Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Photos

I’ve taken this from an old post on Sometimes Sweet. I had to alter some because I don’t have photobooth or a photo of my parents when they were my age!

01 / someone you spend a lot of time with:

02 / a picture of you:

03 / a random picture of you and your sig. other:

04 / a picture of something that makes you happy:

05 / an old picture of you:

06 / a picture of your sibling:

07 / a picture you never posted on your blog before:
I made these for my SiL's first baby shower.

08 / a picture of a person you miss (we lost her to Adelaide!):

09 / a picture of people who know you now and then (excluding the guy! these are my home girls):

10 / a picture of your favorite place (Albany):

11 / a person you can tell everything to (ok so technically not a person but she doesn't talk back!):

12 / a picture of your everyday life:

13 / a picture from a place you love:

14 / a picture that reminds you of great times:

15 / a class photo (technically not because I don't have any on my computer):

16 / a picture from the best day of your life:

17 / a picture that always makes you laugh:

18 / a picture of your spare time:

19 / a photo from a great night (proposal night):

20 / a picture of the people who are closest to you (excluding our celebrant):

21 / a picture of someone you always have a good time with:

22 / a picture of your pets (not all of them):

23 / a picture from last summer:

24 / a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not sig. other):

25 / a picture of you on a favorite vacation:

26 / a picture of an accomplishment:

27 / a picture of your closest friends:

28 / a random picture from photobooth (instagram):

29 / a photo that makes you smile:

30 / someone you will never let go of (myself & my childhood):

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  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. Your dog is so cute!!