Thursday, March 24, 2011


So it wasn't as eventful as I thought. Hubby wanted to announce it when we'd all sat down to dinner but then his little sister bought out her homemade pate and after refusing wine I poked him and told him we had to say something!

Everyone was really excited except for the sil's boyfriend, poor guy is now surrounded by marriage, babies and pregnancy and both of them are so care free! His dad didn't hear at first because he was too worried about the dogs (that's for a whole 'nother blog post!). But everyone gave big hugs and congratulations, it was cute because the brother & SiL (who have babies) are so excited that now someone else is in the same boat as them. For the first time ever I've actually been getting lots of sms' from her so I'm hoping this means our relationship will turn a corner and we'll actually start getting on a lot better.

The only thing that got me down a little bit was that he/she (aka Pecan) kept getting referred to as the third. I know nobody meant anything negative by it but Pecan will (hopefully, I can't get that fear out of my mind!) be our first. It's just a contrast to when we shared it with my side of the family I guess because Pecan will be the first grandchild.

Which reminds me I haven't shared my family's reaction to it! I've hated not sharing it on here but thought I should wait until after we'd told immediate family:

Mum - we wrote her a little letter and she started crying and was so happy, lots of hugs and OMGs
Little Sister- 'I knew it' + 'It better not be born on my birthday!' but she was really excited
Dad - he was so happy and thought he'd have to wait 2 years for it to happen...silly man!

Hubby & I are over the moon, as per usual he's just cruising and thinking the best and I'm being Mrs Worrywart!

Oh and I got tagged by the lovely sassandspice:
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  1. That's lovely. Though I do understand that it is sometimes hard to predict what people's reactions will be. And, as you said - this is a big first for you!!
    P.S.. thanks for the tag - i'm on to it!

  2. Isn't it a big weight off your shoulders to finally let your family know! I know my parents were really shocked as I only got married - they apologised later for their reaction though.

    You being a worrywart is probably due to our pregnancy hormones hehe. And how sweet that you dad thought he would have to wait 2 years!

    Thanks for participating in the tag...I wish I could print like you!