Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 37

Size: approximately 2.8kg and around 50cm

What's Pecan Up To: remaining head down and kicking/moving lots; growing that hair, it could be up to 2.5cm long!!!

Symptoms: tired in the early afternoon; kind of uncomfortable sitting up; pain in the morning not sure if it's Braxton Hicks (don't think so) just a sore tummy like it's that time of the month (oh how I haven't missed that whilst pregnant!)

Cravings: iced coffee and citrus

Keep that away from me: mince and onions.

Weight: remaining around the 82/83kg mark
Feelings: I feel a bit silly for not being so concerned with how many weeks I have left etc... But at the moment I'm just focusing on Hubby finishing his uni degree. We're celebrating our 7 year anniversary on Tuesday after his last ever exam but he still has one more presentation to go on the 8th!

Random: Today was my baby shower and it was amazing I was so spoiled. My uni girlfriends threw it for me and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Lots of yummy food, great decorations and fun games. Although we did play string around the belly and Mum's string could have fit 3 of me in! I've got so many leftovers that I think I might finally start eating for two haha.

PS: Hubby got a full-time job!!! It's the same place he's currently working casually at and they want him to start asap but we're going to try and weasel the latest start date possible. Preferably after the Christmas holidays (fingers crossed) but with all the projects they have going on we might not be able to, although they do have forced leave over the Christmas break so maybe...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DiY & Get Things Done Day

 Lookie what I made! They turned out smaller than what I thought but now I have to figure out how to add a little hanging tag to them and people can use them as 'candy' stockings. So far I've only done 3 (and need to do at least 7 more) one for Hubby (the cockatoo one because he loves them), one for Pecan (the reverse of Hubby's) and one for someone I'm not sure who yet. I've gotten the hang of it and I should be able to pound them all out now before Bubs arrives.

I might even make some more for my side of the family. They came in at roughly $3 each to make with my Spotlight discount and I just used fat quarters of Christmas fabric which was surprisingly on special. If anyone is interested in how to make these stockings visit: Diary of a Quilter.

Yesterday I also forced myself out of the house to lodge my Centrelink forms (so glad I don't work there anymore!), get the car washed (I'm never washing my own car again, I suck at it!) and do some Christmas shopping. It was easy although I am looking forward to having a pram to store stuff in and I really should have stolen a trolley from somewhere so I could have made so much needed bigger purchases! But still I actually had fun even though I was completely by myself and it wasn't too overwhelming. This is not a good sign for our future bank balance over the coming year...

Also I do have lots of bump photos which I've added to my Bun in the Oven page (just underneath the header) go and check them out.I still don't feel huge and definitely don't look it either but I'm measuring to date so that's all that matters!

Now off to Ikea so that I can get to organising our upstairs bathroom and maybe finally finish cleaning it...dum de dum.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Learning what the dog gets up to everyday!

I think I've gotten into the swing of things with this whole parental leave thing. I still haven't got the nesting bug so it's more 'forced' domesticity. Apparently that's a good thing though because everyone keeps saying when you get a strong urge to nest then you're getting pretty close. I must be one of the only people who doesn't want to go into labour until their due date. Granted Hubby still has his exams so that plays a big part in it all but we've also got so much stuff we want to get done before hand (including 2 very yummy dinners to celebrate 8 years of uni being over!).

I forced myself out by my lonesome yesterday (which is a huge thing with me), it was just a trip to the Post Office but I had no idea where to go that being a naturally anxious person it was scary. How sad does that sound! People would never guess unless I admitted it because I'm pretty good at forcing myself to be a people person but the nerves are insane. I think it just goes to show how important it is to talk about things and not bottle them up. I do discuss it with some friends and family but I still don't think people truly understand it. For example the idea of going shopping alone absolutely terrifies me but when I actually do it it's ok. My next 'scary' thing for this week is going and lodging my Parental Leave forms with Centrelink (Australia's welfare/benefits Government department) but having worked in their call centre and dealing with some of those people I think I'm allowed to be a little nervous.

I picked up my birth pool liner (there's something else to tick off the list), got myself a passport application to change my surname and one for Pecan along with stamps. I'm going to self address and stamp the announcement envelopes - I love finding random baby preparation tips (please feel free to leave any of your own below).

