Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Come on Get Happy!

Currently I feel like an animal in the zoo, see that picture up there? That's the house being built behind us! At present it sucks because all the workmen can see right into our living room and kitchen so we have to close the blinds most days :( but thankfully they're lazy and hardly ever show up! But I've been watching the slow progress and come to the realisation that the builders are the least of our problems, huge windows being put in mean that our new neighbours will have the perfect view into our house and backyard (including the office and nursery). Now we knew they were going to put a two story house up there and plans were looked at before this house was bought (by my parents - not us I would have turned it down if I'd seen this) but now it's actually being built I hate it. I also hate whinging about it because we can't do anything (the previous a*hole owners approved everything) but here I am whinging!

I complained to my Mum who is over the other side of the world at the moment and must have come across as a complete spoilt brat. So I'm attempting to turn my frown upside down, there are definitely things we can do and hopefully their living area is on the bottom floor so that if they are an at home during the day family like us I won't feel so invaded. But trying to change your way of thinking is damn hard!

I feel as though I am always trying to make myself more positive and not a lot really changes. One of the big things I have implemented here in our humble abode is the nightly 3 things that made you happy (sorry if I've mentioned this before!). Hubby and I try and remember to do this nightly and for the most part we are succeeding. Not only does it make you reevaluate a crappy day but its also nice to see what makes it onto Hubby's list versus mine. Sometimes they are quite similar and other times they differ drastically. I highly recommend people do something similar like this but if you're not generally and sunshine, rainbows and unicorns person don't aim too high with how many happy things - of course you don't have to limit yourself to three but if you go to high it might backfire and make you feel crap if you can't come up with that magic number.

So far I'm really happy we've implemented this, along with my much talked about no-tech nights! Having a baby really put a downer on our relationship and even though it might seem like we're putting too many rules onto our relationship it works for us. Before we use to have the tv on and I'd be scouring blogs whilst he'd be playing Diablo. Now we still watch tv but we sit cuddled up on the couch and laugh a lot more - in fact I had one of my crazy fit of hysterics last night which I haven't had in ages and wound up laugh/crying nonstop (all because I wanted candy).

I guess all the good things take a bit of work and that's what makes them worth it in the end right?


PS: I didn't know whether or not I should mention this as it seems to be blowing my own horn but I firmly believe in spreading the good and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than Lila over at Raised by Wolffs. It is an indescribable feeling to be able to give for no reason at all (other than an amazing woman who deserved something special) and I encourage everyone this week to pass on the good - be it in the form of a compliment, a kind gesture to a stranger or something extravagant! It makes everyone feel amazing and isn't that what life is all about!

PPS: I couldn't have done it without the help of Sammie, Emmie and Spark - all incredible women who trusted me not to be a Nigerian Princess ;)


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  1. I like your happy list! Doing my daily gratitude has been really helpful for the same reason. I've also been a lt less bitchy and judgmental since I started, shifting our focus to the positive can do great things.
    I would be really angry about the neighbours house too, we have low fences and I can't wait until we can afford to put new ones in because I hate seeing the neighbours windows, their blinds are always shut so I suspect they hate it too.
    The blinds I bought on sale the other day block the view but let light in maybe something like that would help? Or can you plant something that will grow quite tall? You aren't a spoilt brat it feels very invasive when someone can see into your space.
    Also you totally should be tooting your own horn, you are a very sweet ringleader and I can't thank you and the other ladies enough.