Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The List is Getting Smaller

I finally feel like I'm getting in control of my to do list but on the downside that means I'm getting really bored. Because we don't have any money coming in (other than the savings we saved for this reason) I'm trying to just stay at home and avoid spending but that equals horrible days spent in front of the laptop and tv.

This morning after dropping Hubby off at the train station I took the dog straight for a dog walk and really motivated myself to do 3 circuits. I was inspired by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and her Pep Talk post about motivation and the gym. Even as I started on the second circuit I was feeling a bit blah but just kept going and I think if I'd had some music I could have kept going which is going to be something I aim for. I know it's probably a bit silly to start planning something like this right before Pecan is due but I figure I will go stir crazy if I don't even do dog walks with the baby.

But back to the list, so far all that remains is:
  • Hanging the nursery artwork (we just need to get some nails)
  • Adding hangers & fixing up the stockings I've made for the in-laws
  • Christmas shopping - I'm trying to get this done online
  • Possibly hanging up a curtain in the nursery (especially with the sale on at the moment at Spotlight but I think I'll need to twist Mum's (aka the landlord's arm) to help with the cost of these)
  • Finally getting around to setting up our door bell (instead of relying on our barking dog)
  • Finally finishing packing my hospital bag
The only urgent ones are probably the doorbell which I'll leave to Hubby and the hangers for the stockings which I'll try and motivate myself to do this week. Obviously if I get around to going to Spotlight then a curtain will be hung but it's not urgent because we have blinds in the nursery. 

It's exciting now that the countdown is on, my best friend in France reminded me that it was exactly a week yesterday. Sadly I still don't feel like Pecan will be making his/her grand debut before my due date. All the family (from Sydney and Dad from down south) will be here by the end of the week (the Sydney-siders come this afternoon) and they all want the baby born on the weekend. I'm hoping Pecan will realise Mummy would prefer that he/she comes when there's not so many people around! I'm selfish but I just don't handle crowds of people converging on me very well.


  1. You're doing great, this last bit always feels the longest. I'd get hubby to quietly ask them to not pressure you even nicely about when bub arrives, I had that happen with number two and it's the last thing you need on your mind at that stage of pregnancy. I am so excited to "meet" pecan when they decide it's time to arrive.

  2. Your to-do list looks very managable! Soo close now.. hope Pecan doesn't keep you (and us!) waiting too long, though I totally understand about wanting to avoid the crowds.. everyone comes out of the woodwork when a baby is born.

  3. I can't wait for Pecan to arrive either and share him/her with all of you wonderful ladies :)

  4. what an exciting time for you. enjoy it all and can't wait to see that first little piccie of your bubby - babies are the best:)