I've started working on Hubby's Christmas present which will be 12 date envelopes for 2012 - I stole the idea from Find joy in the journey. It was/is good fun to work on and I'm uncovering lots of different things to do in Perth (although most of it is done on the cheap because we still don't know what is happening job wise for the Husband). I'm really trying to get into the DiY present mode for Christmas and beyond because I'm over spending so much money and half the time the people don't even really care about the present. Also I feel like last year it turned into a competition with my SiL (and it got a bit mean but in that hidden girl way not outright) and we don't even earn near the kind of money they've got coming in. Plus this year we gave my Hubby's little sister dessert and a little elephant to hold her rings and she loved it and that was all under $20! Although I say all that and I spent WAY too much money on Hubby's end of uni present...but he definitely deserves it and I know he'll love it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 36

Size: approximately 2.7kg and around 45cm

What's Pecan Up To: really making my belly look like something out of the Alien movies; resting on my bladder; getting hiccups; stretching and elbowing/kneeing/kicking constantly

Symptoms: getting tired in the afternoons again and needing to pee lots more (I feel grateful though that it's taken this long for me to get to the non-stop pee stage!). Feeling really uncomfortable with everything jammed up under my ribs. I'm also not eating as constantly or as much as I used to.

Cravings: coffee, sweet things and citrus

Keep that away from me: still mince and onions plus the thought of cooking any kind of meat other than chicken or fish makes me feel gross.

Weight: remaining around the 82/83kg mark
Feelings: Excited but also missing the life I used to have: eg drinks with friends. Not that Hubby and I were ever go out all the time people, we've always been homebodies but still I can't help focusing on how much life will change once Pecan arrives.

Random: I'm writing to-do lists like there's no tomorrow which I guess when you're in the final weeks you never know if there will be! I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and go out and do things by myself. Since Hubby has exams this week and the following two he won't be around much and with Mum's fiance coming back from an overseas trip she'll be wanting to spend more time with him = a lonely Jess. I've just got to force myself to get out of the house and do things, I've always been weird about doing things by myself though and I hope that changes when Pecan is born, I can use him/her to hide behind and build up my confidence...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Got my Kit Off!

So we had our 'family' photo shoot today that Mum and my Aunt booked us in for. All girls with my cousin and little sister and I wound up getting nude! Thankfully with strategically placed scarves haha although there is one with the boobs out. Typical that I'm the one people think most prude (second to my little sister) yet I was the one who wound up wandering around the studio naked.

For obvious reasons there aren't any photos with this post :p But when I get my 40 prints back I'll post some of the 'safer' ones. I'm so happy I did it though and now I can understand why the celebrities do it. I've also become really really comfortable with myself and my body which I'm amazed at...yay for the positive side of pregnancy!

I really suggest that people do a photo shoot, probably with family you're close with or girlfriends because it is so much fun. I went in there thinking it would be ok but wasn't really interested and I had a blast. It does make you so aware of how people think they look so flawed but in actual fact look amazing! My favourite photos were the laughing natural ones featuring lots of laugh lines, double chins and horrible teeth (which only the person the photo was of noticed). It's fun and an amazing insight into how we view ourselves.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Super Organised


Everyone keeps teasing me when I say that I'm bored on parental leave (also sorry for repeatedly calling it that it's just the Human Resources Graduate in me can't stop being 'politically correct' so maternity leave rarely gets used). Mum has said I can't be bored if I haven't cleaned and whilst I did clean yesterday (due to Book Club being held at my house last night) I just haven't gotten in the mood to go crazy and clean the whole house. Apparently once that happens Pecan will be arriving soon so I guess I should be ok to settle into being a bit lazy and just writing to-do lists...

I have been productive though and I've stumbled across some inspirational organisational blogs which have been helpful. I've even started to write a mini To Do list on our fridge each morning - granted I only started that today so who knows how long that will last! It's something I used to do at work all the time though and I just feel that it gives my day a bit more structure. I'm craving that at the moment, I've been getting out of the house and doing something every day but I just feel like having some semblance of structure is really important to me. I've also got to make myself realise that it's ok to laze about on the couch as well and enjoy some me time which is where the increase in blog posts has come from :)

My nerdy side has also kicked in in the form of an excel spreadsheet with a long list of things to get done before (& after) Pecan's arrival. I feel as though I'm not aware of weeks/time anymore and whenever anyone asks me how far along I am I just look at them with a blank face and hope that someone else jumps in with an answer! Hopefully Pecan stays put until his/her due date (or a little bit after!) so that everything can get done, right now the focus is on getting Hubby through his exams and once that's finished I can get a little bit of help. Sadly he's not a handyman so I think we'll be asking my future Step-Dad to help us out with finishing off the nursery - in particular hanging pictures.

