Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Logan enjoying floor time.
Logan enjoying floor time.

Loving: the rain, I didn't think I would because it stops outside goings-on but I've come to realise I'm so much happier when it rains. I think it reminds me to stop and smell the roses.

Reading: a whole lot of blogs (along with my usual favourites - check them out in the sidebar) one of my new favourites is Inked in Colour (yep there's a 'u' because she's an Aussie!), I highly recommend you check it out. I should be reading The Great Gatsby for book club but I can't get my butt into gear and it doesn't help knowing I'm missing that book club because it involves a road trip and I can't leave Logan because I'm the food source!

Watching: Seinfeld, I tried to watch the Olympics but instead I got Days of Our Lives when I switched on the telly *insert giant shudder here*. I am a very very very late Seinfeld convert but love this show about nothing, the episode involved Kramer wanting to put up photos of everyone who lived in the building along with their names so they could all greet each other. It backfired on Jerry of course but I thought the sentiment was great, it's sad that we don't live in a culture where knowing your neighbours is very uncommon.

Thinking about: the kindness of friends. My girlfriends who don't have kids have offered to be last minute babysitters should I ever need them. One of my other friends is letting us stay with her and her partner for our holiday (they don't have kids either!) and the mums in my Mum's group are constantly offering to help with Logan.

Anticipating: the goings on for the week. I seem to be super busy all the time now, less so during the day but definitely at night. From family dinners to catching up with friends, usually I hate being a social butterfly but I realised last week getting out of the house and having other people dote on/watch Logan is important for my sanity.

Listening to: the baby monitor going silent again after I managed to get Logan back on track for his nap (this is a huge WIN)

Working on: being happier. I've always been a bit of a downer and that's been 100x worse since having a baby. I'm trying to relax more, take deep breaths and not nag my husband to death. If anyone had any suggestions feel free to throw them my way.

Wishing: today wasn't Monday - I just realised it isn't so wish granted hurrah!

Proud of: doing my first big grocery shop with Logan. It helped that the shop was half empty and it seemed to be the time all Mums did their shopping but it was crap in terms of meat prices being down :( what day is the Aussie day for cheaper meat? I am going to have to start going to the butcher more!!! But yes I am so proud of myself. This was no small feat and is the first time anyone has taken Logan solo food shopping (other than a quick dash and grab) he is notorious for being a huge grizzle guts. I armed myself with rice rusks and toys, my list on the Woolies app and the padded shopping cart insert and it wasn't a terrible experience!

This idea was taken from Sometimes Sweet.


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Great Debate

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm talking about breastfeeding vs formula. I don't even like writing that because I am of the mindset that whatever works for your baby GO WITH IT! But I got to thinking today after a gym class with some of the Mums from my Mother's Group. We had been talking about our night on the town and I wasn't sure if I would go because Logan is still having a feed (boob) during the night if not two. Now I know it can be argued that he doesn't need that but that's a whole other kettle of fish and I don't want to get off track.
So out of about 14 mums only 4 of us are still sans formula and all boob and I believe a couple are combining the two (formula and boob). The rest stopped for various reasons supply issues seems to be the common one. None of us are judgmental it's always been whatever you believe is best goes but I felt terrible saying I wouldn't mind giving him a bottle of formula that night but my gut says I shouldn't if it's only so I can enjoy myself for such a short period of time. But what annoyed me was that I felt guilty saying this to a formula Mum - I never really know how to voice my desire just to keep Logan on the boob without offending people who use formula. I don't intend to come across as breast is best and you are terrible for using formula but sometimes I think I do unintentionally and I hate it. I came home and realised I shouldn't feel guilty, as long as I say what I want to do for my son and don't judge others then there is nothing wrong. If it offends anyone then of course I would apologise but I find it hard to figure out if I have offended them or not!

This is just a post to say to any Mums (new or old) you rock and are doing a damn fine job with your babies no matter what/how you choose to feed them! Don't feel guilty about saying what you want to do/don't want to do. Motherhood is full of murky waters and it's that much easier to navigate if you have open and honest discussions.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8 Month Letter (23.07.12)

Excuse the dodgy iPhone photo!
Dear Logan,

Today you're 8 months old - it's hard to believe you're now closer to 1 and therefore moving out of the baby realm.

You have been babbling and laughing lots this past month and entertaining everyone. Mum is definitely in there but I don't think you actually realise what it means because you aren't using it in context.

You have sunk into that whole separation anxiety thing which we were all hoping we'd avoided! At the moment you can really only spend time with me, far or Grandma and Grandpa - I've realised that you do need to be left with others instead of just being around me all the time. Especially because you burst into tears when you were with farmor after not seeing her for a month.

You still haven't crawled but are starting to push/pull yourself along the floor. Your preference of course is to make others do the work for you but when you're in a good mood you don't mind having to work your way over to whatever has caught your eye. You are also sitting unaided but still toppling over too often to count this one as set in stone just yet!

We've stopped taking you to gymbaroo and I bet you're insanely happy about that because it never really clicked for you. Hopefully we will start up a group with our fellow traitors soon without all the regiment/judgement!

You are still going to swimming and love it. One of the Mum's even commented that it looked like you were doing butterfly. Even if you are in a terrible mood whenever you see the pool your eyes light up and your arms and legs start moving like crazy. It is the cutest thing and one of the many reasons we are loving having you around.

Still no teeth but that isn't stopping you in regards to eating anything and everything. The only things I'm holding off on are sweets, juice and nuts but everything else is fair game and it's great to know you have such a healthy appetite.

Sleep is still hit and miss as well and more often than not you are awake at least twice during the night. But we're getting used to it and when you're ready I know you'll become a champion sleeper. At least your day naps are going ok, sometimes you do a two hour but more often anywhere from 30mins-1hr.

Your hair is also starting to come in and you look like you have a little cockatoo crest which is adorable. It always looks a different colour but you are definitely not as blonde as your far or as dark as me so I think you'll be a light blonde bubba but who knows. Those eyes are also starting to look green at certain angles as well but still no huge change there.

You are becoming more and more fun and we savour every minute and look forward to what amazing things you'll do next.


All my love,