Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kudos Ash Cloud

So we got grounded and the BabyMoon was off to a rough start! It's a long story but we've now lost 3 days of the Melbourne part of our trip and I have a very very strong dislike for Tiger because they made us drive out to the airport at midnight only to find out our flight was cancelled (how hard is it to say that over the phone or put it on your website damn it).

But for the first time ever I decided to turn my frown upside down and start our BabyMoon even if we were at home for the next two days. So here's some photos of the fun we got up to on our first day:

(I definitely recommend it if you live/visit Perth)

(The place is right next door to TDW but sadly you can't take photos)

(The cot we wanted was on sale YIPPEE plus some other baby goodies and candy for Hubby.)

Gold Class
(We watched Super 8 and I have to admit it was pretty good but not amazing)

(Quick drink with Mum on the way home, I got Rob's Clog and it was goooood)
Because Blogger was being a pain that was yesterday. I'm looking forward to the rest of our holiday and finally have maternity jeans (YAY!) and gorgeous long black boots very heavily discounted which is always a bonus. Now we're definitely prepared for going away.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Bonding with Bubs - Week 18

Size: 14.2cm - 15cm approximately

What's Pecan Up To: feeling and hearing (thankfully Pecan can't hear outside yet so he/she is not suffering from my singing)

Symptoms: I felt some very significant kicks/punches in a row which was awesome! Still feeling very dizzy boo low blood pressure.

Cravings: Salt & vinegar rice cakes, frozen yoghurt and fruit.

Keep that away from me: Nothing (finally)

Weight: I have no idea, still haven't bought those scales but I'm guessing around 75kg if not less.
Feelings: Happy but wishing I didn't get so faint/dizzy when going for walks. Excited about our Baby Moon (woo hoo).

Random: Finally bought two maternity bras (boo) and one of those Belly belt things, hopefully I can extend the life of my jeans for our Baby Moon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letter of the Day: M

So today was a day of pampering and baby/mum-to-be shopping (and now my bank account is angry!). I finally got to use a ScoopOn I bought for the Aveda hair studio in Subi and my split ends have GONE.

The salon is pretty tiny and it was super busy when I arrived (I waited for over 15mins and they set me up in the chair and just left me alone which was pretty off putting). After the wait my colourist told me that he'd still be another 10 minutes but asked what type of colour I wanted and I told him I'd like something with a bit of red but honestly he could do what he wanted (I get like that after I haven't done anything to my hair in awhile). He did an amazing job for a guy that had only just turned 17 the day before! I was super impressed and it's just so warm but still very natural looking which is highly unusual for me. The hair cut was also awesome, unfortunately I didn't go too crazy because I still wanted to be able to tie my hair up. So without further adieu I present to you my 'mum' hair cut ha-ha:

Granted you can't really tell the colour but I love how retro that photo looks (PS: taking a photo of your own face, especially trying to get in all your hair is really tough).

And for people interested in my previous hair colours/hair dos:

Oh cocktails how I miss you!
On our honeymoon

Bali Hair (yes bogan me can't resist) honouring Hubby's Danish-ness
My gorgeous sister and I at Christmas after I got engaged

My next hair stop will be at an awesome hair salon in Perth (Wildilocks) known for their alternative do's. I'm very excited, I was going to get it done in November for my baby shower but looks like with everyone's holidays we'll have to move it to August :( Still I might stick with November for cool hair when I become a new Mamma.

And for the other M of the day I finally got some maternity bras and damn if they're not the ugliest things I've seen! But so comfy. I got scared when she said no underwire, probably TMI, but with my boobs I'm so used to it that I freaked out they wouldn't work. Thankfully they are sooo comfy and seeing as I've always had big boobs I'm all about comfort over pretty little things.

So that was my day (as well as seeing my little sister's new home that her boyfriend just bought) and tomorrow is set to be even better with a birthday lunch for one of my uni friends and going to watch Bridesmaids.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's the little things

As I was pulling out of our shared driveway I noticed that some idiot had decided to burn one of our neighbours bins (and I was thankful that we had forgotten to put our bin out the night before!). So for the day I was left wondering what was wrong with people!

But then I came home and the bin was gone, probably because there are two for sale signs out the front (and a burned out bin really doesn't do wonders for attracting buyers!). So all was well and to top it off I spotted a huge dragonfly on our outside lamp. Sometimes it really is just the little things in life that give you that much needed smile.

Another side note: we live in a pretty nice area so I was really shocked to discover someone would do something like that! Not that it matters generally the nice areas are always the ones with something dodgy going on behind the curtains!

Monday, June 13, 2011


So I used to cook, I know my whole Monday Yummy thing fell in a miserable heap (if you can't tell I'm a little bit bad when it comes to making sure to post things on exact days etc...), but really I used to cook - A LOT. And I really really enjoyed it as well. I'm no where near good enough to go on a cooking show and I always need to follow a recipe but I enjoyed finding yummy recipes and creating something to be proud of for dinner.

Unfortunately one of the side effects of this pregnancy has meant that other than baking I have no desire to cook! On the weekend I made an Impossible Coconut Pie which I almost screwed up even though it involved blending all ingredients and popping in the oven. Side Note: Make sure you've screwed your blender together correctly, eggs leaking out of the bottom does not help!

But baking is easy and other than forcing myself to abstain from licking the bowl I've been baking at least one cake a week! Hubby is very happy about this ha-ha.

Back to actual cooking though, I used to make about 80% of our dinners, 10% Hubby did and 10% was eating out. Now it's more 85% Hubby cooking and 15% take out, I'm so glad that I started pushing Hubby into cooking at least a couple of meals per week when we moved into this place. Little did we both now how handy it would become. I just feel terrible for making him cook all the time especially because he has exams etc... but I just really don't feel like cooking and it always makes me dizzy :( Hmpf, the pregnancy symptoms they don't warn you about!

