Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 39

Size: my watermelon baby; approximately 3.5kg & 53cm

What's Pecan Up To: baking away, by now his/her lungs are mature enough to be born and his/her brain is still laying down nervous connections which will continue throughout early childhood. Along with lots of bum wriggling and kick and jabbing away down there!

Symptoms: not sleeping through the night anymore (just randomly waking up); needing to pee a fraction more but really only if Bubs puts extra pressure on my bladder (I've been pretty lucky not having the multiple pee breaks); foot cramps.

Cravings: coffee, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, banana bread and citrus fruits.

Keep that away from me: onions, mince

Weight: 86.5kg at last weigh in...whoops! I'm trying to cut back on the sugary treats but it's so hard. I've put on 15.5kg (how the hell did that happen) I think it's mainly gone to baby, belly, boobs and butt though. Still not looking forward to having to get rid of it.
Feelings: I'm ready for Pecan to arrive and trying to enjoy this time before our lives change forever. Very relaxed and going with the flow about the whole situation though.
The weight aspect of this pregnancy is starting to get to me (not that I'm doing super healthy eating or anything to try and be better about it!) but I'll just have to slowly kick my butt into gear once Pecan is born and make sure I eat healthier and get in more exercise. I definitely don't want to be stuck inside day in day out and our puppy dog won't let that happen either.

Random: Our next appointment is scheduled for November 25th (4 days after due date) and I'm hoping we won't need to attend it because we'll already be parents.


  1. Hope you're enjoying this last little part before Pecan gets here

  2. It's been wonderful reading about your pregnancy week by week. 15.5kg is actually quite good...I know lot of girls who put on 20+.

    I used to be a gym junkie and it took me about 5 weeks after giving birth to start exercising. I was just too exhausted!