Now I must be off to procrastinate a bit more before going up to dust our bedroom and sort through all my jewellery - I swear I should donate half of it and just keep what I wear on a daily basis. No doubt I'll wind up getting addicted to 'unclutter your life' blogs and throw out/donate half my stuff and then go into a mild panic when I realise I have nothing and no money coming in to rectify that either!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mum Cut

Back when I went 'blonde'

Today will be my second 'voucher' hair-cut thanks to ScoopOn and hopefully it will be even better than the first. The only problem being I have to get my butt up to the city and I hate, hate, hate driving and parking in there. I could catch the train but I have public transport issues which is ironic considering I work in the industry!

It's funny that whenever I organise a haircut in the immediate days leading up I psych myself out and keep thinking there's nothing I want to change. I like the fact that my hair is long and that I don't have a fringe (easier to hide my hair when it's dirty without one!) and the majority of my hair is a nice brown colour courtesy of my last awesome colour but my roots have become my natural brown and I don't like that. So what to do!? I'm contemplating getting a bit chopped off but enough so I can still tie it up - which is pretty much your stock standard trim - boring and because this voucher covers a cut I really should change it up a bit. I'm thinking about soft layers but then the boring 'logical' side of my brain reminds me how much I hate those random strands of hair (which don't get in the ponytail) flying in my face.

But ultimately I want to avoid the 'Mum/Mom' cut...which means I'm tempted to do something crazy. I'd love to chop lots off but I know that doesn't suit me and I also know Hubby wouldn't be too happy if I did that (not that he'd ever say anything). It'd be so much easier to deal with though and because I'm crap at any hair style that doesn't involve a simple ponytail it might be the best option when Pecan arrives and demands all my attention. I'm also half tempted to dye it some crazy colour again but the only colour I really love is red and the cost of upkeep is just too much.

Isn't it nice when your dilemma of the day is a haircut!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 35

Size: over 2.4kg and approximately 45cm (but I reckon Pecan is longer!)

What's Pecan Up To: making my belly move like crazy! He/she is also putting on the pudge, now has fingernails and fulling functioning kidneys yay!

Symptoms: not sleeping properly when it gets to the mornings and the occasional sore muscle in my butt!

Cravings: coffee; anything with lemon; chocolate; cheesee

Keep that away from me: mince; onions (so there goes spag bog)

Weight: 81.5kg - 83kg I'm really fluctuating between those at the moment
Feelings: I can't believe I'm finally on Parental Leave. It's crazy to remember back in the very beginning and thinking that I'd be waiting forever to: finish work; feel Pecan kick etc...

I'm getting scared and excited now. I keep thinking that our lives are going to be changed forever and a big part of me at the moment is so hesitant about that, I'm scared of what we're going to be missing out on but I know I'm in for an amazing ride.

Random: Pecan has definitely found my tickle spot! Yesterday I was getting kicked in my left side and laughing - it beats being uncomfortable/unable to breathe though.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So long weekends

Well parental leave has officially begun! I'd be so much more excited if this stupid cold still wasn't getting the better of me but I think it's just at night/in the mornings because I'm starting to feel better during the day.

I had a huge send off at work, we have lots of different people based all over the metro area and everyone came to farewell me, it was really sweet and so appreciated. 3 of my co-workers put on an amazing spread and one of their daughter's made the sweetest cake (shaped like a bottle). I'll post photos once I've gotten them sent through. My boss gave this amazing speech as well and I've never felt so appreciated, it was just really nice to know everyone was gathered their because they liked working with me and to support me in my next 'chapter'. It was a little odd though because I know I really want to come back as they're a great bunch of people to work with.

I got some awesome goodies as well and everyone kept apologising that the hamper was in a pink basket and I also asked if the pink flowers were hinting at anything. So who knows maybe this is the universe's way of saying I'm having a girl either way I honestly don't mind.

It was hard at the end of the day saying goodbye to everyone but I know I'll be popping in to see them a lot especially because work is right around the corner. They've all said they'll happily babysit as well which is sweet although I think I'd wind up with a 'missing' baby if I took some of them up on their offer ha-ha.

My boss surprised me at the end of the day with an awesome present. She has this uncanny ability to get me the best presents and I know I'm a hard person to buy for. It was even better because when I was last in the city I was saying to Hubby how much I'd love to be able to buy a Fossil bag - so unless she was right behind me (which I doubt) she did very well, it even suits my crazy elephant obsession.

So my last day was great but I know I'm going to miss it (at least until Pecan comes) and it still doesn't seem real. Hubby and I didn't do anything to celebrate me finishing or him no longer having any more uni classes EVER but it was still a nice Friday night with a home cooked meal and curling up on the couch.

