Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crazy Goodness Week

I want to be a supermodel (haha) 37 + 1

Yesterday was a fantastic anniversary (even though I had a monster headache damn this change in weather and Hubby's last exam went crappy)!

I helped Mum make 2 yummy curries for dinner tonight to celebrate her fiance's birthday. We then sat down and watched the Cup and I can't believe how close it was. Part of me wishes they hadn't been able to get that photo finish and instead declared it a dead heat. I didn't bet but as always picked the Number 6 horse 2 minutes before and was very happy to see it was one of the greys I'd had my eye on (and was ridden by Damien Oliver I believe). After that we had some really yummy chicken rolls, probably not recommended for pregnant ladies but OH SO YUMMY!

We also managed to get in a mini-photoshoot (photos to come) with my Mum's help and realised that even though we're not very photogenic we still managed to get some good snaps. Plus finally got some Daddy & Bump photos which I was getting nervous we might not get. Of course everyone loves snapping the pregnant lady but with all the study Hubby has been doing he hasn't really been included.

After that we came home (I tried to do my hair for both the shoot and dinner but wasn't very good at it) and got ready to go to Rockpool. We exchanged our anniversary letters which were very sweet and then headed out. It was AMAZING (we even sat across from Andrew Forrest, Australia's richest man and Mum's old playmate!) the food was fantastic but I definitely shouldn't have eaten everything it was just too much for my poor tummy a food baby and real baby do not go hand in hand! I also surprised Hubby with his Georg Jensen watch, unfortunately it needs some links taken out of it but he was shocked and so happy. He felt bad for not getting me anything but I told him to stop being silly as he's always spoiling me and I finally found something I knew he wanted that I could get him.

On top of all that the full-time start date for Hubby will now be January 3rd. This is fantastic because he can keep working casually and bringing in some extra money for us but also have lots of time to spend with Pecan and to help me out. And the extra 'goodness' for this week is not having to cook dinner for 3 nights in a row plus I've got cute little baby outfits hanging on the line (although I absolutely cannot stand that Lux stuff the stupid flakes wouldn't completely dissolve and I had bits of soap stuck to everything grrr!).

I hope everyone else is having a good week and if not just try and take some time out and focus on the pretty little things, even if it is just a flower.


  1. Wow look at all the clothes on the's mindboggling to think that your baby will actually wear them right?

    You are still looking fantastic. Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  2. It was funny hanging them, there's only 2 items that potentially won't be worn and that's the gender specific bonds coloured baby suits.

    That is if the sizes are right!

    I felt so dorky during the photoshoot so thank you for the compliment :)

  3. Agree you look fantastic.. love all the colourful little clothes on the line!