Thursday, March 31, 2011


So last night was family dinner (sans the siblings) with the in-laws. It was the first time I've seen them both since we announced the pregnancy. It was all sweet to start with, lots of questions about how I was going. But towards the end it just started to get annoying. I'm finally learning that everyone has an opinion and they're not afraid to speak their minds.

I was contemplating a home birth but Hubby isn't keen on that and my Mum immediately knew that the in-laws would be against it (they're a doctor/nurse so go figure). So we decided not a home birth for the first baby and to talk about it for the second. My compromise was to go with a Birthing centre. Last night I advised them that I was going to try going natural to which my MiL's immediate reaction was oh we'll see and then at the end of the night my FiL asked why (on earth) we weren't going private. I've looked into private and it is $$$$ even though we have private insurance.
So this is just my mini rant (no doubt the first of many!). I'm sure I'm not the first to-be-mama to experience this and I won't be the last (nor will this be my last time experiencing it).

Oh and we also realised that we are definitely NOT SHARING names. We said one to my MiL and her first reaction was negative. Argh, so not enjoying sharing this all with them at the moment.

I promise a happy post next :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 6

So this will be a new weekly feature :) Because I might as well shove those worries of not staying pregnant in a closet and enjoy it! It will probably grow a lot more from this.

Symptoms: insane hunger ; on the downside exercising makes me sooo tired & icky so I have to not succumb to my cravings; crazy amounts of peeing; waking up in the middle of the night and really bad sleeps; and horrible teenage pimples all over my face and chest!

Cravings: I am really really craving that horrendous new KFC burger (you know the one without the bun!); sugar; fruit

Keep that away from me: chickpea nibbles, plain crackers

Weight: EEEK I'm already heading towards my 'heavy' weight at 75kg *gulp* I hope it was just because I'd scoffed so much food yesterday

Feelings: As I mentioned I'm trying to keep positive, there's no reason I shouldn't and I'll just miss out on everything if I keep thinking it's going to end. I'm walking on eggshells when it comes to 'morning' sickness, I've been a little bit queasy at random times but nothing full on or for very long. I'm finally starting to fall in love with our little Pecan and I'm really rooting for Pecan to keep growing big and strong.

Random: we've decided not to find out the sex of the baby, yay for a delivery surprise! My Mum doesn't believe we'll last but that just makes me more determined ha-ha.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dove Baby

Gorgeous sunset on way back home

So we finally got rid of the incontinent dog and the one on prozac, back to my Mum's house for her partner's daughter to look after. YAY! Our house is way too small for 3 days and is a complete mess, luckily Hubby has offered to clean up tomorrow, he is way to good to me! (He's even in the kitchen fixing up dinner). The poor guy though I've turned into a crazy bitch, damn all these hormones...

Finally our doves started to utilise the shoe box nest I made them and last weekend I realised they actually had a baby in there. It's grown so big and isn't scared of me at all because I'm always getting up there to have a peek. Unfortunately the cat keeps stalking it but thankfully she can't get up there and our dog is always on guard to chase her away!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I woke up starving (and way too early) and let Hubby sleep in another hour, thankfully he got up before I had to run in there and jump on him. Obviously this is going to be one pregnant woman who needs to be fed! So we headed off to my newest favourite breakfast joint - Crumpet. If you're in WA it's in East Victoria Park and an absolute MUST!

Yummy herb & cheese crumpets with bacon & avocado sides

Crepes with apples
Today's been busy busy and I'm finally starting to feel that exhaustion. As soon as we got back I got changed and washed our car and then after watching some tv off to do our weekly food shop. 

