Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Dance!

This is me although I think the 'Happy Dance, Happy Dance, I love to do the Happy Dance' actually comes from Dewey off Malcolm in the Middle. I remember in highschool myself and one of my girlfriends would constantly do it at lunch time. We were complete idiots back then and the misfit group, we'd take in anyone who didn't fit in/was rejected from their original group. It was awesome, sure there was teasing from doofus boys but ultimately it was loads of fun being in a group that wasn't afraid to be goofy!

But getting back to the original topic...or moving on to the topic depending on how you look at it! Hubby has been offered a casual job in engineering. It's fantastic news and he's hopefully going to an assessment centre for a graduate program next week. Very very exciting and such a turn around from my last post. So things are looking up for our little family. I didn't 'know' it would happen but I hoped it would, I should've remembered that this happened for me when I was doing my graduate program applications. It's been an amazing end to the week and I just feel really really lucky. I love that the universe throws good things at you when you least expect it (but really need it!).

1 comment:

  1. wonderful news, great timing!
    Hope this means you can relax for the remainder of your pregnancy!
    Congrats to your husband!