Thursday, October 20, 2011

Super Organised


Everyone keeps teasing me when I say that I'm bored on parental leave (also sorry for repeatedly calling it that it's just the Human Resources Graduate in me can't stop being 'politically correct' so maternity leave rarely gets used). Mum has said I can't be bored if I haven't cleaned and whilst I did clean yesterday (due to Book Club being held at my house last night) I just haven't gotten in the mood to go crazy and clean the whole house. Apparently once that happens Pecan will be arriving soon so I guess I should be ok to settle into being a bit lazy and just writing to-do lists...

I have been productive though and I've stumbled across some inspirational organisational blogs which have been helpful. I've even started to write a mini To Do list on our fridge each morning - granted I only started that today so who knows how long that will last! It's something I used to do at work all the time though and I just feel that it gives my day a bit more structure. I'm craving that at the moment, I've been getting out of the house and doing something every day but I just feel like having some semblance of structure is really important to me. I've also got to make myself realise that it's ok to laze about on the couch as well and enjoy some me time which is where the increase in blog posts has come from :)

My nerdy side has also kicked in in the form of an excel spreadsheet with a long list of things to get done before (& after) Pecan's arrival. I feel as though I'm not aware of weeks/time anymore and whenever anyone asks me how far along I am I just look at them with a blank face and hope that someone else jumps in with an answer! Hopefully Pecan stays put until his/her due date (or a little bit after!) so that everything can get done, right now the focus is on getting Hubby through his exams and once that's finished I can get a little bit of help. Sadly he's not a handyman so I think we'll be asking my future Step-Dad to help us out with finishing off the nursery - in particular hanging pictures.

Now I must be off to procrastinate a bit more before going up to dust our bedroom and sort through all my jewellery - I swear I should donate half of it and just keep what I wear on a daily basis. No doubt I'll wind up getting addicted to 'unclutter your life' blogs and throw out/donate half my stuff and then go into a mild panic when I realise I have nothing and no money coming in to rectify that either!

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  1. I think it's great that you are super organised. It certainly helps mentally as well because you are accepting that Pecan is arriving and life will change.

    Thanks for pointing out the PC term 'parental leave'. I've only been at organisations where they still refer to it as 'maternity leave' so I'm used to calling it that without even thinking!