Tonight we're off to dinner at the Green House (yummy) to celebrate Hubby's first birthday as a married man. But before that I've got to drag myself off this couch, walk 3 dogs (we're dog sitting) and then get myself ready for dinner. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nice Surprises

My FiL is a bit of a spoiler, he's constantly helping out Hubby (because he's a student and doesn't work) and they've all but given us a car and pay for everything involved with that. So after the dinner we were both shocked when he announced we could go crazy when it came to booking a family dinner out for Hubby's birthday. We're going to Jacksons (hopefully better than last time we were there!) 8 crazy! I wish we could show him how appreciative we are other than presents and cards saying thank you. One of our big plans (should Pecan be a boy) is to have Peter as the middle name, my Dad's name is Peter and part of FiL's name is Peter so it works perfectly and if we have all girls there's always Peta :p

I can't wait it will be a very belated birthday for Hubby, a semi-belated birthday for me and an early birthday for his Mum :p So we do have to wait a month or two! I just hope I'm still feeling how I'm feeling and I get to be the designated driver for the first time!

But I did mention that I would discuss his obsession with the dogs. To do so I'll give a bit of background... they were never going to be dog people and then due to a silly mistake by the in-law siblings their dog got pregnant and my MiL wound up having to play surrogate mother. Fast forward and they kept one of the puppies which he really didn't want to and refused to say the puppy was theirs. Well that didn't last long and now the puppy sleeps in their bed and has a whole shelf for dog treats. Then the in-laws siblings had to get rid of both of their dogs and the mother wound up with MiL and FiL. So now they have two dogs who get fed bacon from the fridge, really yummy choice cuts of meat, any kind of leftovers oh and the latest thing straight out of the fridge!

So there you have it, I now tease Hubby that if they don't watch out the dogs will be left everything in the will :p

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So it wasn't as eventful as I thought. Hubby wanted to announce it when we'd all sat down to dinner but then his little sister bought out her homemade pate and after refusing wine I poked him and told him we had to say something!

Everyone was really excited except for the sil's boyfriend, poor guy is now surrounded by marriage, babies and pregnancy and both of them are so care free! His dad didn't hear at first because he was too worried about the dogs (that's for a whole 'nother blog post!). But everyone gave big hugs and congratulations, it was cute because the brother & SiL (who have babies) are so excited that now someone else is in the same boat as them. For the first time ever I've actually been getting lots of sms' from her so I'm hoping this means our relationship will turn a corner and we'll actually start getting on a lot better.

The only thing that got me down a little bit was that he/she (aka Pecan) kept getting referred to as the third. I know nobody meant anything negative by it but Pecan will (hopefully, I can't get that fear out of my mind!) be our first. It's just a contrast to when we shared it with my side of the family I guess because Pecan will be the first grandchild.

Which reminds me I haven't shared my family's reaction to it! I've hated not sharing it on here but thought I should wait until after we'd told immediate family:

Mum - we wrote her a little letter and she started crying and was so happy, lots of hugs and OMGs
Little Sister- 'I knew it' + 'It better not be born on my birthday!' but she was really excited
Dad - he was so happy and thought he'd have to wait 2 years for it to happen...silly man!

Hubby & I are over the moon, as per usual he's just cruising and thinking the best and I'm being Mrs Worrywart!

Oh and I got tagged by the lovely sassandspice:
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Guess what...

2 lines...WOOT!

This is why I was so excited for tonight, as you read this we're revealing to Hubby's family that the third grandchild is on the way! It is still early days and I don't have my appointment with the GP to confirm until April 5th (she's so popular) but very excited!
We've already broken the news to my parents, little sister and my best friend but will be keeping it quiet until at least after the Dr's appointment!

Because this is a scheduled post (it was so hard for me not to share!) I'll be back later to let everyone now how it went!

Monday, March 21, 2011


So after a VERY religious wedding ceremony (to each their own but I really don't enjoy being forced to pray, instead I just willed the couple my best wishes). The bride looked stunning! I couldn't get a good photo of the dress but I definitely had dress envy. It was figure hugging but not too much and covered in a gorgeous lace with lots of sparkle! And the groom who usually sports a full on beard was clean shaven!

We went straight to look at the Sculptures by the Sea (after a brief stop at the in-laws so Hubby could get changed). It was so windy but worth it, I really enjoyed it, here are some pictures from the day:

It was heaps of fun but very windy! That's no where near all the photos just the ones I got on my iphone before it decided to get grumpy and not want to work.

