Monday, October 1, 2012

New Locale

Hi All,

Well I made the jump to Wordpress and a new blog that I'm hoping I won't be freaking out about if friends and family stumble upon it! So far there are only two posts up but I will be aiming to keep it updated more regularly than this one. It also needs a little bit of beautifying etc... but bear with me while I learn the ropes.

Please update your bookmarks and links to:

I feel terrible starting up a third blog but oh well, different chapters and all that jazz, I hope you'll follow me over to the new abode as I've loved having you all read about my goings on here! I'm also hoping this means it will be easier to integrate with my iPad which means more responding to comments etc... For the time being I'll be leaving this blog up after all, it is a nice source of memories.


Saturday, September 29, 2012


The one in which I complain about first world problems!

Damn this stupid iPad it's not letting me respond to comments on my own blog. So thank you Lila and Sammie :) apologies if I haven't been applying to comments you leave but I do read them all.

I had a long talk with my mother-in-law yesterday and it turns out Logan's personality = far's personality through and through. So now it's just a waiting game until he turns into the calmest person in the world which explains my Husband, these boys just get it all out when their young!

Friday, September 28, 2012



I still don't get it, I know no one ever does (truly) but obviously some people have a better handle on it than others. I thought I would fall into that category but instead here I sit scratching my head and throwing a lot of 'woe is me's' out into the world. I want to blame my child for not being an easy baby for crying more than laughing for frowning more than smiling but you can't blame someone for their personality. Then I get scared that subliminally I'm turning him into this unhappy little man because I feel so overwhelmed and that just about makes my head explode.

But still the weeks turn into months and I haven't wound up breaking down or following through on my threat to send him to China. When it's just him and me it is definitely a lot harder and I am looking forward to my Mum coming back on Monday! But I'm proud of myself for managing for a month without her dropping in every day - I've done some grocery shops, gone out to cafes with him and gone on a daily walk (weather permitting) every day.

I will never be one of those 'perfect' bloggers, I never have something set for a certain day and I definitely don't want people thinking that Logan is the easiest baby in the world or that I can handle anything he throws at me. He isn't and I can't! This was just a quick post (seeing as the little monkey has just woken up early) to let mums/moms around the world know that it's ok. You do survive but you also need to bitch and moan about it, don't keep it bottled up and for the love of your sanity don't compare your baby to anyone else's - that has been what destroyed me these last couple of weeks. Logan has been particularly tough and whenever I shared that the other mums just said teething or separation anxiety and yes my son/daughter cried too. I wanted to scream and say you don't understand he has always cried non stop its just really getting to me now. But everyone has their own shit to deal with so keep plodding along and dealing with yours because ultimately these little boys & girls are ours and ours alone and we can only do what we can do.

PS: That wasn't suppose to depress the hell out of you, I'm sure it gets better and I know from looking at my 4 year old nephew it's going to be awesome fun! But for the right now...well he's lucky I can't afford postage (that and he's so dang cute!).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come on Get Happy!

Currently I feel like an animal in the zoo, see that picture up there? That's the house being built behind us! At present it sucks because all the workmen can see right into our living room and kitchen so we have to close the blinds most days :( but thankfully they're lazy and hardly ever show up! But I've been watching the slow progress and come to the realisation that the builders are the least of our problems, huge windows being put in mean that our new neighbours will have the perfect view into our house and backyard (including the office and nursery). Now we knew they were going to put a two story house up there and plans were looked at before this house was bought (by my parents - not us I would have turned it down if I'd seen this) but now it's actually being built I hate it. I also hate whinging about it because we can't do anything (the previous a*hole owners approved everything) but here I am whinging!

I complained to my Mum who is over the other side of the world at the moment and must have come across as a complete spoilt brat. So I'm attempting to turn my frown upside down, there are definitely things we can do and hopefully their living area is on the bottom floor so that if they are an at home during the day family like us I won't feel so invaded. But trying to change your way of thinking is damn hard!

I feel as though I am always trying to make myself more positive and not a lot really changes. One of the big things I have implemented here in our humble abode is the nightly 3 things that made you happy (sorry if I've mentioned this before!). Hubby and I try and remember to do this nightly and for the most part we are succeeding. Not only does it make you reevaluate a crappy day but its also nice to see what makes it onto Hubby's list versus mine. Sometimes they are quite similar and other times they differ drastically. I highly recommend people do something similar like this but if you're not generally and sunshine, rainbows and unicorns person don't aim too high with how many happy things - of course you don't have to limit yourself to three but if you go to high it might backfire and make you feel crap if you can't come up with that magic number.

So far I'm really happy we've implemented this, along with my much talked about no-tech nights! Having a baby really put a downer on our relationship and even though it might seem like we're putting too many rules onto our relationship it works for us. Before we use to have the tv on and I'd be scouring blogs whilst he'd be playing Diablo. Now we still watch tv but we sit cuddled up on the couch and laugh a lot more - in fact I had one of my crazy fit of hysterics last night which I haven't had in ages and wound up laugh/crying nonstop (all because I wanted candy).

I guess all the good things take a bit of work and that's what makes them worth it in the end right?