Today the weather is so beautiful and I think we're planning on spending it shopping - seems a bit of a waste. But Hubby wants a cover for his brand new iPhone (spoilt!) and I want to get Christmas fabric to force myself to start making Christmas Stockings as presents for the in-laws (plus Pecan and Hubby). We're going to be on a very tight budget until money starts coming in so hopefully that will be a cheap present option.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekends.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Only 8 more work hours to go until I have 12 months off to become a Mummy and Super Duper Housewife (ha-ha).

It's sad and I'm going to miss work like crazy (I never thought I would say that). All the managers (who can't attend my surprise farewell tomorrow) either called or came around to wish me all the best and promise I would bring the baby around. Grown men are so sweet when it comes to little babies. It's made me really appreciate working there though which I'm extremely grateful for.

It's crazy to think that after tomorrow I'm going to be planning/sorting out my life for this new little baby that is about to turn our lives upside down. It is so exciting to think that this baby, part of me and part of my Husband, can be anything he/she wants to be and the future is wide open.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Final Countdown

I've been a bit M.I.A with this damn cold. I haven't wanted to do anything other than sleep and this combined with being pregnant and working full-time does not make for a happy blogger!

Everyone at work keeps asking me if I'm looking forward to Friday and today I can say (even sick) that I'm not. I know it will be great to have no work but I'm going to miss seeing everyone. I guess it's the camaraderie not the work that I will actually be missing and it's funny but I can picture myself visiting a lot once the baby is born (until they eventually ban me ha-ha).

At least my first week off I've already got things booked like a hair appointment and photo shoot. Very exciting! Then my focus will be on Hubby & his exams, and after that PECAN!!! I just hope the nesting desire kicks in there at some point.

I hope everyone else is having a good week, I'm going to go back to drinking copious amounts of water and wallowing on the couch as Bubs uses my tummy for karate time.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 34

Size: over 2.2kg and around 45cm in length - and boy can I feel that length!

What's Pecan Up To: entertaining Daddy who was watching all the kicks going on on the left side of my belly; having a racing heart rate but I blame that on the poor little boy/girl being prodded repeatedly in the head to make sure he/she wasn't in breech!

Symptoms: Very tired but I now think that's a combination of coming down with a cold; I haven't been very hungry either which isn't a good a thing. Waking up really early in the morning - when work is over this will be ok but with my last week being pretty full on I wish I could just sleep straight through until the alarm goes off. I'm also finding it really difficult to stay sitting down at my desk, I did an interview on Friday and all I wanted to do was stretch and stand/walk around but I probably would have freaked the poor guy out!

Cravings: coffee; hot water with lemon (sugar or honey are optional)

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: verging on the 82kg+
Feelings: Counting down for work & uni to be over! Then we can really focus on getting everything ready (not that we aren't doing that now). I also can't wait to see how Hubby is with our first baby, it's going to be amazing and definitely make my heart melt.

Random: The guessing game has really kicked into over drive but I really don't have a preference. I used to - in the beginning it was a girl and then it switched to a boy - but now I don't care I just want to be able to hold my yummy smelling newborn in my arms.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Tickle & Work Post


I think someone has infected me with a cold. Everyone at work has been sick plus my Mum but I thought I might be immune - starting to think I was kidding myself. My throat is tickling me and I've been exhausted all day. I wanted to put it down to being pregnant and having a bad sleep but I think it's that combined with coming down with something. NOT FAIR! It's my last week of work and I have to help train up my replacement's replacement - yep even though we're in recruitment we completely got it wrong! Big huge waste of 8 weeks of training and even though I really loved working with her I'm so angry that she wasted our time (especially because she knew it was a parental leave contract!). I feel worse for my boss though because it's the last thing she needed on her plate.

I'm so appreciative of this last bit of time at work. All our employees have been fantastic, even if some of them are teasing me with waddling (I swear I'm not!!!) and anyone who has gone off on holidays - who I won't see until after I've had Pecan - has come in and given me a huge hug. I've even been invited to the December Christmas Party which is really nice of them. I feel so spoilt and lucky to be able to work with such a great group of people. I'm definitely grateful for the break from my job though because it was getting just that bit too repetitive and boring. I even broached with my boss about returning to work part-time and a pay rise and neither were ignored or flicked aside. Even so I'm getting a bit freaked out about leaving the workforce and soon having to live off savings (even if it's only until Pecan is born)!

On the plus side though today Mum took me and my little sister shopping (technically for my sister's boyfriend's birthday present whoops!). We got so spoilt! An awesome maternity hospital outfit from Peter Alexander (I kept saying I didn't want to because it would get ruined but my little sister did say these photos would be FOREVER - yay for putting that fear in me and here I was thinking labour would be the hard bit!); lots of Bonds stuff including some more much needed leggings; some awesome Revlon long lasting lip gloss (the only thing I purchased); some tops which actually cover my maternity bras (YIPPEE); some other random on sale pj/hospital/maternity items and... a bag of lemons!

