Saturday, March 26, 2011


I woke up starving (and way too early) and let Hubby sleep in another hour, thankfully he got up before I had to run in there and jump on him. Obviously this is going to be one pregnant woman who needs to be fed! So we headed off to my newest favourite breakfast joint - Crumpet. If you're in WA it's in East Victoria Park and an absolute MUST!

Yummy herb & cheese crumpets with bacon & avocado sides

Crepes with apples
Today's been busy busy and I'm finally starting to feel that exhaustion. As soon as we got back I got changed and washed our car and then after watching some tv off to do our weekly food shop. 

Tonight we're off to dinner at the Green House (yummy) to celebrate Hubby's first birthday as a married man. But before that I've got to drag myself off this couch, walk 3 dogs (we're dog sitting) and then get myself ready for dinner. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends.


  1. That looks so good. Hope you had a lovely birthday dinner for your hubby. I'm only just starting to eat properly now, so it's a good thing that you have an appetite.

  2. You need to start stocking the house up with lots of snacks that you can eat whenever you need. Especially for first thing in the morning.
    And ones to carry around in your bag also.
    When a pregnant girl has gotta eat, she has gotta eat... NOW!

    Take the time to rest and relax where possible.
    The real exhaustion will set in at around 7-8 weeks. Early nights will be called for and afternoon naps where possible.