Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Final Stretch


It's so close and I'm still doing so much (well only really in terms of going out for dinners but it's exhausting), I still don't feel like Bubs is coming anytime soon :(

Yesterday Mum spoilt me with a house clean courtesy of her cleaner and far out we can now see into our oven! It was the best present anyone could have given us although the house was surprisingly relatively clean. Hubs and I are not by nature very tidy people. We're clean but just not tidy and I've really been making an effort to change that lately. I just keep reminding myself if you do this little job now you won't have it weighing on you and won't have to do it later. I know this will be thrown out the window when Pecan is born (like most things I've been blogging about ha-ha) but still it's nice to be keeping a tidy home.

Yesterday was also the day I spotted stretchmarks...I thought I was going to get away with not having any but sadly it looks like a few have decided to pop up under my belly button! I told Pecan he/she can now come out because they're obviously getting too big to be in there ha-ha. I did moisturise my belly every morning and usually at night as well but in all honesty I doubt that matters and I was expecting them because I've got them on my sides just from normal growth as well. I've got my first Mum war wounds, now I just want my baby so I can really soak it all up.

Today I'm baking a Caramel Apple Cheesecake for my sister-in-law's early birthday celebrations seeing as they're over here from Sydney. Very fattening but very yummy (hopefully) again I'm making a few changes which is a good indication I'm becoming more confident with my baking. I've always wondered how people can just throw things together but I'm starting to learn how to do that and it's awesome. I'm hoping I keep it up over the coming months, even if the meals aren't that special I'm really enjoying cooking and it's something that everyone can appreciate.

Off to continue being a good housewife and dropping Hubby at the train station and then walking our crazy puppy dog. I've also got to hunt down my headphones so I can try listening to music whilst on my walk.

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  1. I had stretchmarks appear at around the 37 week mark. I can't even see them now as they are tiny. So don't worry too much.

    You are really going to enjoy your paternity leave if you are into cooking. I've cooked and learnt so much this year - it's so much fun!