Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weddings, Sculptures, Bike Hikes...Oh My!

Today is going to be busy, it's only 550am and I'm awake. My Hubby & Dad have left to get to the start of the Bike Hike (they're doing the 60km option) then as soon as they get back we need to start getting ready for this wedding (thankfully we're not invited to the reception which is the last thing I feel like doing), attend wedding, go & view sculptures and finally catch up with one of my best friends to go over his house plans.

It's going to be an awesome day and I can't wait to post photos later on :)

Oh and I changed my hair it's now mahogany (pretty red) and looks very pretty and with my gorgeous new dress (a present from Mum) I'll definitely do a little show and tell. I really want to braid my hair for today but I have no idea how. I guess I could youtube it but I really suck at that kind of thing!

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