Friday, August 31, 2012

C is for Cookie

I still have a little bit of time before my baby turns 1 but that doesn't mean the planning side of my brain hasn't already kicked into overdrive. I've been scouring Pinterest for themes and ideas and I think I have finally settled on one! Milk & Cookies - easy, cute and fun. I was going to do a "Make a Wish" theme but I think that would've been a bit too vague and girly. And don't let the above photo fool you it will not be a Cookie Monster themed party!
I'm still going to ask people to write a 'wish' down for Logan and then he can read through them when he turns 18. Or I can seeing as he probably won't care about that sort of thing when he's an 18 year old boy!

I've found some cute milk bottles and striped/spotted paper straws. I can see myself easily spending a small fortune but I think that will probably be it for the expensive decorations and the rest I will make or buy on the cheap. I'm also thinking I'll make him a cookie cake but I'll probably change my mind because that won't look very interesting when I want him to smash up his cake - see what I mean with the planning thing! My mother in law did the cake smash with Hubby and it is definitely a tradition I want to keep going. I think/hope Logan will be into it after all he was begging for one of his friend's lunch at Mum's Group and got spoilt with quite a few spoonfuls - he even went so far as to call her MaMa - my little guy knows how to worm his way into your heart.

So if anyone has any yummy cookie recipes please send them my way!



Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Loving: too many things to mention in detail so here's the cliff notes version - Logan taking naps; being more productive; my ability to bake last minute; the weather; Weet-Bix; sewing a button on a cardigan; my Mum's Group; babies with no pants on...

Reading: Save Our Sleep. I started Logan on a dreamfeed at my cousin's suggestion but it didn't work out he was waking up twice after it and both times I had to feed him. So I went back to reading SOS after hating it for many months and decided to try the 9 month routine which doesn't include the dreamfeed any more. I never understood how I could get him on a schedule but he seems to be doing well with it and by keeping him up a bit longer he seems to be having longer naps. Now he only wakes up once during the night which is GREAT!!!

Watching: Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy I used to watch them all the time and have only just started to get back into both of them. It's nice to have relax time with hubby whilst watching Supernatural and to have some downtime during the day watching Grey's.

Thinking about: Halloween costumes and birthday parties. I think I will be going with a milk & cookies theme but am still trying to decide between that and a make a wish party. I think I might just incorporate the latter because I want people to write a birthday wish for Logan. Halloween costumes are a bit trickier I like the idea of making a ghost onesie because his Dad showed up in a sheet for my Halloween party when we first started dating but that seems a bit boring for what may be his one and only Halloween experience!

Anticipating: Boxing - it's my new love and this is the last class I have before I have to take Logan for 4 weeks in a row :(

Working on: Trying to be more productive at home I really could get so much more done if I just got off this damn iPad! For example it took me over 9 months to dare start the vacuum while Logan was asleep and it didn't wake him up so NO MORE EXCUSES!

Wishing: Logan would fall back asleep he's only been napping for 30 minutes - not good :(

Proud of: sewing a button back on a cardigan - lame I know but it's the little things right?

idea from Sometimes Sweet


Saturday, August 25, 2012

9 Month Letter (23.08.12)

Dear Logan,
What hasn't this past month bought us! From discovering how to crawl like a pro to standing up on everything and making your way around the furniture.

Both your far and I have felt very spoilt watching you grow and advance even further during this time. You delight us with your cheeky grins, your shyness (burying your head into my shoulder), raspberries and big laughs. You have definitely picked up the mimicking thing as well and you've also somewhat learnt to give a kiss on command (but only when you feel like it) and to stay Mum/mama but not in context so I'm not counting it. You can't say far yet but you do make your mouth move like the word when we say it to you. I feel bad for daddy because it's just a bit hard for you to get the word out.
On your last night before turning 9 months you decided to sleep through (with a formula dream feed at 10). I don't think it will be ongoing but is more dependent on your naps during the day and when you go to bed. Speaking of naps you are getting better and have at least one 1.5hr nap per day but the rest is a bit hit or miss. The other 'new' thing is the dream feed and the fact that it's formula. This was a tough decision for me to make because we've never had any problems with you not getting enough milk from me and I felt like I was cheating you. But it's better for me to be happier and well rested than grumpy!

Other things you have learnt to do include drinking from a straw (which I like to believe is advanced but I have no idea) and pulling yourself into a standing position. These things are so exciting and whilst small help you become the little boy we are enjoying meeting.
We are thoroughly enjoying this time with you our little Boo Boo and whilst I look forward to the upcoming months I am now content to live in the moment with you. You have changed so much and become so much happier that we can all really enjoy our time together as a little family. Surprisingly this has made me want to wait before making you an older brother because we want to enjoy you all the more.


