Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonding with Bubs - Week 34

Size: over 2.2kg and around 45cm in length - and boy can I feel that length!

What's Pecan Up To: entertaining Daddy who was watching all the kicks going on on the left side of my belly; having a racing heart rate but I blame that on the poor little boy/girl being prodded repeatedly in the head to make sure he/she wasn't in breech!

Symptoms: Very tired but I now think that's a combination of coming down with a cold; I haven't been very hungry either which isn't a good a thing. Waking up really early in the morning - when work is over this will be ok but with my last week being pretty full on I wish I could just sleep straight through until the alarm goes off. I'm also finding it really difficult to stay sitting down at my desk, I did an interview on Friday and all I wanted to do was stretch and stand/walk around but I probably would have freaked the poor guy out!

Cravings: coffee; hot water with lemon (sugar or honey are optional)

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: verging on the 82kg+
Feelings: Counting down for work & uni to be over! Then we can really focus on getting everything ready (not that we aren't doing that now). I also can't wait to see how Hubby is with our first baby, it's going to be amazing and definitely make my heart melt.

Random: The guessing game has really kicked into over drive but I really don't have a preference. I used to - in the beginning it was a girl and then it switched to a boy - but now I don't care I just want to be able to hold my yummy smelling newborn in my arms.

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  1. Naw! I'm catching up on your blog with my YUMMY SMELLING no so newborn anymore in my arms...
    Hope your feeling better and fight off your sickness very soon.