Sunday, August 29, 2010


We've been talking more and more about the baby thing. Unfortunately for Hubby (and our finances) I had the ephiphany that we don't need to wait for him to finish university before we have a child. Obviously we need to get as close to him finishing as possible but we don't have to plan for a 2012 birth. I feel so relieved now because it's what I really want.

Finally I can be a Mom (well sooner than expected at least!), having that thought in my head is great as I head back to work. That place is doing my head in, I don't like having the power of giving someone a job and on the otherhand not giving someone a job :(

It was cute today, we always play the baby name game but today Hubby said we should start a list. I said I already had and instead of teasing me he suggested we start a spreadsheet...3 columns 1 for the name, 1 for my vote and 1 for his vote. I love my super nerdy Hubby!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pony Rides

Today's morning was spent at a 2 year-old's birthday party complete with a pony, lamb and 13+ kids of varying ages. It was good fun excluding the fact that we were the only non-parents (it was a party for our page boy who refused to walk down the aisle). But it was good fun seeing my two favourite "nephews", I can't believe how old they are both getting.

Then we went and nerd-ed it up at the in-laws because when ever Hubby is around they always need him to fix something with their gazillion computers, i-pads/phones etc... But it was fun showing them our wedding photos and just hanging out having a chat. I much prefer that to the family dinners but by the sounds of things that is not going to go away anytime soon :(

Tonight we're hopefully off to watch Inception. I keep pulling out but I think I need to force myself to go because it looks like the screening times are dropping. From people's recommendations it's definitely not a movie I want to miss. So wish me luck getting my sleepy butt to the cinema!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Cos

Today has been a good week (other than working overtime today but I shouldn't complain!). I really enjoy my job, all the people I work with are fantastic and my boss is awesome. Which is important right crappy work is probably the last thing my crazy brain needs right now. Although in saying that some random did leave a message on my machine calling me a bitch. There sure are some crazy job applicants out there!

On a side note my neighbours are currently talking puppy and I can hear them through the scares me to think what Hubby and I sound like when we talk to our little fluffy baby!

I've got dinner tonight to be introduced to Mum's new boyfriend's daughter...weird, I'm so used to being forced to move in with whoever she is dating that it is so nice to be outside of everything now. Being married definitely has perks that you wouldn't even dream about!

And to end on a funny note, my new surname is causing me to get a lot more spam...thanks Hubby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've always thought I might be a little bit crazy. I've always had jealousy issues (although never regarding the Hubby) and I always want to please everyone and make everyone like me.
One of my biggest pet peeves is selfish and or mean people and I have a few of those in my life at the moment. I will never understand how people can be that way yet still be adored by everyone. It's the current problem I've got with my sister-in-law and one that I've had with my little sister but she's actually growing up and getting better!

At the moment I feel like I'm at the bottom rung with the Hubby's family and it has nothing to do with anything I've done. Everyone just seems to treat the sister-in-law like the sunshines out of you know where! There's been numerous occasions where she's been rude to me and one big one where she was a complete bitch. Everyone always comes to her defence (except Hubby) and it drives me insane that they all like her more than me. It also doesn't help that she's the one providing all the grandchildren at the moment which immediately makes her number one in my MiL's eyes. I know I just have to get over it but it's difficult because I've been on the scene longer than she has so it's a relativly new feeling.
Writing this I realise I sound like one of the older siblings who gets pushed to the side by the younger one haha. So, I do have a brain that can be rational but, no matter what I tell myself, I can't help having these feelings and it SUCKS!

I try not to discuss it with Hubby because afterall it is his family. But he's really good with me about it and sometimes he'll agree and say yes you're right to feel that way and other times he gets concerned that I'm so focused about it. Literally I feel like I'm always trying to one-up her which is silly and there's no reason for me to be jealous of her life at all!
Plus I realise how much I'm wasting these awesome years by being jealous of someone that really shouldn't matter to me at all. It's like that old saying goes, you can't pick your family. I'm trying at the moment to just ignore/avoid and hope that I can train myself back to sanity but who knows! I just want to be happy and focused on myself and my brand new marriage.

I guess all of this sprouted from watching the first couple of episodes of Mad Men where January Jones' character goes to a shrink. I'm a bit slow on the uptake but I love that show!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Almost Finished

I feel like we're almost done...almost :)

We've got all our wedding presents (except one).
We've sorted out the kitchen and just bought what I hope is the final thing we need (a wok).
We're getting into a sort-of routine regarding dinner and washing up.
Our bedroom actually resembles a bedroom (finally! I'm not the most tidy of people).
I've finally changed my bank cards to my new surname (although I do have lots more cards etc... to change).
We got the Monster and it's nice having a big car. Our little dog seems to love it as well which is fantastic because he usually gets car sick.

On a side note we got our first baby present (even though they're not yet on the horizon!). My Aunty couldn't resist buying an Owl & the Pussycat book for us to read to our first son/daughter. It is beautiful and made of that thick cardboard stuff which means it will last (at least for a bit!). Such a nice feeling knowing that that will be the next step and other people are eagerly awaiting it as well.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Name

Yesterday we caught up with Hubby's brother, wife and their son. We went up to see their awesome new house and it was amazing how much more pregnant she looked in the space of a month!

I asked her if they'd changed the name they had picked out and she said no but now they have a second contender. I knew exactly what was going to come out of her mouth...'Charlotte'. That was the only name both Hubby and I had fallen in love with and had been talking about for over a year (but only between ourselves). I still have my fingers crossed they pick their first choice but oh well. We have another cute name up our sleeves, if in the distant future we even wind up having a girl.

And yes I do have jealously issues (major ones) I wish there was a cure for that! Suggestions are more than welcome!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

And I took the road...

So we now have 3 cars at our house. The Hubby’s old car (with everything falling off it) is being sold to his uni buddy so soon there will only be 2 once again. But it means I have to go back to driving a manual because Hubby was silly enough to only get an automatic licence back in the day. Thankfully he’s going for his manual licence at the end of this month and I will get my beautiful car back then (fingers crossed he passes!).  I’m glad we’ve got this car though because finally we have a huge back to fit everything in. My car is so small that doing a big grocery shop involves utilising the back seat as well. Of course I will have to welcome back the Monster when Hubby finishes at uni (and starts work) because my car is not child friendly and shortly after Hubby’s started work I’m planning on popping out a baby.
But lately I’ve been of two minds about having a baby straight after he starts work. It would be nice to have 2 incomes coming in, even if it only was for a little while. But I really can’t see myself staying in my current job for that long. If I want to start a new job I wouldn’t view it as fair to leave within the year to have a baby! Because I definitely want a child in 2012 when I’m 26.
The Hubby mentioned that he can’t believe he’ll be turning 27 next year. It’s always weird when he says that because I forget that he isn’t the same age as my friends and I. The majority of my uni friends are dating guys with a bigger age difference though so I guess it’s nothing odd. I do find it odd though that he won’t be finished uni until he’s almost 28 EEEKKK! But that’s the way things had to happen or we would’ve been doing it tough in the future.
Sometimes I’d like to follow the road less travelled and not do everything correct and by the book but so far it’s worked for us and we have the rest of our lives to explore those other roads.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


We'd been dating for a long time before we got hitched and today is our 5 year and 9 month anniversary :)

We don't have a lot of plans, I woke up insanely early for a Sunday and want to get our to our local markets to score some good fruit and veggies. That will be followed by more house cleaning because I'm tired of living in so much clutter (it's pretty much my fault) although the kitchen is gross and I think I'll let the Hubby loose on that.

Tonight I have dinner with my uni girlfriends which will be fantastic. So much has changed in the 1.5 years since we left uni! We're going to do a semi-housewarming for the last one of us who moved out of home. So unfortunately the Hubby will need to eat left over chicken curry but it's yummy so no problems there!

On Wednesday for our 1 month anniversary we are shunning the family dinner (we're both a bit over his family at the moment seems like we always have to put in the effort and are severely under appreciated or even forgotten about) and going out somewhere cheap and cheerful. Possibly Italian and maybe a movie but because it's a work night I always like getting to bed no later than 10pm so maybe not.

I'm trying to be a lot more positive and happy about things and whenever I think something negative I just push it away. It isn't always easy, especially when drama is going on but I'm tired of being such a downer!