Friday, April 27, 2012

Month 5 Letter 23.04.12

Dear Logan, Time is flying, which is probably the most common statement all parents say when it comes to writing these letters! I've been looking back at newborn photos of you and reminiscing with far about how much you have changed! You haven't been rolling a lot, in fact it's a very rare occurrence and the milestones haven't been very forthcoming this past month. But a major thing to be ticked off the started solids. Whilst I do want to do BLW I'm waiting for you to turn 6 months old. So for now it's rice cereal and puréed fruits and vegetables. You gobble it up mister and open your mouth wide waiting for the spoon! None of it falls on the floor unless it's our fault so I'm enjoying the lack of mess before we start giving you bits and pieces to eat. It's been a bit up and down this month with all our moving around but we've got an offer on our first real family home. You (& we) are so lucky to have your grandparents helping us out. This will be the home all your new milestones will happen and we are all looking forward to living around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa. Your sleeps have gotten A LOT shorter. You still have an almost hour sleep in the morning but your naps throughout the day are anywhere from 20-40 minutes. You have also taken to fighting sleep which isn't nice. You've been doing strange night sleeps as well going down early for about 2 hours and then awake and then waking up during the night. No more sleeping through unfortunately and far and I are exhausted. You have now learnt how to twist and turn and even roll over in your portacot which is adorable and you always make us smile when we come in to get you. We love you so much little man, whilst you make us exhausted (& still scream in the car) it is all worth it when we see your cheeky little smile! All my love, Mummy PS: I can't upload photos at the moment from my iPad, stupid apps!


  1. New home! Woo Hoo! You must be excited!!!

    1. So so so excited! First week of June we're back to living by our rules which I never realised was as important as it actually is!