Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mum Cut

Back when I went 'blonde'

Today will be my second 'voucher' hair-cut thanks to ScoopOn and hopefully it will be even better than the first. The only problem being I have to get my butt up to the city and I hate, hate, hate driving and parking in there. I could catch the train but I have public transport issues which is ironic considering I work in the industry!

It's funny that whenever I organise a haircut in the immediate days leading up I psych myself out and keep thinking there's nothing I want to change. I like the fact that my hair is long and that I don't have a fringe (easier to hide my hair when it's dirty without one!) and the majority of my hair is a nice brown colour courtesy of my last awesome colour but my roots have become my natural brown and I don't like that. So what to do!? I'm contemplating getting a bit chopped off but enough so I can still tie it up - which is pretty much your stock standard trim - boring and because this voucher covers a cut I really should change it up a bit. I'm thinking about soft layers but then the boring 'logical' side of my brain reminds me how much I hate those random strands of hair (which don't get in the ponytail) flying in my face.

But ultimately I want to avoid the 'Mum/Mom' cut...which means I'm tempted to do something crazy. I'd love to chop lots off but I know that doesn't suit me and I also know Hubby wouldn't be too happy if I did that (not that he'd ever say anything). It'd be so much easier to deal with though and because I'm crap at any hair style that doesn't involve a simple ponytail it might be the best option when Pecan arrives and demands all my attention. I'm also half tempted to dye it some crazy colour again but the only colour I really love is red and the cost of upkeep is just too much.

Isn't it nice when your dilemma of the day is a haircut!

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  1. Enjoy it! Once Pecan comes along the dilemma will be finding time for a haircut nit how your going to get it cut!
    Its been 9 weeks since my last haircut... All I have managed is 2 quick fringe trims since!