Wednesday, July 25, 2012

8 Month Letter (23.07.12)

Excuse the dodgy iPhone photo!
Dear Logan,

Today you're 8 months old - it's hard to believe you're now closer to 1 and therefore moving out of the baby realm.

You have been babbling and laughing lots this past month and entertaining everyone. Mum is definitely in there but I don't think you actually realise what it means because you aren't using it in context.

You have sunk into that whole separation anxiety thing which we were all hoping we'd avoided! At the moment you can really only spend time with me, far or Grandma and Grandpa - I've realised that you do need to be left with others instead of just being around me all the time. Especially because you burst into tears when you were with farmor after not seeing her for a month.

You still haven't crawled but are starting to push/pull yourself along the floor. Your preference of course is to make others do the work for you but when you're in a good mood you don't mind having to work your way over to whatever has caught your eye. You are also sitting unaided but still toppling over too often to count this one as set in stone just yet!

We've stopped taking you to gymbaroo and I bet you're insanely happy about that because it never really clicked for you. Hopefully we will start up a group with our fellow traitors soon without all the regiment/judgement!

You are still going to swimming and love it. One of the Mum's even commented that it looked like you were doing butterfly. Even if you are in a terrible mood whenever you see the pool your eyes light up and your arms and legs start moving like crazy. It is the cutest thing and one of the many reasons we are loving having you around.

Still no teeth but that isn't stopping you in regards to eating anything and everything. The only things I'm holding off on are sweets, juice and nuts but everything else is fair game and it's great to know you have such a healthy appetite.

Sleep is still hit and miss as well and more often than not you are awake at least twice during the night. But we're getting used to it and when you're ready I know you'll become a champion sleeper. At least your day naps are going ok, sometimes you do a two hour but more often anywhere from 30mins-1hr.

Your hair is also starting to come in and you look like you have a little cockatoo crest which is adorable. It always looks a different colour but you are definitely not as blonde as your far or as dark as me so I think you'll be a light blonde bubba but who knows. Those eyes are also starting to look green at certain angles as well but still no huge change there.

You are becoming more and more fun and we savour every minute and look forward to what amazing things you'll do next.


All my love,





  1. He's so gorgeous! No teeth is a good thing, the longer it takes the better for their dental health. Eve loves swimming too! It's such a shame we don't live close enough for them to be swimming buddies. They are so alike with their sleeping patterns, I wish I was as good as you coping with it. Logan is lucky to have you as his mumma.

  2. I just love these posts!
    He is such a little spunk! And no worries on the teeth! Ani still didn't have them at 8 months either!
    Abi just loved swimming, but I couldn't find a program in Vic that I loved as much as the one in did in NSW :-(
    Can't wait for summer again so we can just cruise around in my mum and dads pool!

    1. Its crazy how much they become little water babies if you start them early! I couldn't figure out why Logan was enthralled with the Olympics last night and realised it was because of the swimming pool haha

  3. What a handsome boy! So good he enjoys swimming and loves his food!