nd trimester (especially after sex- in the end it was freaking us both out too much and so we stopped doing it- sorry for TMI) I think as long as it isn't accomapnied by cramping then it can be quite normal

    Always good to get doctor to check you out, and as Sammie said, there will be nothing like the sound of that little beartbeat after a bit of a scare.

    Take Care of yourself

  3. I love you two! My go to girls. Yeah it was sex my Mum said she told me not to have sex haha to which I responded well you would never be a grandma then.

  4. Let us know how you go...I'm sure everything will be okay *hugs*

    Take care of yourself x