Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7 Year Anniversary

Ok so today is 'the race that stops a nation' aka the Melbourne Cup but more importantly it is the 7 year anniversary of the first date with my Hubby. Also ironically enough it's Kim Kardashian divorce time - just goes to show money and fame can't get you everything!

Today is important because it's also the last exam Hubby ever has to take at uni! He still has a thesis presentation to give on the 8th but it'll really feel like he's finally moving forward.

Whilst he's doing the exam and then heading into work to sort out his start date, I'm going to be watching the Cup and helping Mum cook a birthday dinner for her fiance for tomorrow night. After that hopefully we can drag Mum out of the kitchen to do a mini pregnancy photoshoot with us. I don't have lots of couple shots with Hubby and that's something I want to change so why not start a new tradition today :)

I hope everyone else has a wonderful 1st of November and if you have a bet on that you pick a winner.

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