I can't wait for Hubby's birthday and for the big family dinner, Wednesday is going to be AWESOME!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weddings, Sculptures, Bike Hikes...Oh My!

Today is going to be busy, it's only 550am and I'm awake. My Hubby & Dad have left to get to the start of the Bike Hike (they're doing the 60km option) then as soon as they get back we need to start getting ready for this wedding (thankfully we're not invited to the reception which is the last thing I feel like doing), attend wedding, go & view sculptures and finally catch up with one of my best friends to go over his house plans.

It's going to be an awesome day and I can't wait to post photos later on :)

Oh and I changed my hair it's now mahogany (pretty red) and looks very pretty and with my gorgeous new dress (a present from Mum) I'll definitely do a little show and tell. I really want to braid my hair for today but I have no idea how. I guess I could youtube it but I really suck at that kind of thing!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Movies tonight and then a full-on family/friend packed weekend. Kind of excited also kind of NOOOOO I just want to relax. We've got a wedding ceremony on Sunday afternoon (after Hubby and Dad do their Bike Hike) and plan on finally going and seeing the Sculpture by the Sea! Especially seeing as it ends soon.

Hubby's birthday is this Wednesday and it's going to be AWESOME! Well hopefully it will be, and I hope his present shows up in time.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Photos

I’ve taken this from an old post on Sometimes Sweet. I had to alter some because I don’t have photobooth or a photo of my parents when they were my age!

01 / someone you spend a lot of time with:

02 / a picture of you:

03 / a random picture of you and your sig. other:

04 / a picture of something that makes you happy:

05 / an old picture of you:

06 / a picture of your sibling:

07 / a picture you never posted on your blog before:
I made these for my SiL's first baby shower.

08 / a picture of a person you miss (we lost her to Adelaide!):

09 / a picture of people who know you now and then (excluding the guy! these are my home girls):

10 / a picture of your favorite place (Albany):

11 / a person you can tell everything to (ok so technically not a person but she doesn't talk back!):

12 / a picture of your everyday life:

13 / a picture from a place you love:

14 / a picture that reminds you of great times:

15 / a class photo (technically not because I don't have any on my computer):

16 / a picture from the best day of your life:

17 / a picture that always makes you laugh:

18 / a picture of your spare time:

19 / a photo from a great night (proposal night):

20 / a picture of the people who are closest to you (excluding our celebrant):

21 / a picture of someone you always have a good time with:

22 / a picture of your pets (not all of them):

23 / a picture from last summer:

24 / a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not sig. other):

25 / a picture of you on a favorite vacation:

26 / a picture of an accomplishment:

27 / a picture of your closest friends:

28 / a random picture from photobooth (instagram):

29 / a photo that makes you smile:

30 / someone you will never let go of (myself & my childhood):

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I finally felt like I 'perfected' an outfit. This was for a Saturday BBQ brunch with the in-laws where we finally got to see my adorable niece and nephew. I got to baby jiggle a lot because poor bubba has colic :( But for the first time she didn't cry once while I was holding her YAY!!! Unfortunately I didn't snap any photos but the MiL and FiL got heaps so hopefully I can get some off them next time we meet up.

I love this Sportsgirl nail polish :)

PS: Was hoping to share yay baby news but don't think it's going to happen (one very, very, very, very faint + and then a not pregnant digital) which means no more baby making until late May :( I already told my Mum it's her fault for having such an important holiday booked that it trumps her first grandchild being able to make a December/January appearance!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bits & Bobs

I'm exhausted! Definitely looking forward to the weekend, even with the long weekend this week seems to be dragging :(

Last night I went out to a YUMMY work dinner at the Boathouse in South Perth. I thoroughly recommend it (and the gnocchi!) the views are some of the best I've ever seen of the city (and right on the river). It was pretty pricey so yay for it being on the company dime ha-ha but I'm definitely taking Hubby there, he loves views of the city at night. It was great to catch up with everyone from around the country and I was definitely amongst the big guns (all the managers from HQ), I felt really lucky to be included seeing as I'm not even a supervisor or anything!

Tuesday night I cooked a really yummy roast pork and gravy for the family and even though we didn't eat until late it went down well. I always feel like I live up to the title of this blog during those moments.

