Monday, June 13, 2011


So I used to cook, I know my whole Monday Yummy thing fell in a miserable heap (if you can't tell I'm a little bit bad when it comes to making sure to post things on exact days etc...), but really I used to cook - A LOT. And I really really enjoyed it as well. I'm no where near good enough to go on a cooking show and I always need to follow a recipe but I enjoyed finding yummy recipes and creating something to be proud of for dinner.

Unfortunately one of the side effects of this pregnancy has meant that other than baking I have no desire to cook! On the weekend I made an Impossible Coconut Pie which I almost screwed up even though it involved blending all ingredients and popping in the oven. Side Note: Make sure you've screwed your blender together correctly, eggs leaking out of the bottom does not help!

But baking is easy and other than forcing myself to abstain from licking the bowl I've been baking at least one cake a week! Hubby is very happy about this ha-ha.

Back to actual cooking though, I used to make about 80% of our dinners, 10% Hubby did and 10% was eating out. Now it's more 85% Hubby cooking and 15% take out, I'm so glad that I started pushing Hubby into cooking at least a couple of meals per week when we moved into this place. Little did we both now how handy it would become. I just feel terrible for making him cook all the time especially because he has exams etc... but I just really don't feel like cooking and it always makes me dizzy :( Hmpf, the pregnancy symptoms they don't warn you about!

Another side note: My niece and nephew go to Sydney tomorrow, we're all very sad about it. We had a big goodnight bed session with the nephew last night and all said goodbye to him. I promised we'd take him to the Zoo when we come over and he was so excited. Of course he has no idea he's going there to live forever but it's going to be very difficult saying goodbye to that cute little face when we finish our holiday in Sydney!


  1. You'll get back into it - just think of this as a much needed break to get your creative juices flowing for some masterchef genius in the future!! :):)

  2. It's funny you know, because I have been the complete opposite.
    I normally am not one for cooking and especially enjoying it.
    Now I seem to be loving it! I enjoy staying in, trying new recipes and experimenting... Although the fact thatI love my new home and finally have an oven again after 14 months could have a little to do with that.

  3. I really like my cooking too. I started my blog to focus on cooking and lets just say the whole 'baby' thing happened so that changed.

    But if you love and enjoy something you will definitely get back into it. When Lily was 3 months I started cooking again and now I'm cooking 95% of the time (before it was 50%). I find that when you are home you have more time to think about what to cook for the week and you get more time to source the food. So don't worry you will get back into again.

    ;-( to your niece and nephew leaving...