Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tick Tock


We're officially in the waiting zone and I have had zero inkling/symptoms/anything that Pecan is going to arrive early. I'm trying to tell myself I shouldn't wish away this time and that we still haven't passed D-Day but I also have moments were I just want to be holding Pecan instead of making To-Do lists and worrying about washing, cleaning etc...

But the waiting is good (or so I keep telling myself) and there are things I want to get done/enjoy before our lives are changed forever. I'm making an effort to catch up with friends this week and then going dress shopping for Mum's wedding on Saturday - not that there's much point seeing as I have a huge bump! But I'll indulge her, I'd much prefer we were going wedding dress shopping for her but maybe it will turn into that especially if she doesn't want the typical wedding dress.

I finally finished sewing all the mini Christmas stockings I needed to do for Hubby's family (although I need to attach little hanging things so they can be hung up *gulp* wish me luck with that) so that's a major to-do item ticked off. I'm also going to attempt to make some Christmas candy to put into the stockings but we'll see if I can manage that with a newborn, I might be getting a little bit too ahead of myself.

Hubby and I went on a date night after he returned from having 1 Gin & Tonic to celebrate finishing uni. He's not a big drinker and had work the next day but I did keep telling him if he wanted to booze it up I'd come and get him. I guess I should be grateful I have a Hubby who hates alcohol but it's hard when you're pregnant and booze is off limits (other than the awesome glass of champagne I had to celebrate him finishing uni whilst out with our parents). We wound up just heading down to San Churros (a chocolate franchise place which specialises in churros) and then because the skies decided to open up snuck into a second hand book store where surprisingly nothing caught my eye but Hubby bought Russell Brand's second book for $5. We discussed a few names over our churros and Hubby admitted that he liked Luca for a girl. I said I did too except the song is about domestic violence so it wasn't really on my top favourite names lists. We both agreed we 'think' we're having a girl but I really wouldn't be surprised if I give birth to a son.

Oh well, only time will tell and at the moment I have that in endless supply whilst also having no time left at all.

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