Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 38

Size: approximately 3kg and around 53cm

What's Pecan Up To: packing on the pounds like his/her Mum; all Pecan's organs are developed; sticking out a knee constantly on my left side!

Symptoms: period like pain in my tummy (possibly Braxton Hicks I don't know); needing to rest up in the afternoons

Cravings: iced coffee, citrus and fish.

Keep that away from me: again the seafood section in the supermarket.

Weight: 83/84kg all that eating out and sweet treats from the Baby Shower...whoops.
Feelings: I'm getting excited and also nervous which I think is the norm. I'm really keen to just continue going with the flow and I haven't had any major freak outs. It's very suprising for super organised me that the nursery is 100% completed and I thought that would be nagging at me but it isn't. I still feel pretty under prepared but I think in reality I'm as on-top-of most things as I can be considering I have no idea what to expect when we bring Pecan home.

Random: We still haven't settled on any names, boys names we've got a little stockpile and girls names we've got 2 but we really need to decide once Bubs is born I think. I've made sure I've got my list of definite no names on my iPhone. It's silly but after having the most popular name the year I was born I don't want our child having a name in the top 20. I'm loving the fact that there's an actual government list of top WA baby names per year so this is where I've gotten my 'NO' list from. But then I could pick a name and it could wind up being the 'popular' name of 2011...oh well whatever will suit the baby is what he/she will be called. We've also happily resigned ourselves to the fact that Bubs will always be Pecan to us!

PS: Can anyone recommend any cool 'baby record/memory books'? I didn't receive one at the baby shower and I'm thinking I should probably wait until after gifts people bring to the new baby but, I love recording stuff!

Also a bra related question - I've only bought 3 maternity bras (all same size) and that was back in May/June. Did people go in for another refit around now or did you wait until after Bubs was born? I just don't want to waste money on buying bras now only to find out they're the wrong size afterwards - damn big boobs = big $$$$.


  1. Havent found a record book that I like so didn't bother.
    Instead I am keeping my Dear Abigail monthly posts seperate and elobrating on them a little.
    As for BFing bras. Wait if you can! You don't know how big you may or may not get and you don't want to waste un-necessary $$$
    Try to get by with what you currently have and wait a few weeks before getting anymore or different sizes. Ididn't get as big as shop assistant reccommended and that just became a waste of $$$ for me.
    You may also find BFing singlets better???

  2. Thanks Sammie. I do have a couple of BF singlets but with these damn boobs I really need the support. I definitely will wait.

  3. I bought one but never used it...I ended up using the Kikki K 365 book instead to record her 'firsts'.

    I agree with Sammie to wait (if you can). Your boobs may get even bigger (I know, hard to believe right??), and the first 3 months they will be their biggest (if you are breastfeeding still, and all the growth spurts of the baby will cause them to feed more often and hence bigger boobs) and then they will get smaller once the baby demands less.

  4. I bought this one! Its SOOOOO beautiful though I have been a little slow at recording everything haha!

    BF singlets are the bomb and surprisingly supportive! not long now how exciting!

  5. There is one in Kmart that is super cute and really cool. Just look for it at the gifts section. It is $29.95. Bought a bunch for a few friends having babies...they loved it!