Thursday, October 13, 2011


Only 8 more work hours to go until I have 12 months off to become a Mummy and Super Duper Housewife (ha-ha).

It's sad and I'm going to miss work like crazy (I never thought I would say that). All the managers (who can't attend my surprise farewell tomorrow) either called or came around to wish me all the best and promise I would bring the baby around. Grown men are so sweet when it comes to little babies. It's made me really appreciate working there though which I'm extremely grateful for.

It's crazy to think that after tomorrow I'm going to be planning/sorting out my life for this new little baby that is about to turn our lives upside down. It is so exciting to think that this baby, part of me and part of my Husband, can be anything he/she wants to be and the future is wide open.


  1. hope your last day went well and wasn't too emotional.
    Here's to being a mummy and a super duper house wife!!!

    I miss work and looks like I will be going back in March next year! Only 6 months off... (part time though)

  2. It was great. Got spoilt rotten! My poor boss though she ordered me to go before she started crying.

    Yeah, I couldn't picture going back full-time with Bubs but it's funny, you never know until you're in that situation.

  3. Hope your last day was wonderful!

  4. yum anzacs! all your goodies look lovely. It is always nice to know you're appreciated (even if it doesn't feel like that when you're slogging away for the boss!)