Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Rings

c/o Anne Geddes

It was another Mother Daughter Nail Salon day :)

But before we headed in to get our Shellac redone (I'm now rosebud), I had to get Hubby's watch made smaller and our rings cleaned. Unfortunately because my rings are white gold it was finally time for them to get rhodium plated so now I'm the knocked up unwed mother haha. Hubby was so cute all of last night and this morning claiming that it felt so weird and not right without his ring on. I find it weird too (I hold my ring finger funny!) but it is nice to be able to normally wash my hands and not worry about it catching on clothing etc...

It was funny though because at every store we went into everyone kept calling me Mum's 'friend' - I think it's really sweet that she looks way too young to be a Grandma. She really needs to hear it as well especially because she's getting married and I'm trying to talk her into trying on dresses (she's sort of against it because it will be her third wedding). I want her to have a really wonderful wedding and for her to be spoilt because this will be it.

Whilst it was lots of fun it was also kind of scary because everyone kept asking when I was due and saying 2 & a bit weeks instead of months is INSANE! My To Do list is getting smaller (thankfully) and I've come to the realisation that the nursery may not be ready before Pecan is born but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. It would be great if either Hubby or I were handy around the house and could hang everything we need hung unfortunately we aren't and Mum's fiance (our go to handyman) is too busy at the moment so we're just going to wait until he has some spare time before I start hounding him again. And in all honesty Pecan really won't care if his/her room isn't all pretty as long as he/she has access to boobs, nappies and somewhere to sleep!

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  1. I recently got my rings re-plated and felt quite odd without them on!

    Pecan won't care a bit about his/her room for many years.