Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not Inspired

I haven't really had anything inspiring or interesting to write about. I don't want everything to be pregnancy/baby orientated but it's a little hard when that's all that is on my mind at the moment ha-ha.

Lately it's just been work, sleep, studying, exams at our house (oh and lots of walks even if they make me feel terrible). I managed to do a chunk of my to-do list but was interrupted by the dog deciding that the couch was the perfect thing to pee all over. Hello preparation for motherhood! He obviously didn't appreciate being forced to stay inside after I washed him but he's white and I didn't want him getting stuck into the dirt!

So this will be the last weekend that my niece and nephew will be living in Perth :( It's hard to believe and I'm getting sad but I know it's hardest for both the grandmas involved. It's great news for my brother-in-law he'll have an amazing job and a crazily insane income but he deserves it and has worked damn hard to get to where he is. I just wish that they could stay in Perth a little longer it would have been nice for Pecan to have cousins so close in age. Especially because the chances of my little sister or my little sister-in-law reproducing anytime soon are slim to nil! But that's the way life works and they want to wind up living in New York one day (I really hope they visit first because I LOVED it there but it didn't scream family friendly) so we always new the day was coming where they'd say farewell to Perth. At least they'll be flying back over a lot so that will be good.

The one major downside of this pregnancy has been that my cooking drive has completely died. Thankfully I started teaching Hubs how to cook before this happened and he's been a life-saver cooking dinner even after slugging it out at an exam. Tonight's menu is red curry chicken, my first attempt at eating chicken after being so grossed out by it but I love red curry so hopefully that counteracts it!

I also think I've found an awesome vintage change table (oh how I love!). Hubs is going to look at it tomorrow and if it's decent we'll grab it $50...a definite bargain, much cheaper than what we've been looking at (we want something solid that's a cupboard/chest of draws and this fits the bill). I wish we had lots of money to splurge on crazy things but in some odd way it's nice doing everything on the cheap and besides the big ticket items have already been offered by the new grandparents (or an amazing family friend who is donating a brand new top of the range car seat and a second hand pram - BRILLIANT!). I love how babies just bring out the generosity in people, I'm always on the giving end so it's cool to be experiencing the receiving, Pecan is going to be very very spoilt!


  1. Don't worry if you think your blog will be all pregnancy/baby related as I'm sure your readers are interested to hear how you and Pecan are going!

    I know a couple who have moved to NY and I can't help feeling a tad jealous. I've never been but heard it may not have parents rooms and big backyards but offers central park and world class museums.

    I know how it must feel to not have pecan surrounded by young cousins though. Lily's 5 cousins are in the UK and I also don't think my sisters here are close to reproducing either! Well one better not as she is still in school!

  2. Yeah its just finding blogging motivation I guess!

    Oh you definitely have to go to NY :) I'm sure it does have lots to offer families but I just felt when we were there that it wasn't designed for kids. But it's totally different to the family lifestyle we've got here in Perth!

    Yeah it'll be tough not having the cousins and all our friends being childless but we'll pull through. Just a bit of a downer!

  3. I know what you mean- I try not to make every single post about babies because I like to think there is more to my life than that- but to be honest sometimes I think I am kidding myself. I do struggle to come up with other stuff to write about. But then again it seems to be the baby-related posts which get the most responses and comments so I wonder if thats not what people want to read about.. who knows.

    We are far away from all family too and so we have all vowed to put in extra effort with annual family holidays- it's no substitue for seeing cousins regulalry, but still better than not seeing them at all. We have found Skype quite a good way of keeping tabs on how the kiddies are growing and changing.