Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Day

My 11.11.11 photo

So life is now becoming more about doing everything 'sans baby' at the moment until Pecan finally decides he/she wants out. Today therefore is dress shopping day with my Mum and little sister, yesterday was coffee with one of my awesome uni girlfriends and it's funny to keep saying goodbye to people knowing that most likely the next time I see them I'll be a Mum.

I'm really enjoying getting out and about, it's funny to think that movies had always freaked me out that I'd be somewhere important and my waters would break. That always scared me but now (after actually learning what really happens) even though there's a slim chance it could I don't care. Talking with my best friend she also admitted that she felt the same and I'm really looking forward to being their guinea pig. I'm surprised that I don't feel more nervous about the whole thing but I'm really happy that I just want to go with the flow.

Yesterday I had another appointment at the Birthing Centre, it was good to catch up with our awesome student midwife (she & Hubby had to miss the last one due to exams). She goes to the same university that we all went to and we had a nice long chat about how nothing has changed and the admin side of things is so crappy. All the midwives I've met so far have been really nice and it was a pretty simple appointment, same as they all are. Pecan is apparently 3/5ths engaged but still hasn't dropped and I was right with predicting how he/she is sitting (legs all up in my left side). I'm excited about giving birth now and definitely ready for Pecan to arrive.

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  1. GAHH I am so excited for you!!! SOON TIMES! I hope baby comes quickly and soon because I can't wait to see him/her {and I'm sure you can't either haha!}