PS: I didn't know whether or not I should mention this as it seems to be blowing my own horn but I firmly believe in spreading the good and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Lila over at Raised by Wolffs. It is an indescribable feeling to be able to give for no reason at all (other than an amazing woman who deserved something special) and I encourage everyone this week to pass on the good - be it in the form of a compliment, a kind gesture to a stranger or something extravagant! It makes everyone feel amazing and isn't that what life is all about!

PPS: I couldn't have done it without the help of Sammie, Emmie and Spark - all incredible women who trusted me not to be a Nigerian Princess ;)


Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Months Letter (23.09.12)

Dear Logan,
10 months old and you are knocking over milestones all the time it feels like!

This month you have been walking so confidently around all our furniture and then moved onto scaling the walls as well. Nowhere is safe from you anymore but we still haven't had to babyproof anything. I think this is because you always want to be near me so 9 times out of 10 I can see what you're up to. You can also stand up unassisted but it only happens for a few seconds and generally we have to instigate it.

We believe separation anxiety has kicked in with full-force and you don't really like playing by yourself for longer than 5 minutes before you're in tears. You've been extra clingy with me at the moment as well which makes it doubly hard.

But on a positive note you are sleeping better for the most part you have decided to sleep through the night. You still let out grumbles but usually will resettle yourself. I can't say it's continuous though because more often than not we do have to go in to you but still it's a step in the right direction. I also don't have to feed you at night anymore which is FANTASTIC!

We've got you on somewhat of a schedule according to Save Our Sleep. You still wake up earlier than the recommended 7 (anywhere from 550-630) but it means you get time to see far before he heads off to work. You then have a giant 2 weetbix + fruit breakfast at 7 before boobie at 8 and then we go for a dog walk and then bed (if you can last!) at 930. You've been pretty good with a 1.5 hour morning nap so when you wake at 11ish (never later always earlier) you get boobie again and then lunch at 12. Your next nap is at 130 and if I'm lucky you'll sleep for an hour but this is usually your bad nap. Once you're awake you get boobie and then dinner at 5 before a bath or shower at 6 courtesy of far, bottle at 630ish and then bed anywhere from 640-7pm but never later. You still seem quite grumpy in the afternoons though so I don't think you get enough sleep and sometimes I sneak in an extra nap around 3.

We have also uncovered that if you haven't slept long enough if we get you up for a little bit we can then put you back down to sleep. This isn't always a guarantee and goes against all the books but whatever works right!?

You've also played well with two girls, one your exact same age and the other almost a year older. I've been so happy about this because in general you don't like other babies and would rather just cling on to me the whole time.

You don't say much at the moment and will either be a little babbler or nothing will come out. It's still only mama as well! You do love blowing raspberries though along with sucking on my feet (weird) and making a clicking noise with your lips (far caught it on video).

There is so much more that I could write but I will leave it there for now...until next month when we'll be in Toronto!!!


All my love,



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Are You

I'm still here I swear and I've been trying to be a good little commenter apologies if I miss you out or haven't been as regular as I usually am!
I've been busy surprisingly, I thought I would be staying home by myself with my Mum away but I have been getting out and about. Lots with my little sister who just came back from a holiday in NZ and was unemployed for all of a week before getting a way better job than the one she had before. Today we went office clothes shopping for her complete with a Logan mirror make out session in Myer - my son most likely has cooties!

My last post was about Logan's first birthday party, I've since changed it to a Yogi Bear Picnic theme because everyone calls him Logi Bear and I call him BooBoo so it was a given. Plus now I don't have to deal with the majority of guests not wanting to drink milk! The idea was cute but not really well thought out - damn you Pinterest. I don't want it to be cartoon character orientated though so other than maybe a vintage Yogi bear golden book turned into a guest book the party will be more picnic focused.

So that's my life, along with a brief stint of babysitting another bubba - Logan is definitely a difficult baby because the boy I watched was an angel! It's all been good, lots of Hubby bonding including removing technology from Saturday nights as well as Tuesdays and planning for Halloween in Toronto!!!


Friday, August 31, 2012

C is for Cookie

I still have a little bit of time before my baby turns 1 but that doesn't mean the planning side of my brain hasn't already kicked into overdrive. I've been scouring Pinterest for themes and ideas and I think I have finally settled on one! Milk & Cookies - easy, cute and fun. I was going to do a "Make a Wish" theme but I think that would've been a bit too vague and girly. And don't let the above photo fool you it will not be a Cookie Monster themed party!
I'm still going to ask people to write a 'wish' down for Logan and then he can read through them when he turns 18. Or I can seeing as he probably won't care about that sort of thing when he's an 18 year old boy!

I've found some cute milk bottles and striped/spotted paper straws. I can see myself easily spending a small fortune but I think that will probably be it for the expensive decorations and the rest I will make or buy on the cheap. I'm also thinking I'll make him a cookie cake but I'll probably change my mind because that won't look very interesting when I want him to smash up his cake - see what I mean with the planning thing! My mother in law did the cake smash with Hubby and it is definitely a tradition I want to keep going. I think/hope Logan will be into it after all he was begging for one of his friend's lunch at Mum's Group and got spoilt with quite a few spoonfuls - he even went so far as to call her MaMa - my little guy knows how to worm his way into your heart.

So if anyone has any yummy cookie recipes please send them my way!