Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 37

Size: approximately 2.8kg and around 50cm

What's Pecan Up To: remaining head down and kicking/moving lots; growing that hair, it could be up to 2.5cm long!!!

Symptoms: tired in the early afternoon; kind of uncomfortable sitting up; pain in the morning not sure if it's Braxton Hicks (don't think so) just a sore tummy like it's that time of the month (oh how I haven't missed that whilst pregnant!)

Cravings: iced coffee and citrus

Keep that away from me: mince and onions.

Weight: remaining around the 82/83kg mark
Feelings: I feel a bit silly for not being so concerned with how many weeks I have left etc... But at the moment I'm just focusing on Hubby finishing his uni degree. We're celebrating our 7 year anniversary on Tuesday after his last ever exam but he still has one more presentation to go on the 8th!

Random: Today was my baby shower and it was amazing I was so spoiled. My uni girlfriends threw it for me and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Lots of yummy food, great decorations and fun games. Although we did play string around the belly and Mum's string could have fit 3 of me in! I've got so many leftovers that I think I might finally start eating for two haha.

PS: Hubby got a full-time job!!! It's the same place he's currently working casually at and they want him to start asap but we're going to try and weasel the latest start date possible. Preferably after the Christmas holidays (fingers crossed) but with all the projects they have going on we might not be able to, although they do have forced leave over the Christmas break so maybe...

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  1. Wonderful news about your husbands job!! What a weight off your mind! Congratulations to him!

    It's good you've got something to focus on other than the final countdown of your pregnancy.. those last few weeks drag enough as it is, so you are doing well to keep distracted!