Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tropical Holiday

Finally I can look forward to a tropical holiday. Whilst originally the big family holiday was going to be a safari in Africa Mum vetoed that because Pecan will be too small. Just proving I have so much to learn upon Pecan being born haha.

As I told you all Mum has gotten engaged, we've seen the bling (eh gads do I need to clean my rings!) and it's gorgeous. So now the wedding planning begins which I can't wait for but how does this connect with the tropical holiday? Well they are crazy and want to take us all on their honeymoon to Bali. Apparently my mother believes a honeymoon should involve babysitting...and who am I to argue with her. It will also coincide with my birthday and Mother's day so I'm getting very spoilt as well.

My mother-in-law apparently isn't too keen on us taking her grandchild to Bali but she hasn't said anything to me and if she does... I know I always get sick going to Bali, yay for Bali belly but you can get sick at home and I've never been a scared traveler. So Pecan is going overseas before he/she is even 1, a very spoilt little baby.

I've already made a pact with my sister's boyfriend that when they're all getting massages we'll go off exploring, we both hate massages so it's a win win and he loves kids which is great!

I can't wait, I'll be downing coconuts like there's no tomorrow and lounging by the pool with lots of babysitters around, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Jess Week (my birthday is the weekend before my first Mother's Day hehe). But I'm sure I'll also be making sure my Mum and her new husband actually go out and enjoy themselves as well.

But first we've got 7 days left of work, Hubby finishing uni, Pecan making his/her entrance and a huge wedding (130 people!!!). Life is really good at the moment and it's nice to be so happy.


  1. It's lovely to be happy, so many wonderful things going on for you at the moment. I'm getting excited that pecan is nearly here, I can't wait to see photos?.

  2. Sounds like fun! Can you pack us in your suitcase!

  3. Lila: I know the countdown is on! Photos will definitely be put up but might take me a little while seeing as I don't really share this blog with Hubby.

    Sammie: I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere with all the luggage we'll be taking haha