All my love,



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blustery Day


I'm getting behind again...I keep reading other posts though with people now switching back to 'blogging for themselves' rather than chasing money and numbers so, I figure it's no biggie with my sporadic posting because I'm doing it for me. I've realise I do it because I like writing and because of the wonderful people I've 'met' along the way. So I won't ever disappear for forever but I don't think I could ever be a once a day poster (I'd love to be able to though).

Last week was horrible I missed everything with the cold, it got even worse on Wednesday so no boxing or Mum's Group for me. Thankfully I could hang out with my Mum and Step-Dad so I got a little bit of interaction. But this is a new week and I've done my first exercise class of the week and I'm definitely paying for it today my whole body is so stiff. Yesterday we had to do 30 pushups in a row 60 in total but they were spaced between squats and hip lifts = agony! I suck at pushups I've just never been able to get the hang of them, apparently I have an advantage because big boobs means my chest is already closer to the ground (um depressed Yay?!) but it sure didn't feel that way. But I always feel great afterwards so that's a big plus and I'm glad that I've signed up for a boxing class as well. Apparently the other mums didn't think Logan was too bad but I still hate taking him which I'll have to do whilst my Mum is holidaying in Europe.

In other news Logan is crawling up a storm and I've realised vacuuming needs to become more of a priority (damn it!). He's also very into pulling himself up and walking around the furniture. We've had quite a few tumbles and big whinges but I'm trying not to coddle him when it happens unless I can tell he really needs it.

I've also started him on a bottle of formula dream feed which Hubby gives him. I've tried the dream feed before but it never seemed to work and my cousin said I have to just keep going with it for at least a week but I think I'll aim for longer. Whilst I don't think the formula is helping him sleep longer it's nice that Hubby can take over a feed. My cousin told me her Husband gives their daughter a bottle (but of expressed milk - I'm over expressing so that won't be happening) so that she lessens the 'comfort' attraction of the feed and I am all for that. Last night was a bit of a miss though because he woke up a bit after 3am and then again at 520 - I knew that would happen he won't stay down long after his first wake up so it's always better if he wakes around 4 so that his next wake up is at/after 6 and we can do breakfast etc... But I'm crossing fingers and toes that this works. I think yesterday his day sleeps were very hit and miss too so that wouldn't have helped.

On Thursday he will be 9 months (which means adorable Abi will be 1 year old - how time has flown by Sammie!!!) and I can't believe how much he is constantly changing at this stage. I'm getting newborn withdrawals but definitely waiting until he's 2 before we consider trying for another one!

Anyway the Wolverine has awoken from his morning slumber so I must be off. I hope everyone enjoys the wintery weather (if they have it) and if it's sunny in your neck of the woods enjoy that too!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I can't believe it's already August, time feels like it's flying by but also crawling at a snail's pace. I haven't posted anything since July whoops! It's not that I haven't felt motivated or wanted to I just find myself having lots of other things to contend with and I'd rather sit back and read blogs during my relax time (or becoming crazily addicted to pinning!) than switch my brain on and come up with a blog post.
Apologies if I haven't been commenting enough as well, I have two different logins for my google account and half the time I'm logged into the wrong one. Trying to balance private and blog life gets a bit blurry sometimes.

At the moment I've been hit by the cold bug again and I'm going a bit stir crazy being stuck inside (other than taking the dog for a walk). I don't like sharing bugs so I'll always quarantine myself for a bit which sucks. It meant I missed out on a morning tea date and exercise yesterday and because I've been non-stop eating I feel like such a slob :( but tomorrow is Mum's Group and boxing and I think I should be over contagious phase. I can't miss boxing, last week was great but horrendous because I had to take Logan and he just cried the entire time :( none of the other babies are like that, sure they whinge but not non-stop and usually there's a reason eg hungry, nappy... I'm getting a bit jealous now of people with angelic babies but my cards have been dealt and I love my little guy to pieces so we just do what we can.

I'm pinning my hopes on the next one being good because we deserve that right so we'll probably wind up with a colicky bubba whose even worse than their older brother. I found myself considering just having Logan but I can't do the only child thing so fingers and toes are crossed. Hubby said he hoped we had twins next so no more kids and I may have fake slapped him and proceeded to shed light on what that would actually mean! But at least he was thinking of 3 kids which shockingly is still my magic number. But we're going to wait awhile and enjoy Logan and everything that he's going to be doing and discovering - the benefits of being the youngest Mum in my Mum's Group I guess.

So there was my disjointed rambled post, I will hopefully be back with more regular posting but you know what I'm like!