Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 40

Size: because it's 40wks there's no telling but I'm assuming over 3.5kg & around 53cm still

What's Pecan Up To: jabbing me in the bladder way too often (not that I should complain if he/she is only starting to do that now!); 

Symptoms: waking up for 1 pee break during the night (usually 2/3am) and then not being able to get back to sleep; my belly button is poking out and I have the beginnings of stretch marks on my lower belly around my belly button (they don't look too bad...yet). I still don't feel or look huge either which is weird considering my due date is tomorrow but I definitely feel big.

Cravings: coffee, sweet treats (although I'm really trying to be good about that!), haloumi cheese, curries

Keep that away from me: onions, mince - this really hasn't changed

Weight: well according to our scales I'm around the 83-84kg mark so I'm feeling a bit better about my weight gain.
Feelings: trying to enjoy every little wiggle and kick because I know soon my belly is going to be empty and all those intimate moments with just me and Pecan will be over. I'm also giving pep talks to encourage he/she moves out and it's funny to think these will be repeated albeit in a different way in another 20 years haha

Random: I was hoping this would be my last BwB post but I don't think so, I still feel like I could comfortably be pregnant for another month so all signs are pointing to Pecan being born after Monday.

It's funny looking at the calendar the guests created at my Baby Shower and seeing people drop out of the running as the dates go past. It's also funny to realise just how many birthdays there are in's crazy I've pretty much been celebrating someone I know every day of last week!


  1. There will still be intimate moments between you and bub once they are out in the big wide world.
    Abi always seems to have a special smile or look that I know is just for me.
    You will be the world to your bub and they will think you are amazing!
    Just wait! You will see it in their eyes, and will still share many many special intimate moments.

  2. I really did miss the kicks and wiggles but Sammie is right, much more intimate moments will be shared. Wait to 'separation anxiety' kicks in (around 8 months) - baby won't let you even go to the toilet without him/her! Sorry TMI! x

  3. have you had bubs yet?!?!

  4. Ha! A week of no posts... I'm guessing you have welcomed your little one into the world!!!
    Can't wait to hear the news!!!

  5. Wondering whether bubs has made an appearance...all the best :) :)

  6. Oooh I will be checking in often hoping for an update.. hope all went well Jess