Now I'm finally off to bed for some much needed rest and I'll most likely fall asleep reading about breastfeeding - oh how my life has changed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

5 more days

Life is getting a little crazy! I only have 5 days left of work before starting parental leave and Hubby only have 5 more days left of uni classes EVER (granted he still has exams but no more classes!). I'm way more excited for him to be finishing up than me. I remember when I finally finished after 5 years of uni, my girlfriends and I kept it pretty tame but it was still such a great feeling knowing we never had to sit through another mind-numbingly boring lecture ever again. I have advised him that I will be his taxi and that I expect him to go crazy with all his buddies, but even if he doesn't we'll definitely have to do something special that Friday - I should probably organise something whoops.

Yesterday was our last parenting class and we got to see 2 gorgeous 8 week old girls and hear about how their births had been etc... I'd been worried because earlier that day there'd been a baby bought into work (one of our 800 staff members bought in her daughter) and I just felt absolutely nothing towards her. Sure she was adorable but I felt nothing and every time I felt bad about that Pecan gave me a big jab haha. So it was comforting that my first thought upon seeing those babies was that I wanted to steal them. It's gotten to the point where I can't wait to hold Pecan in my arms and find out if I'll be lucky enough to have a little son or daughter (and what he/she will look like - please have my hairline bubs).
I'm amazed how fast time is flying now and so very very excited.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tropical Holiday

Finally I can look forward to a tropical holiday. Whilst originally the big family holiday was going to be a safari in Africa Mum vetoed that because Pecan will be too small. Just proving I have so much to learn upon Pecan being born haha.

As I told you all Mum has gotten engaged, we've seen the bling (eh gads do I need to clean my rings!) and it's gorgeous. So now the wedding planning begins which I can't wait for but how does this connect with the tropical holiday? Well they are crazy and want to take us all on their honeymoon to Bali. Apparently my mother believes a honeymoon should involve babysitting...and who am I to argue with her. It will also coincide with my birthday and Mother's day so I'm getting very spoilt as well.

My mother-in-law apparently isn't too keen on us taking her grandchild to Bali but she hasn't said anything to me and if she does... I know I always get sick going to Bali, yay for Bali belly but you can get sick at home and I've never been a scared traveler. So Pecan is going overseas before he/she is even 1, a very spoilt little baby.

I've already made a pact with my sister's boyfriend that when they're all getting massages we'll go off exploring, we both hate massages so it's a win win and he loves kids which is great!

I can't wait, I'll be downing coconuts like there's no tomorrow and lounging by the pool with lots of babysitters around, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Jess Week (my birthday is the weekend before my first Mother's Day hehe). But I'm sure I'll also be making sure my Mum and her new husband actually go out and enjoy themselves as well.

But first we've got 7 days left of work, Hubby finishing uni, Pecan making his/her entrance and a huge wedding (130 people!!!). Life is really good at the moment and it's nice to be so happy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 33

Size: 2.2kg as of Friday! Not sure how long though, forgot to ask.

What's Pecan Up To: being head down (hurrah) and growing a full head of hair (I did a double fist pump when told that...poor embarrassed Hubby). He/she is still moving a fair bit and kicking/punching.

Symptoms: Feeling very heavy and finding it difficult to get in & out of bed (plus rolling over is near impossible). I felt breathless yesterday after a Target expedition which was no fun :(

Cravings: frozen yoghurt, fresh fruit and coffee (still the same but now chocolate is creeping in there)

Keep that away from me: nothing really although yesterday I smelt a BBQ and hated it.

Weight: between 80-82kg
Feelings: So happy that Bubs has hair! I know it's silly but we were watching a breastfeeding DVD in parenting class and most of the babies had gorgeous amounts of brown hair (there was 1 blondie) and I just kept thinking I would love for my little son or daughter to have that. It's surprising seeing as I was bald when I was born, not sure about Hubby but I'm assuming he didn't have a lot of hair either!

Oh and of course the most important thing, my placenta has moved YAY. So now a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and we can actually have the natural water birth - or at least aim for it, I'm still prepared for anything to happen when I go into labour, just as long as I get a healthy and happy baby that's all I care about.

Random: Because our ultrasound tech was actually having an exam when he did my ultrasound it wasn't the best one we've had. It was fun though I just couldn't tell what was what on the screen, other than some fists which I definitely felt! Hubby was at a complete loss but we were both happy to hear Pecan is doing really well in there.

It's crazy that I've only got 2 more weeks of work and Hubby has 2 more weeks of classes then exams...time is definitely flying.