Friday, October 21, 2011

Got my Kit Off!

So we had our 'family' photo shoot today that Mum and my Aunt booked us in for. All girls with my cousin and little sister and I wound up getting nude! Thankfully with strategically placed scarves haha although there is one with the boobs out. Typical that I'm the one people think most prude (second to my little sister) yet I was the one who wound up wandering around the studio naked.

For obvious reasons there aren't any photos with this post :p But when I get my 40 prints back I'll post some of the 'safer' ones. I'm so happy I did it though and now I can understand why the celebrities do it. I've also become really really comfortable with myself and my body which I'm amazed at...yay for the positive side of pregnancy!

I really suggest that people do a photo shoot, probably with family you're close with or girlfriends because it is so much fun. I went in there thinking it would be ok but wasn't really interested and I had a blast. It does make you so aware of how people think they look so flawed but in actual fact look amazing! My favourite photos were the laughing natural ones featuring lots of laugh lines, double chins and horrible teeth (which only the person the photo was of noticed). It's fun and an amazing insight into how we view ourselves.

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  1. woohoo.. shame we don't get to see the risque photos! Looking forward to seeing some of the safer ones!