Friday, October 7, 2011

5 more days

Life is getting a little crazy! I only have 5 days left of work before starting parental leave and Hubby only have 5 more days left of uni classes EVER (granted he still has exams but no more classes!). I'm way more excited for him to be finishing up than me. I remember when I finally finished after 5 years of uni, my girlfriends and I kept it pretty tame but it was still such a great feeling knowing we never had to sit through another mind-numbingly boring lecture ever again. I have advised him that I will be his taxi and that I expect him to go crazy with all his buddies, but even if he doesn't we'll definitely have to do something special that Friday - I should probably organise something whoops.

Yesterday was our last parenting class and we got to see 2 gorgeous 8 week old girls and hear about how their births had been etc... I'd been worried because earlier that day there'd been a baby bought into work (one of our 800 staff members bought in her daughter) and I just felt absolutely nothing towards her. Sure she was adorable but I felt nothing and every time I felt bad about that Pecan gave me a big jab haha. So it was comforting that my first thought upon seeing those babies was that I wanted to steal them. It's gotten to the point where I can't wait to hold Pecan in my arms and find out if I'll be lucky enough to have a little son or daughter (and what he/she will look like - please have my hairline bubs).
I'm amazed how fast time is flying now and so very very excited.


  1. It's fantastic that your husband is finishing uni. I remember feeling so relieved it was all over too. I'm so excited for you and counting the weeks!

  2. How exciting! So much happening!!!
    Your pregnancy has gone so quick!
    Time just goes way too quickly these days.
    Good luck for a wonderful last week at work, to your husband for his exams and everything else!

  3. So exciting, it will be wonderful when uni is finally over for your husband. Hope the last week is stress free.

  4. Thanks girls :)

    Definitely hoping for a stress free week because I know pretty soon it's going to be INSANE...