Another side note: My niece and nephew go to Sydney tomorrow, we're all very sad about it. We had a big goodnight bed session with the nephew last night and all said goodbye to him. I promised we'd take him to the Zoo when we come over and he was so excited. Of course he has no idea he's going there to live forever but it's going to be very difficult saying goodbye to that cute little face when we finish our holiday in Sydney!

Bonding with Bubs - Week 17

Size: roughly the size of my hand

What's Pecan Up To: other than getting a bit of fat on his/her itty bitty bones...

Symptoms: finally feeling some movement but nothing like kicks etc... still feeling dizzy and hopeless when I go out for walks (especially if it's cold weather!)

Cravings: I think I'm returning to normal. But definitely olives!

Keep that away from me: nothing really, chicken still isn't my favourite but I'll eat it now.

Weight: I need to invest in a new pair of scales still sticking with 72.5kg but most likely a bit more.
Feelings: Excited because I've finally popped :)

Random:I say this all the time but once I've charged my camera I'm going to do a bump 'timeline'

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Inspired

I haven't really had anything inspiring or interesting to write about. I don't want everything to be pregnancy/baby orientated but it's a little hard when that's all that is on my mind at the moment ha-ha.

Lately it's just been work, sleep, studying, exams at our house (oh and lots of walks even if they make me feel terrible). I managed to do a chunk of my to-do list but was interrupted by the dog deciding that the couch was the perfect thing to pee all over. Hello preparation for motherhood! He obviously didn't appreciate being forced to stay inside after I washed him but he's white and I didn't want him getting stuck into the dirt!

So this will be the last weekend that my niece and nephew will be living in Perth :( It's hard to believe and I'm getting sad but I know it's hardest for both the grandmas involved. It's great news for my brother-in-law he'll have an amazing job and a crazily insane income but he deserves it and has worked damn hard to get to where he is. I just wish that they could stay in Perth a little longer it would have been nice for Pecan to have cousins so close in age. Especially because the chances of my little sister or my little sister-in-law reproducing anytime soon are slim to nil! But that's the way life works and they want to wind up living in New York one day (I really hope they visit first because I LOVED it there but it didn't scream family friendly) so we always new the day was coming where they'd say farewell to Perth. At least they'll be flying back over a lot so that will be good.

The one major downside of this pregnancy has been that my cooking drive has completely died. Thankfully I started teaching Hubs how to cook before this happened and he's been a life-saver cooking dinner even after slugging it out at an exam. Tonight's menu is red curry chicken, my first attempt at eating chicken after being so grossed out by it but I love red curry so hopefully that counteracts it!

I also think I've found an awesome vintage change table (oh how I love!). Hubs is going to look at it tomorrow and if it's decent we'll grab it $50...a definite bargain, much cheaper than what we've been looking at (we want something solid that's a cupboard/chest of draws and this fits the bill). I wish we had lots of money to splurge on crazy things but in some odd way it's nice doing everything on the cheap and besides the big ticket items have already been offered by the new grandparents (or an amazing family friend who is donating a brand new top of the range car seat and a second hand pram - BRILLIANT!). I love how babies just bring out the generosity in people, I'm always on the giving end so it's cool to be experiencing the receiving, Pecan is going to be very very spoilt!

Monday, June 6, 2011

To Do

So public holiday YAY but that equals chore day for me BOO!

But to make sure I get it all done here is my list:
  • Put away the laundry
  • Wash our stinky puppy dog
  • Walk the dog
  • Cook dinner (so Hubby has something nice to come home to after his exam this afternoon)
  • Disassemble the double bed in the nursery (but only if I can handle it, no heavy lifting for me!)
  • And finally if I have time (because I refuse not to relax for a bit of today!) - sort out where all our new plants will be going in the garden.

And my treat:
Go for a long walk with my girlfriends after coffee (can't wait!)

Bonding with Bubs - Week 16

Size: an avocado apparently and the next 3 weeks is growth spurt time :)

What's Pecan Up To: inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, moving around (still not sure if I'm feeling anything or not)

Symptoms: still with the dizzy/fainting spells and the boobs are getting bigger (eh gads I definitely don't need this to happen I'll wind up looking like Pamela Anderson - no exaggeration!)

Cravings: still citrus fruits, coffee and my decaf tea.

Keep that away from me: Chicken is still on the list but nothing else really. In saying that though I am super picky!

Weight: According to my doctor I've put on about 2.5kg, her scales are too nice though because they registered 72.5kg!
Feelings: Happy that we're edging closer to the half-way mark and getting excited over my bump!

Random: Getting excited for our babymoon! Although not for the cold temperatures I'm freezing non-stop at the moment.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Long Weekend

Emile Nolde

Hurrah! So here in WA we're getting a long weekend and I desperately need it. I have absolutely no plans set in stone everything is just drifting along nicely. Possibly a walk on Monday with my girlfriends and maybe a Sunday family lunch but who knows what will happen! The best way to have a weekend, knowing there's lots to look forward to but no times to stick to PURE BLISS for this pregnant lady.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Ok

So it was nothing! Yay for my awesome GP and I got to listen to Pecan's little heart thumping away. It still all seems so surreal, I can't wait for the moment I can feel our Bubs. Hubby is getting really into it as well which is sweet and my bump is definitely growing away and can't all be blamed on normal flubbiness HURRAH!

I guess I should start posting my bump photos soon. Silly me needs to keep doing it in the morning before breakfast otherwise it's more food baby than real baby.

I have no idea what I would do without all my blogging buddies! Thanks for calming my nerves :)