Tonight is RELAX TIME, I think we'll just make a simple chicken basil/lemon pasta dish. I feel like something really filling. Probably not good for the waist line though but oh well! I'm still hovering around my 73/74kg mark. I just feel proud now that I'm no longer ashamed of my body and I'll pretty much tell anyone who asks how much I weigh which I know is not a common thing (especially amongst women). It just feels so liberating to be at that point in my life especially because I'm not even 25 yet.

Still feeling a little off and hoping so much that I'll have good news to share soon but I don't think I will :( Oh well if it doesn't happen that's fine and we'll just continue going with the flow.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hungover without the booze

I've felt gross ALL day but at least the headache is starting to go away. The only way I can think to describe it is like being hungover even though I haven't had any booze in forever. It probably didn't help that I had such a horrible sleep last night either. I was looking forward to coming home and collapsing but we're having my Mum and little sister over for dinner so that's been thrown out the window :( Then I thought yay I can relax tomorrow night but I've got a big work dinner booked for then so it looks like I can catch up on my zzz's on Thursday.

I'm being bad and pinning my hopes on this gross feeling meaning that maybe just maybe this means baby? (please ignore my hideous rhyming).

Monday, March 7, 2011


I always thought not drinking alcohol would be the start of are you pregnant questions. Instead today when I asked if I could have a decaf cap my sister immediately stated I was pregnant. We're in the waiting to find out stage at the moment and I didn't really want to let my Mum and sister know that but it came out anyway! It was really nice at the Farmer's Market yesterday though because the first time in EVER, Mum was actually excited about the possibility of me being pregnant. Finally it isn't all about are we making a huge mistake (because Hubby might not have a job lined up). Now she's excited to be a grandma and it's just taken a huge weight off my shoulders because I wanted to share the happy and not just keep it between me and Hubby.

So back to work tomorrow and an early start :( It'll be a bit hard seeing as I slept in until 10am this morning, but that's what not going to bed until 1240am does to me obviously. I finally finished cleaning the house, the floors still need to be done but everything else is cleaned literally top-to-toe. We haven't done the balcony or outdoor courtyard/garden but I think we might leave the garden until Mum aka the landlord comes around.

I'm exhausted after the massive cleaning project but at least only 4 days left until Saturday! I can't wait I plan on just relaxing completely (with some gardening) and hopefully getting to the movies.

The newly cleaned kitchen

PS: Monday Yummy = incorrect Nando's order. I didn't want leftovers and just felt like a bit of a splurge. I'm going to start doing some dinner planning and I think I'll start that next weekend!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

So Project Clean is still in it's early stages (even though we spent all day yesterday on it), who knew sorting out the bedroom (& Hubby sorting out the office) would take so long. We still haven't dusted or anything and then we've got the following rooms to tackle: spare room, upstairs toilet, upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom, lounge room, kitchen (eeekkk!), front hall area, balcony and outside courtyard. I'm so grateful for the long weekend!

We're still making sure we have fun though and last night saw us at the Outdoor cinema to watch Morning Glory. It wasn't anything amazing but I laughed quite a lot so I was happy. However, the main thing I kept thinking about was 'could I pull of Rachel McAdam's hair?'. I've finally grown out my fringe (aka bangs) and now I want to go and get another one, the mind is a strange thing. I've also decided that I'm going to go light brown, I do like the colour I am now but I'm a brunette and I don't think I'm designed to go blonde.

We also went out for breakfast yesterday and I had my first ever decaf flat white and it was sooooo yummy! Trying to avoid the evil C with all this babymaking so I'm glad I enjoyed that, plus it now means (well once I've bought the decaf beans!) I can enjoy coffee after 5pm! Yay! If anyone in Perth is interested we went to Toscanini's in Bicton (highly recommend).

Soon we're off to the Farmer's Market and I plan on stocking up on peaches and whatever other goodies they have there. We might go and view the Sculpture by the Sea later today but I think I need to stay in cleaning mode to really get things done.

So wish us luck! I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend.