Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Week

This next week is going to be crazy! This time next week I will be 26, be on a plane to Bali (Logan's first flight!), relaxing after the wedding of the year and welcoming my new step-dad & step-sister to our family. We'll also have a baby girl joining our extended family very soon and I can't wait to meet her! I'm already missing the newborn stage but thankfully not getting clucky just yet...I still can't make up my mind as to how much of an age gap I want between Logan and his brother/sister but I definitely know I want another two but that's a topic up for debate as Hubby only wants one more (even though he's from a family of three).

So this week will involve lots of pampering (yippee), stress (boo) and celebrations (hurrah). Oh and Logan has decided to stop being a great sleeper and to begin creeping...wish me luck!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Month 5 Letter 23.04.12

Dear Logan, Time is flying, which is probably the most common statement all parents say when it comes to writing these letters! I've been looking back at newborn photos of you and reminiscing with far about how much you have changed! You haven't been rolling a lot, in fact it's a very rare occurrence and the milestones haven't been very forthcoming this past month. But a major thing to be ticked off the started solids. Whilst I do want to do BLW I'm waiting for you to turn 6 months old. So for now it's rice cereal and puréed fruits and vegetables. You gobble it up mister and open your mouth wide waiting for the spoon! None of it falls on the floor unless it's our fault so I'm enjoying the lack of mess before we start giving you bits and pieces to eat. It's been a bit up and down this month with all our moving around but we've got an offer on our first real family home. You (& we) are so lucky to have your grandparents helping us out. This will be the home all your new milestones will happen and we are all looking forward to living around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa. Your sleeps have gotten A LOT shorter. You still have an almost hour sleep in the morning but your naps throughout the day are anywhere from 20-40 minutes. You have also taken to fighting sleep which isn't nice. You've been doing strange night sleeps as well going down early for about 2 hours and then awake and then waking up during the night. No more sleeping through unfortunately and far and I are exhausted. You have now learnt how to twist and turn and even roll over in your portacot which is adorable and you always make us smile when we come in to get you. We love you so much little man, whilst you make us exhausted (& still scream in the car) it is all worth it when we see your cheeky little smile! All my love, Mummy PS: I can't upload photos at the moment from my iPad, stupid apps!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I am still here just majorly annoyed because the Blogpress app I use keeps deleting my post and I've written it twice! Be prepared for a horrendous Baby Brain story ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Long Weekend

We've had a great long weekend, I never realised how important public holidays and weekends were until we had Logan. 96 hours with Hubby...YES PLEASE! The help has been fantastic and I even got to sleep in twice (I still had to feed Logan but it was nice not to have to get up with him), I've been very spoilt and it's been lovely.

On Good Friday we made our way to Cottesloe beach. We were going to have breakfast at Beaches but when Hubby went in to order it was going to cost over $45 (wowser, then again it was a public holiday and Cottesloe!) and they only took cash. So thankfully we left and stumbled across a hole in the wall take away coffee place and I grabbed a huge muffin as well. Then we just went and sat down on the grass overlooking the beach and it was great. So relaxing and nice to be out of the house and just our little family. With all this moving around its so rare for us just to have the three of us and I've really appreciated that this weekend.
Saturday we did some final prep shopping for my Mum's birthday (Easter Sunday). We bought the ingredients for her Bill Granger chocolate and raspberry cake (has anyone else's food tastes changed, I used to hate chocolate cake and now I'll gobble it down if it's not the fluffy kind) and got her birthday cards. Then we grabbed some coffees and headed back to the inlaws.
When we got back, my MiL and I made Donna Hay coffee & salted caramel macaroons. They took for ages and were way too big so I wound up under cooking them (whoops) but they tasted great. Next time I'd add more coffee though because the taste wasn't enough for me. After baking those it was time to entertain Logan again, we've started putting him in his cousin's 'car' and he loves it.

After that I made Mum's yummy chocolate cake and then we had dinner, after feeding Logan his first taste of Peas and Zucchini (he loved it).

The next day we went out to breakfast at the Naked Fig. It was nice to be out there early because noone else was around and it was great not to be waiting so long (which we usually have to if we go for a later breakfast or lunch). Logan was perfect and slept through breakfast so I got to eat without interruption...hurrah!

After that we packed up and headed off to my Mum's where presents were handed out and lots of food was consumed. The cake worked out great and whilst Logan was fussy - I didn't get to finish this meal uninterrupted - it was nice to have some family time.

I hope everyone had a great Easter, whether it was just relaxing with family or getting away somewhere.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go, Go, Go

Things have been insanely busy for us, from traveling between houses (getting very tired of this!) to our poor puppy getting his dew claws removed (along with a tooth we got to keep, um...). On the Mummy front we also started Logan on solids. Just a little bit of boring old rice cereal and last night a bit of banana mixed in. I'm still going to do BLW but want to wait until 6 months as that's what all the books/sites I've read recommend.

Hopefully soon we have a home to move into because I want to move Logan into his cot and I want him to have a nursery instead of being squeezed into his basinette or sleeping in a portacot in his grandpa's gym!

So life just hasn't stopped and having no home isn't helping. We've got parties to plan/throw, cooking to do and swimming lessons to start. Bring it on and wish us luck with getting a home soon.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

I love taking photos of Logan for my Year of Logan blog but decided it was time to branch out and what better way to do that than by joining in on Chantelle's monthly photo challenges. I've been using my instagram account and posting to twitter (@MrsW86 if you're interested) because I figure I have my phone on me most times so it should be easier to do it that way. I also took a snapshot of the list to keep on my phone so I can remember exactly what I need to take a photo of. I'm going to try and avoid taking photos of Logan for this challenge because I already take at least 1 of him each day.

So I'm pretty excited about this and I'm already learning a few new things about instagram that I didn't know about. If anyone else is participating leave a comment :) I can't wait to see what all the participants come up with.