Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The End

This will be Hubby soon (sans the cute dress and high heels of course!)

Today is Hubby's last uni related day EVER! Both of us met at the end of our first year at uni (just before our exams) and now we're about to welcome a baby as Hubby finishes uni forever. It's a really exciting time although I do feel a bit guilty, the poor guy just finishes 8 years at uni and is now looking at his life changing forever. He's pretty excited though and I feel so much better knowing that.

There's some advert on Australian TV at the moment I think maybe for AMP (an insurance company??) which is all about how life unfolds from graduating to getting a great job, moving to the coast, meeting your partner, getting married, getting pregnant, buying a bigger house. I always feel terrible when it comes on and I said so last night and Hubby's response was 'but we do live close to the coast' - I'm very lucky to have him. He knows just what to say even when I'm making no sense or he doesn't even know that what he's saying is exactly what I need to hear.

Tomorrow also marks the day from which Pecan is free to arrive when he/she so wishes. I think Mum would be fine if it was tomorrow (she wants to soak up as much grandbaby time as she can before she goes on her amazing Antarctica trip in January). I've still got a few things I want to get done but nothing pressing. Most recent is just to change the name on my passport because I've finally found all my documentation I need (that I put in a 'safe' place) to lodge it. Plus Mum has already booked everyone's Bali tickets and is just waiting on Pecan being born so that she can book our little family in. I can't believe how spoilt Pecan is going to be, traveling overseas before he/she is even 1! Then before he/she is 2 we're taking them to Denmark to see where Hubby grew up and to meet his family. Sadly Pecan won't be able to remember that trip but our bank account will be grateful for not having to pay for a full price ticket!

Today is my odds and ends day, in between this weird and horrible stormy weather we're having (hello Sun you can come out now!) I'm trying to get all our washing and all of Pecan's done too. I started on organising the nursery yesterday and OMG stuff just keeps coming out of nowhere. I thought I'd pretty much done all of his/her washing but sadly that's not the case. I also found out that my SiL never bothered to properly rinse out all the bottles she gave us (silly me assumed she had so didn't check and just put in storage) needless to say I needed to SOAK SOAK SOAK them. Not impressed at all! At least when the family friend gave us all her second hand goodies (including pram and car seat) she warned us they hadn't been washed. Oh well, my SiL goes in and out of favour and at the moment she's out. Hubby wasn't impressed (especially because early early that morning she'd sent out a mass 'give us this for Christmas' text message...too late as I've already got their presents) and asked if I'd ditched the bottles. If they'd been crappy ones I would have but they're Medela so I'm hoping the soaking in hot water & dishwashing liquid will help.

Does anyone know what the major 'dont's' are for washing bottles? We also got given what I'm assuming is a microwave sanitiser (again in gross condition from the SiL) but I have no idea how to use it!

PS: Thanks for all the advice in the comments it's saving this mother-to-be's sanity.


  1. Congratulations to your hubby with finishing uni. I remember the AMP ad when I was younger but had no idea there is a new one!

    With bottles, the microwave sanitiser works well. I put it on high for 4 minutes (as per the instructions with the Avent sanitiser). Or you can you soak in boiling water for 5 minutes. Does the same thing. After 6 months you can stop strealising. You can also put bottles in the dishwasher but I usually just used the old fashioned bottle brush.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Getting the blasted things to dry is now doing my head in so I was thinking popping them in the microwave might do it.