Monday, March 28, 2011

Dove Baby

Gorgeous sunset on way back home

So we finally got rid of the incontinent dog and the one on prozac, back to my Mum's house for her partner's daughter to look after. YAY! Our house is way too small for 3 days and is a complete mess, luckily Hubby has offered to clean up tomorrow, he is way to good to me! (He's even in the kitchen fixing up dinner). The poor guy though I've turned into a crazy bitch, damn all these hormones...

Finally our doves started to utilise the shoe box nest I made them and last weekend I realised they actually had a baby in there. It's grown so big and isn't scared of me at all because I'm always getting up there to have a peek. Unfortunately the cat keeps stalking it but thankfully she can't get up there and our dog is always on guard to chase her away!

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